Lullaby Layette Baby Jacket

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket // by you & mie

Did you hear?  The new Oliver + S spring patterns have been released!  There are two adorable spring dresses/tops, and a baby/toddler layette pattern set.  I’m so excited to help roll out these patterns by sharing a couple of things I made.  I looove the dresses, but was eager to give the Lullaby Layette patterns a try first.  The set comes with 4 views – a bodysuit, a shirt, pants and a jacket and covers sizes 0-24 months.

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket // by you & mie

The first thing I made was the raglan style, reversible jacket (View D).  I’m always looking for cute outerwear for Kaya.  She’s got plenty of onesies, but it can get chilly in all seasons around here, so a jacket is always a must.  The pattern calls for wovens, but says knits can be used too.  So I definitely wanted to give the knits a try – it just seems like it’d be warm and cozy.

I made size 3-6 months for Kaya who is approaching 6 months.  I debated whether I should go with the 6-12 month size for longer wear, but the smaller size still has plenty of room to grow.

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket // by you & mie

The pattern, as you can expect from all Oliver + S patterns, is wonderful.  I love the glossary of sewing techniques that they include at the beginning of every pattern – you can learn a lot just by reading that part alone!  But then this set includes 3 separate patterns (one that can be made in 2 ways) and each has well written directions with great diagrams.  You always get really professional quality clothes when you use O+S patterns and you learn a ton of great sewing skills.

The construction of this jacket is pretty simple and it comes together quickly.  It is raglan style, with a simple pleat in the shoulder.  You make the jacket and the lining in the exact same way and then attach them together (in a seemingly) seamlessly way that doesn’t require any flipping inside out and hand stitching closed.  The hardest part of the whole process was attaching the snaps.  I had a helluva time with them, until I realized I was doing it wrong.  Once I figured it out it went a little better, but I had one fall off after I thought I was all done.  I used the “Easy Attacher” (affiliate link) which actually helped a lot, but Kristin said that the snap fastener pliers (affiliate link) are even better.

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket // by you & mie

One of my goals for 2014 was to try use more fabric from my stash, and though I haven’t stopped buying new fabric completely, I am trying to search through what I have before I buy more fabric and notions.  And it’s been fun finding old fabrics and giving them new life when paired with something unexpected.  Both this jacket and the bodysuit that I’ll share later this week were completely made with stuff I already had at home!  Yay me!  :P

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket // by you & mie

The mustard knit is from Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley and I bought it awhile back to make Yuki a cardigan.  I cut it out and everything, but it never got made.  I don’t even know what happened to those pieces, but hopefully I’ll find them again in time for Kaya to wear.  Anyways, there was enough fabric left to cut out this jacket!  It seemed perfect for baby outerwear – a sturdier, thicker knit, but still had some stretch.  Someone on Instagram asked me if it was “ponte,” and I don’t actually know what that is!  But I looked it up online and the description seems to match pretty closely.  Anyone else have a guess?

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket // by you & mie

The other side is a white/black striped knit that I’ve also had forever and used for the shirt in this outfit.  It’s pretty thin, so it was nice to be able to pair it with the thicker mustard knit.  And the pink bias tape was originally going to be used to bind a baby blanket/quilt that never happened.  I do love this kinda funky and modern combination of colors.

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket // by you & mie

So now Yuki – eek, Kaya!  I honestly just typed Yuki’s name.  Do you guys mix up your kids names all the time too!?  Anyways, Kaya has a new jacket for this transition into spring.  Oh and yes, spring!  It’s coming, can you feel it!?  Soooo exciting!

I’ll be back with a truly springy/summery bodysuit for Kaya later this week.  What are you sewing for the spring?

*This pattern was generously given to me for this review, but all opinions are, as always, 100% my own.*

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Stamping and Stenciling

Today I’m leading a workshop on fabric stamping and freezer paper stenciling for a group of local high school students!  Sounds fun, right!?  Well I’m hoping it is, but until recently there was a slight problem . . . I’d never done freezer paper stenciling before!  Crazy huh?  I mean, I’ve done stenciling with contact paper like on these t-shirts and these leggings, which is really really similar.  But everyone always raaaves about freezer paper, so I thought it was about time to give it a try.

The challenge was that freezer paper turned out to be not as readily available as everyone said it was.  I kept hearing that it’s found in the grocery store by the aluminum foil and saran wrap.  But I checked several stores and couldn’t find it!  Finally I just ordered some online.  Turned out to be easier than going to a store :P (I got mine from here).

freezer paper stenciling

I loved the process.  I’m not going to explain it, since there are a ton of great tutorials out there already.  But this is just the kind of thing I love to do to personalize or embellish a project.  I love adding a unique touch to an otherwise plain project.

freezer paper stenciling

I started with some onesies to go in the divided basket I made for Kristin’s baby.  I loved cutting out the stencils, but peeling off the stencil after the paint is dry and revealing the image is definitely my favorite part.

freezer paper stenciling

I’m also making a onesie for Kaya . . .

freezer paper stenciling

and this “Makers Gonna Make” stencil from Delia’s free printable is going to be a shirt for me!

freezer paper stenciling

Then last night I played around with potato stamps and made random patterns on scrap fabric.  It’s such a basic and common crafting project, but MAN is it fun!!

potato stamping

potato stamping

potato stamping

potato stamping

I wonder why I don’t do this more often!

Anyways, wish me luck with the high schoolers today.  They’ll be stamping and stenciling on shirts, tote bags and pillow cases.  Should be fun!

Birds Eye Everyday Skirt

Hey!  Enjoying your weekend!?  Hop on over to Miss Matatabi to check out my new skirt made from some goooorgeous Nani Iro Birds Eye fabric.  Can you tell I’m getting ready for spring??

Everyday Skirt in Nani Iro Birds Eye by you & mie

Miss Matatabi is my favorite online source for Nani Iro and other fantastic fabrics from Japan.  Seriously, check it out.  I just spent way too much time drooling over all of the new stuff she’s been adding to her shop.  IT’S SO GOOD.  If you don’t know, now you know.

You’re welcome.

Anyways, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen a tiny preview of this skirt and the injury I sustained while making it.  It was totally worth it though!  Head on over to my guest post to catch all of the details of this skirt.

And enjoy whatever is left of your weekend!

Her New Favorite Dress


I finally got around to sewing up a Skater Dress for Yuki.  The pattern is by Amanda of Kitschy Coo and it is awesome!  I’ve been meaning to sew one since the pattern came out but other things kept cutting in front of it in my sewing line.  Well, last weekend was my mother-in-law’s birthday, and as a present, my sister-in-law had the great idea of getting pictures taken of Grandma and her 4 granddaughters at a photo studio.  We wanted to coordinate their clothes and decided on gray and purple.  Yuki didn’t have anything appropriate, so naturally I had to make something new :)


I made size 18M/2T for my petite 3 and a half year old.  I was a little skeptical about going with a size meant for a kid so much younger, but I went with the measurement chart and it fits really well and will probably fit for quite awhile, especially since it’s made of a stretchy knit fabric.  I already had this gorgeous fabric called “Silver Pin Dot and Charcoal Grey Cotton Lycra Knit” picked out for my first Skater Dress, so I’m glad it fit with the purple/gray colors we picked for the pictures!  I bought it from Drygoods Design but they don’t have it anymore and I can’t seem to find anyone who carries it online anymore.  Bummer for you!  It’s so pretty!


As you can probably tell by the title of this post, Yuki LOVES this dress.  In fact, she wore it three days in a row and would have worn it a fourth, but it was in the wash.  Then she wore it again the next day!


I asked her what she loves so much about the dress and she said the silver dots and her silver shoes.  The dots are definitely awesome, but I love the dress because it’s super comfy, casual and fun.  I can imagine this dress would be perfect in pretty much any knit fabric!


I used a really pretty violet knit, that has a tiny bit of a shimmer to it, to finish the neck and arm holes.  I actually bought this fabric to make something for me and I already have a Plantain tee cut out (I can’t wait)!  I also have quite a bit of this silver dot fabric left over, so I’m hoping to make something for myself as well.  Then Yuki and I can be twinsies!  :P


I do already have plans for at least one or two more Skater Dresses.  It’s a really fast and simple dress to sew, and such a practical piece for your kid’s wardrobe.  The pattern comes in four sizes, 18m/2T, 3T/4T, 5Y/6Y and 7Y/8Y, so I know I’ll be able to use it for years!  Amanda‘s directions are great and she is really a master at sewing knits, so there are some great tips in the pattern and HERE on her blog.  And I love the design of this dress – a simple fitted t-shirt like top with a semi-circle skirt.  I really recommend this pattern!


Check out this ‘tude.  I swear, this girl is 3 going on 13.  Sometimes I feel like I have a teenager already.

Ooh, are you participating in Kids Clothes Week?  It starts next Monday on January 27!  I am looking forward to sewing along for the first time in awhile since I missed the last two.  I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to sew yet.  Honestly, there are so many patterns I want to make, but Yuki doesn’t need any clothes – she has tons already!  So I’m a little stuck on what I should do.  Have you made plans yet?  I can’t wait to see what everyone makes – it’s always so inspirational!

Looking Back and Looking Forward

2013 was a huge year for me.  Around this time last year I found out I was pregnant and that ended up shaping the whole year for me.  Sewing and blogging slowed down as my energy waned and priorities shifted.  I watched my baby sister get married.  I got to go to Spring Quilt Market and LA Fabric Shopping Weekend/Girls Night Out and hang out with some of the most awesome sewists and bloggers around and now I get to call them my friends.  I got married.  Then I gave birth to a beautiful and amazing little girl and I’ve been enjoying her snuggles and smiles for the last 3 months (3 months already!??  How did that happen?).  And I’ve watched my little toddler turn into a little girl – more talkative and spunky than ever, and oh-so-sweet in her new role as a big sister.  I feel so very lucky.


So, like I said, the blog took a bit of a back seat in 2013 and though I’ve missed it, I’ve obviously had good reasons.  Last year I did a recap of my favorite projects from 2012 with the intention of doing it again this year. Well it wasn’t quite as easy with a limited number of posts, but I did want to look back at some favorites from the past year.  First up are the 6 posts from 2013 with the most views.


1. Reversible Spring Coat Tutorial
2. Announcing the Japanese Sewing Book Series
3. Maternity Geo Dress {tutorial}
4. Colour Pop Top Knock Off {tutorial}
5. Pretty Pink Pinafore {tutorial}
6. Fanfare Baby Blanket

Seems pretty clear that you guys like tutorials! :)

And these are my personal favorites from the past year . . .


1. My Wedding Dress
2. Fanfare Baby Blanket
3. Sweetheart Bubble Dress
4. All My Friends Are Dead T-shirt
5. Japanese Sewing Book Series
6. K’s Outfit for Handmade Kids Clothing Swap

As we dive into a new year, I’m hoping to get back into sewing and blogging regularly.  There are just so many things that I want to sew!  It’s hard to know for sure what this year will look like, but I’m setting some goals for myself that will hopefully help me shape it into a productive and fun year.  I stopped at 10, though I probably could have kept going – but here they are, in no particular order . . .

1. Sew more for me.  Last year I started sewing a lot more for me and I’d really like to continue.  It’s a bit tricky with my constantly changing body, but I guess that just means I have a lot of sewing to do to keep up, right? :)

2. Another series.  I had such a great time with the Japanese Sewing Book Series last year and I’d love to do another series of some sort.  Either a continuation of the Japanese Sewing Book Series?  Something completely different?  You have any ideas?

3. More tutorials!  Clearly you guys love tutorials and I love making them, even though they are a ton of work.  So I’m hoping to continue rolling those out once in awhile and finally update my super outdated tutorial page while I’m at it.  Eek!  Any tutorials you’d like to see here?  Let me know!

4. More collaborations.  Last year I loved working with other bloggers on the Japanese Sewing Book Series and the Handmade Kids Clothing Swap.  And I LOVED meeting and hanging out with all the amazing people at Quilt Market and Fabric Shopping Weekend/Girls Night Out.  Working together and collaborating with other creative types is why I love blogging so much in the first place so I’d love to find more ways to connect with others and bring new and fresh ideas to blogland.

5. Sew my stash/sew my patterns.  My fabric stash is growing faster than I can sew and so is my pattern collection.  I’m going to make an effort to sew from what I’ve got before buying new stuff.  Though the constant flow of new and amazing fabrics and patterns makes it very VERY difficult to resist!

6. Sew smarter.  I often find myself sewing things that are impractical.  I sew dresses for Yuki even though she lives in t-shirts and yoga pants 99% of the time.  I make myself a dress or skirt that I’ll only wear once.  Sometimes that’s ok, but I need to be smarter and more creative about sewing things that’ll actually get worn.

7. Balance my time better.  This one is quite huge and hard to measure, but I’m pretty bad a time management, so I’d love to find ways to be more efficient.  With blogging, it’s not just sewing and writing, but there’s planning and shopping and sewing and photographing and uploading/editing photos, and writing and reading other blogs and comments and emails and pinterest and on and on.  I love doing it all, but it’s a lot and I’d like to find a way to keep my time organized and balanced.  Tips are welcome.

8. Reorganize my sewing area.  I’m a naturally messy person and my work space has gotten out of control.  Plus my fabric stash and sewing paraphernalia have grown out of my current space, so it needs some fixing up.  It’ll be an ongoing project, but I’ll be sure to share it here along the way or when I’m done.  I love seeing other people’s work spaces, don’t you?!

9. Finish projects on my to do list.  Not a particularly exciting one, but I have a a ton of things that I’ve been meaning to get to forever.  Super late gifts I’ve been meaning to make, pants I’ve been needing to hem, clothes I need to mend, etc.  Not glamorous stuff, but things I need to get done!

10. Revamp the blog.  This one will be tough.  I don’t know how to build a blog or design logos or anything like that, but I feel like this space needs a new and fresh look.  Won’t happen soon or quickly, but hopefully I can make at least some small changes to update this space over the next year.

Think I can do this?  We’ll check in on these again in a year and see!  What about you?  Any sewing, crafting, blogging related goals?  I’d love to hear them!

Happy New Year!

Just popping in to wish you a very very happy new year.  2013 was a BIG year for me and my family and because of that, things slowed down a little bit here on the blog.  But I’m really looking forward to jumping back into things in the new year and I’m hoping you’ll join me!  Until then, I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome 2013 and here’s to a beautiful and even more amazing 2014!



Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Round here (a random update)

It’s Kids Clothes Week!  I’m not even going to explain what that is because I feel like I’ve blabbed about it plenty of times – but if you don’t know what it is (no shame!) you can find all the 411 here (does anyone actually say 411 any more!?)

So last KCW I wasn’t able to participate (for good reason) and this time around I’m not participating either (for an even better reason!), but I just can’t help but want to be involved!  I’ve been watching the build up on the KCW blog, and following people’s preparations on Instagram (#kidsclothesweek) and now that it’s started, awesome sewn creations are littering my blog and IG feed and I’m so jealous!

At one point I started to think maybe I could participate.  I printed out a bunch of patterns and even got a few cut out and taped together.  But before that I was motivated to sort through this ridiculous stack of patterns first.  It felt great to get those organized before I started cutting out new ones.


When I went to the fabric store to get supplies for Halloween costumes, I stocked up on knits for my stash and started dreaming about what they could become.


But alas, I realize that it’s just not going to happen.  I find that I’m able to squeeze in only about 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, but no where near an hour of sewing.  And photographing and blogging?  Well, forget about it.  So I don’t have much time to sew, but instead I dream of all the things I want to sew.  I have a rapidly growing list of projects that I know I could never keep up with even if I didn’t have a newborn.  So I end up hoarding more fabric and patterns and ideas and it’s driving me a little crazy that I can’t actually get my hands on any of them.  Sewing is my outlet and I’m starting to feel trapped and stir crazy without it!


Here is my messy and neglected workspace.  I took this picture a few days ago while holding a fussy Kaya and bouncing on my yoga ball wondering, “When will I ever get to sew again?”

Well as if Kaya heard me, she actually gave me a little time for sewing that night and my first project was this . . .

Fanfare eye mask

A super fast and simple project – an eye mask for Hideko.  Kaya is sleeping in our room right now and several times a night I’m turning on the light to change a diaper or feed Kaya or pump or something, so I made a thick and cozy eye mask out of some leftover Fanfare flannel so Hideko could continue to get some shut eye.

Besides that, I’m actually trying to do some pattern testing and of course, Halloween costumes!  The goal is to have them done by this weekend for some upcoming festivities, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen.  I’ve decided to go half store bought, half handmade for Yuki’s costume and here’s as far as I’ve gotten so far . . .


Any guesses?

Only problem is Yuki changes her mind about what she wants to be every 15 minutes.  I went with one of her picks and told her she can’t change her mind anymore, but how do you explain that to a 3 year old?  And now she’s got her heart set on something else and when I told her it was too late she threw a huge fit, so uhh . . . we’ll see how things go.  As far as I’m concerned, she’s wearing the costume I made or she gets no candy, right!?

yuki in a box

I’m also trying to convince her that this is a sufficient Halloween costume :P

Ok, this is a super random blog post.  Just felt like checking in with you guys and seeing if you are all sewing for KCW.  I love seeing everyone’s creations and I’m hoping I can sew along next time!  Until then, I’ll be trying to soak in as many as these moments . . .


Ok, can I just get a communal “awwwww” please?  Yeah, I thought so ;)

Be well, friends!

Oliver + S Playtime Tunic and Leggings

Long time no see!  I can’t believe how much time I’ve been letting slip by between blog posts, but this end of the pregnancy/back-to-school/preparing for maternity leave thing has been kicking my butt!!  I’m finally on leave from work and I’m officially 2 days away from my due date!  Exciting times!!!


But I’m here today to share an fun new Oliver + S pattern that was just released for the fall.  There are three new patterns and this one is called the Playtime Dress, Tunic and Leggings Pattern and it’s available as both a paper and PDF pattern in sizes 6M-4 and 5-12.


This pattern can be made with woven or knit fabric, which makes it versatile.  I chose to make it in knit because that’s pretty much all Yuki will wear these days.  Both pieces are super comfy and Yuki loved playing in these all day, so I’m happy!


It’s not the most exciting or colorful choice of fabrics, but I wanted to make something practical and I already had this striped knit in my stash.  It’s a pretty thin, and super soft and stretchy fabric.  Which makes it really comfy, but a bit of a pain to sew.  Add the fact that I chose stripes and it was a downright nightmare at times.  Sewing with striped knits always seems like such a great idea – until you realize it isn’t.  I had a helluva time lining up those stripes and still did not do a great job.  But then striped knits just look so good as clothing, it’s hard to resist, isn’t it?


The back calls for a button or snap closure.  I chose these gold buttons and was a little nervous about how the thin knit would hold up with the button holes.  But between the two layers of fabric plus the interfacing, it did quite well.  One of the things that I love about knit is its stretchiness (obviously), so if I were to make this top again in a knit, I might adjust the back bodice to one piece to avoid having to make a closure at all.


The leggings pattern is so simple and so awesome.  I wish I had tried sewing my own leggings before.  Now that I know how easy and quick they are to make, it seems silly to buy them.  I bought this fabric at Joann’s and it’s got these cute metallic gold polka dots.  They are actually pretty subtle and only really shine depending on the angle of the light.  But they are fun and fit Yuki well, and did I mention, they are comfy?


If you take a look at the photos on the O+S site, you’ll see that there is stitching along the facing and pockets which you can do in a contrasting thread for accent.  At first I thought I’d just eliminate the top stitching altogether, but then I realized that the facing would flip up and probably bug Yuki (and me), so I sewed it with black thread and it’s very subtle.  I also realized that with the flimsy knit that I used, the pockets hung down below the hem of the tunic, so I stitched the pockets down as well.  Now everything is stitched down and secure!  The contrasting stitching will be a fun variation to play with in the future.


Oliver + S patterns are always well written and easy to follow.  I love knowing that I’m doing things the “right way” when I’m following their directions.  This pattern is no different and I’m excited to have a cozy little outfit for Yuki to wear this fall and winter.  If you’re interested in purchasing this pattern, head over to the O+S online pattern shop!

And if you want to see a totally different version of this same pattern, go check out Jessica of A Little Gray’s dress version!  It’s adorable and hot PINK!

Later this week, Gail, Kristin, Jessica and I will be back with more of the new Oliver + S fall patterns, so stay tuned!!

*The Playtime Dress, Tunic and Leggings Pattern was generously given to me for this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

Pretty Pink Pinafore {tutorial}

You guuuuuuuys!!  Thanks so much for all of the wonderful well wishes after my last post.  It has been truly heartwarming reading each comment, hearing some of your own stories and feeling the love you’ve sent my family’s way.  I really appreciate it!  You guys rock :)


So last week, I did a guest post for sewpony‘s series “When We Were Young” and I shared an outfit that I made for my daughter that was inspired by an outfit that I wore when I was young!  I also mentioned that I’d post a tutorial for the simple pinafore, so here I am, being true to my word.

Here is the original next to the version I made for Yuki:
PinkPinafore7I did a lot of guessing and “winging it” when making this little pinafore, but it came together pretty simply so I wanted to share how I did it in case you wanted to try it too!  But I have to warn you, this tutorial is not about exact measurements or precise directions.  It’s just a basic how-to.  Since I was just making it up as I went along, you may have to be a bit flexible and daring and wing it too.  Hope that’s ok!



The jumper has a bib bodice in the front and is open in the back with criss cross straps.  The skirt is gathered in the front and has elastic in the band for easy comfort and fit.  Really, it looks a lot like an apron.  There is a cute notched “collar” (clearly, it’s not a real collar, but I wasn’t sure what else to call it), and a crocheted lace detail on the pocket.  It’s perfect for hot summer days, but can easily be layered as we transition into fall.

What you’ll need:

  • Main fabric (1-2 yards depending on what size you’re making)
  • Contrast fabric (1/4 yard)
  • Crocheted doily or lace
  • Lightweight interfacing
  • 1″ wide elastic
  • 2 buttons

To draft your pattern, measure the child’s chest and divide that by 4.  That will be the width of your bodice pattern piece (since it’s drawn on the fold).  You can also measure across the front of a dress or shirt and divide that in two.  When I drafted my piece, I added seam allowance, but my bodice ended up being just a little too wide.  So I’d just stick with the measurement and not add seam allowance and then the bodice will be just smaller than the chest width, which I think will fit better.


The height of your pattern piece will depend on how long you want the bodice to be.  Measure from the point you want the bodice to start on their chest and down to where you want the skirt to begin.  Add a 1/2 inch seam allowance on both the top and bottom (1 inch total).  I also cut the top corner a bit to allow room for arms.  I eyeballed this, but for my 3T-ish pattern, I made a mark about 1 inch in on the top and 2.5 inches down and drew a diagonal line connecting the two and then cut.  You can place your pattern on your child or on a shirt to see if it’s about the right size/angle (remember to take into account the 1/2 inch seam allowance).  Sorry people, I don’t have an exact formula – like I said, I usually just wing things around here.

To draft the collar, I placed some tracing paper on top of the bodice piece and traced along the top section of the bodice pattern.  Decide how long you want this collar piece to be and cut straight across, remembering to add seam allowance.  I used a 1/2 inch SA to sew along the outside edge of the bodice, but only a 1/4 inch SA along the bottom of the collar piece.  To add the notch, draw a diagonal line along the fold line of your pattern piece the size and angle you want your notch to be.  Then draw a second line a quarter inch over (towards the fold line) and cut.


You’ll also need a pocket pattern piece, which you can make whatever size/shape you want.

Now you’re ready to cut your fabric.  From your main fabric, you’ll need 2 bodice pieces, 2 pocket pieces and 2 strap pieces.  Your straps should be 2.5 inches wide and whatever length you’ll need to reach from the top of the bodice, over the shoulder and to their waistline on their back.  My 3T straps were 14.5 inches long.

From your contrast fabric, you’ll need 2 collar pieces.  If desired, add lightweight interfacing on the wrong side of one of the collar pieces.


 You’ll also need to cut 2 rectangles for the skirt front and skirt back from your main fabric.  I used one of Yuki’s dresses to determine how wide to cut the rectangle (by measuring the width of the bottom of the skirt then adding 1 inch for seam allowance) and the length will depend on how long you want the skirt to be, plus added length for seam allowance and hemming.  For the skirt back piece, add one inch to the length to create casing for the elastic.  My skirt pieces were 27×14 inches for the front and 27×15 inches for the back.

First we’re going to add the decorative lace to the pocket piece.  Depending on what shape lace doily you have, you can probably just leave it as is and sew it on to one of your pocket pieces.  A square or strip can be placed across the top edge of the pocket.  Or a circular piece can be cut in half so that a curved edge lays across the top half of the pocket.  Play around with whatever shape or look you want and sew the lace down onto the right side of one of your pocket pieces.


Because I was trying to replicate the pocket in the original photo, I needed a triangular piece.  I cut my lace into a triangle and then serged the edges to finish them.  I did kind of a crappy job.


After you top stitch along the outer edge of the lace to attach it to one of your pocket pieces, lay the other pocket piece on top, right sides together and pin around the edges.

Sew all the way around the pocket leaving about a 1.5 inch opening.


Clip corners, flip the pocket right side out and press.   Sew this pocket onto the front skirt piece.

To prepare your straps, fold them in half lengthwise (right sides together) and press.  Then sew along the long edge and one of the short edges with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Be sure to leave one short edge open.  Trim the corner.


Repeat with the other strap and then turn the straps right side out and press.


Place your collar pieces wrong sides together and pin along the bottom (notched) edge.  It may help to mark the line you want to sew along, for the notched portion, to assure you get a nice even and centered notch.  Sew just along the bottom edge of the collar.


Trim corners and carefully clip your notch as close to the stitching as possible – but don’t snip the stitching!


Flip your collar right side out, use a chopstick or something to push all the corners out and press.

Lay the collar on top of one of your bodice pieces, right sides facing up and baste the collar to the bodice.


Place the raw edge of one of your straps along the top edge of your bodice – measure a 1/2 inch down and a 1/2 in and pin.  Do the same with the other strap on the other side of the bodice.


I didn’t photograph the next step, but place the other bodice piece on top, right sides together (with straps and collar sandwiched in between) and pin.  Sew the bodice pieces together along the sides and top of the bodice (leaving the bottom edge open) using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Trim seam allowance down to a 1/4 inch and clip corners.  Flip right side out and press.

Gather the skirt front piece by sewing two basting lines along the top edge of the skirt.  To baste, set your machine on the longest stitch and do not backstitch at the beginning or end.  Leave the threads long and pull carefully to gather the skirt.  You want the width to be 1/2 an inch longer than the bodice on each side.  Leave that 1/2 inch ungathered.


Pin the bottom edge of the bodice to the top edge of the front skirt piece with right sides together.  There should be 1/2 an inch of ungathered skirt sticking out on either side of the bodice.


Sew the skirt and bodice together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Finish this raw edge with your serger or a zig zag stitch.  Press the bodice up and the seam allowance down.


To make the casing for the back skirt piece, fold and press the fabric just less than 1/2 an inch down along one of the long edges.  Fold the fabric down again just over one inch – you’ll want the casing to be slightly wider than the 1″ elastic.  Sew very close to the folded edge.


Using a safety pin, pull the elastic through the casing.  Sew the elastic in place 1/2 an inch in from one side and then continue pulling elastic through to the other end.  The skirt back piece should match the width of the skirt front piece, or be just a little bit smaller for a snug fit.  Sew the other end of the elastic in place 1/2 an inch in from the end.  Trim excess elastic.


Place the skirt front and back pieces together (right sides facing in) and pin along the side edges of the skirt.  Sew together using a 1/2 an inch SA, trim and finish edges using a serger or zig zag stitch.


We’re almost done!  Just a few more finishing touches.  On the inside of your back skirt piece, hand sew two buttons to attach the straps to.


Then sew buttonholes on the ends of your straps.







Hooray!  A sweet vintage frock for your sweet little one!

Please remember to add any of your you & mie inspired creations to the flickr pool!  Oh and let me know if you have any questions or corrections.  I wrote this when I was really sleepy :P

I hope you’re all doing well.  I seriously can’t believe how quickly this summer is going by!  It’s already AUGUST!  And I went from having no real sewing agenda, to a list of about 15+ projects that I want to get done before the baby comes in a couple of months!  I better get to it!  What have you been working on?

Goodbye Google Reader!

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I haven’t used feedly myself, but I’ve heard really good things about it.  In fact, I feel like it’s the most recommended replacement for Google Reader.  My buddy, Kristin, (who I basically stole this entire post from) mentioned in her post that feedly has a “how to import your feeds from google reader” tool, which seems handy, but I’m pretty sure you need to get on that ASAP if you want to use it.


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