Sew & Tell: Repurposed Tank Top Turned Girl’s Halter

This was a fun project because I got to take something old that I wasn’t quite ready to part with and turn it into something new for Yuki!  I’ve had this top for years and it was one of my favorite summer tank tops.  It just screams “let’s hang out at Golden Gate Park on a sunny day!”  But unfortunately, I grew out of it (literally).  Here it is before:

And you can see that it’s already too small for me 😦

And one year later!

Looks the same, huh?

This was an extremely easy project because I kept almost everything the same.  I didn’t touch the front and I kept the back the same except I tightened the elastic a bit.  I removed the straps and moved them closer together.  The original straps criss-crossed in the back and were attached with buttons.  I decided to skip all that and just tie them like a halter.  Then I sewed up the sides and cut and hem the bottom and I was done!  Easiest top I ever made!

This project has really inspired me to start looking at things differently.  There is so much old clothes (and bedding, towels, etc.) that I just toss or donate, even if it has just a tiny hole or stain.  Now I look at old things and try to imagine what I can make with the fabric to turn it into something fresh and new!  It’s good for me, good for Yuki, and good for the environment!  The only one who loses out of this deal is my sister, who, as an adult, has come to embrace the hand-me-downs. 🙂


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