Update: Stop & Go

I have to say, things are moving a lot slower here than I hoped they would.  Opening up an etsy shop is a lot of work and I just don’t have as much time as I need (who does!?).  I feel like I’m trying to find little bits of time here and there, but always getting interrupted by work, chores, distractions, other projects and technical hang-ups.

But machines are humming along busily in the shop this week and I’m hoping to get a lot done.  That means I probably won’t be blogging as much which is a bummer since I enjoy it so much.  Just know that there are a lot of exciting and new things coming up soon.

I’ll leave you with something new I learned today.  A single welt pocket!  Here’s the tutorial from ikat bag.  And here’s my mini practice pocket that I made with scrap fabric.  What could this be for?? 🙂

Check out her amazing list of tutorials for 26 different pockets!!  There are SO many free tutorials and patterns out there.  It’s my goal to learn something new every day and since there are so many amazing and generous crafters and bloggers out there, it is very possible!

What have you learned recently?

Ok, wish me luck as I bury my head in a pile of fabric.  Hopefully I’ll come out with something cute on the flip side.


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