Oscar Party 2012

Tonight is Oscar Night!

Every year, friends of ours throw an Oscar Party.  Before the show we fill out ballots to predict who will win each category and as the night progresses, the hosts keep track of how many correct answers each guest has.  At the end of the night the person with the most correct predictions wins a prize.  I take it pretty seriously and try to get as many right as possible by 1) watching as many movies as I can and then 2) doing research on the rest, especially the categories I have no clue about (like short film animated and short film live or sound mixing and sound editing).

But the other really fun challenge is that everyone has to bring a dish to the party that is inspired by a movie, actor, director, etc. that is up for an Oscar.  It could be a play off a name, or something from the story line, anything really, as long as it’s related to a nominee.  At the end of the night, all of the guests vote on their favorite dish and there is a winner/prize for that too!  I’m proud to say that we’ve won twice!

I love thinking up all the ways we can turn movie titles or actors’ names into yummy dishes.  I love trying to think of the best way to present it and I also take the time to make little name cards using movie poster fonts and/or graphics to make the connection really clear.  I love it.  I’m such a nerd.

We’ve attended the party the last 3 years and here are our past food entries.  I regret not taking pictures of our dishes each year.  I had to ask my friend to send these to me.  I’m so glad she had them!


H and I were a little obsessed with Wall-E that year.  We loved the movie.  We also love deviled eggs and meatballs, so this was perfect for us.  I tried to make the meatballs in the shape of cubes and they were supposed to resemble the cubes of trash that Wall-E was building towers of at the beginning of the movie.  Unfortunately, they barely look like cubes but this dish won the food contest!!  The D’EVEled Egg dish was Hideko’s idea.  She even made 3 little Eves out of eggs!!  The middle one looks evil cuz it’s deviled!!


Did I mention we like meatballs?  At one point, we thought we might bring meatballs every year and just try to find a way to make it fit. 🙂


We just bought the calamari at a restaurant instead of making it ourselves.  It was pretty good!  This picture is of a half eaten plate 🙂  The Black Flan (which came with a bottle of Natalie Port-wine) was just a regular flan recipe with black food coloring.  It tasted good, but I’m sure it was hard for some people to get past the color.  But this dish won!

If you’re curious about the nominees for this year, you can find them here.  Usually we think about our dishes in the weeks leading up to the party but this year we didn’t get to see many movies and we didn’t have time to even think about our dishes till yesterday.   We’ve decided what we’re going to make and bought all of the ingredients, but I’m not going to reveal the dishes until after the party.  Don’t want anyone stealing our idea! 🙂  I’m totally kidding.  I like the dishes we’re going to make but I can’t say they’re totally creative.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else showed up with one or both of the same dishes.  We’ll have to wait and see!  I’ll be sure to take pictures too.

So what do you think we’re going to make?  Anyone else going to an Oscar viewing party?  What/who do you think is going to win??


2 thoughts on “Oscar Party 2012

  1. I really love the idea of having people bring food inspired by movie. I have an oscar party too, but just tell people to bring money and we bet on who is gonna win. 🙂

    • Ooh, that sounds fun too! But yeah, I love the movie inspired dishes – it gives a chance for people to be really creative and we usually get some really delicious food out of it too! I’m going to post my dishes from tonight (hopefully) tomorrow. 🙂

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