Some Kid Clothing Inspiration

I’m working on a lot of projects right now, but don’t have anything ready to post just yet, so I thought I’d take a minute to share with you some of my major sources of kid clothing inspiration.  Part of me is totally hesitant to share these because I feel like it’s my secret, but how can I not share such awesome stuff?!  Most of them are pretty obvious anyways.

I do love to find unique stuff in boutiques and handmade clothes on etsy, but if I’m just looking for some fun ideas, I have my mainstream go-to online stores.

The first one is obvious.  Gap Kids.  They are known for their classic style, so a lot of their stuff I consider to be staples in a wardrobe, and once in awhile you can find something pretty original.

(pictures from Gap)

Next is Crewcuts, the children’s line from J. Crew.  I love me some Crew, and the Crewcuts line is a mini version with just as much style (and the same expensive price tags)!  I pin so many things from this site!

(pictures from Crewcuts)
(I totally want to recreate this henley bib top!)

I often find cute things at H&M kids (and adults too).  And since their prices are much more reasonable (especially when they’re on clearance!), sometimes it’s worth it just to spend the $3-10 instead of trying to make it.

(pictures from H&M)

For an even more sophisticated look, I love Zara Kids.  They have the cutest dresses!  Sometimes I wish they sold them in adult sizes!

I also look at adult clothing at all of the above stores, plus places like Anthropologie.  I like taking fashion that was meant for adults and making them appropriate and stylish for kids.

(pictures from Anthropologie)

Now, while you’re probably all very familiar with the stores I just went through, this last one is kind of my little secret.  I stumbled across the site (maybe through Pinterest?) and it is ADORABLE!  It’s also got a very classic, simple style, but I love it.  It’s a French company and the prices are outrageous, but I just love looking at all their gorgeous stuff.  It’s called Bonpoint.

(pictures from Bonpoint)

I seriously wish that entire site was my kids wardrobe!!

Anyways, those are some of my go-to spots for cute kid clothes inspiration.  What about you?  What stores do you like?  Which site do you wish was your kid’s closet?  I’m always looking for new inspiration, so if you have something awesome, please share it with me!!

I do love Pinterest, but I don’t use it quite as often as I’d like to.  The board I pin most to though, is my Kids Clothing Pinterest Board.  Check it out!


3 thoughts on “Some Kid Clothing Inspiration

  1. Cute clothes for sure! I love a lot of the same places. A few others I like to browse are mini Boden, Janie & Jack, and Olive Juice.

  2. i always want to copy tea collection dresses (they have the most beautiful knit fabrics), and i’ve seen some great stuff on olive juice, too. do you find that you can’t even go into the gap anymore without getting “i can make that-itis?” i can’t buy anything but jeans anymore!!

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