Vintage All-Star

This week’s challenge for Project Run & Play was Sportswear.  Like a total dork, I interpreted that as “athletic wear” even though I read the definition they gave us here.  But you know, I don’t care anymore because I really like how the outfit came out.  And sportswear is such a crazy broad category that technically this outfit still fits the theme.

So when I thought the theme was athletic wear, I had no problem thinking of what I wanted to make.  We’d been looking for a track jacket for Yuki for some time, but it was hard to find one that was cute and affordable.  I knew it would be challenging to make, but I thought I’d give it a try.  I was inspired by vintage tracksuits in color, material (100% polyester baby!) and style, but added my own little touches here and there.  It certainly isn’t an original idea, by any means, but we’re excited because it’s something we’ve been looking for and we knew she’d love wearing it!  So without further ado, here’s my Vintage All-Star Tracksuit!

The jacket came together a lot smoother than I expected (though I won’t call it easy).  I love this color, it was my favorite in college and it screams vintage tracksuit to me!  I used twill tape to make the trademark white stripes down the sleeves and pants and paired it with a touch of colorblocking and a subtle chevron shape with the gray.  I appliqued a star on the chest since that is Yuki’s favorite thing right now and kind of her trademark.

My favorite feature of the pants are the tiny pleats down the front of each leg.  Simple touch but it adds such an authentic feel, no?

I’m also pretty proud that both pieces have pockets!  I’m learning so much!!

Doing some stretching . . .

Gotta warm up!

And we’re off!

This is what she looks like when she really gets going.

She’s unstoppable!

Time for a break.

Phew!  Time to go home after a long work out.

Haha, I think I’m having too much fun with this.  We had such a good time during this photoshoot!  I love that the sun is going down so late – we headed to the track at 7:30 after I got home from work!  And we found a new fun place to take Yuki that is free.  She LOVED running on the track with all the adults.  We just had to make sure she didn’t get in anyone’s way.

Anyways, I totally blew all my goals.  I was a bit ambitious with this outfit – did NOT keep it simple.  And I had to buy ALL new fabric – not a piece of it is from something I already owned.

But how could I resist??

Now off to prepare for KCWC!


39 thoughts on “Vintage All-Star

  1. That’s the cutest outfit ever! I love your blog it really inspires me to sit down at my sewing machine and try to be as creative as you. Any chance of a tutorial for the track outfit?

  2. Well, you weren’t alone in your interpretation!! My sister and I did the exact same ‘take’ on sportswear (even after reading the definition given as well) – making a tennis skort and top. Guess I think of the other stuff as more ‘casual wear.’ OH WELL! And, like Amanda stated above, the warm-up pics were my favorite. TOO CUTE!

  3. I agree, love the photos and love the tracksuit!! Totally worth the effort. You are not a dork I think I would have interpreted the sportswear as “Athletic wear”, I read the definition but it is so broad where do you start………Love your take on sportswear and at least all the effort is worth it I am sure she will get loads of wear out of the coolest toddler tracksuit around!

  4. This is the most adorable tracksuit! And such a gorgeous little girl! I’ve just recently found your blog and can I tell you that your sewing is so inspiring!!

  5. Cherie, shut your face! That is the most adorable little track suit I have ever seen. I love it that you went literal, it’s totally awesome. And it looks SO well made.

  6. Absolutely adorable!! The track suit looks amazing. And the photos are a riot! I love the action shot of her running!

  7. okay, you are officially amazing. that tracksuit is out of control cute and completely impressive from a sewing standpoint – it looks flawless! WOW. and those photos!! ADORABLE!

  8. I was actually laughing out loud with glee at these photos – OMIGOSH!!!! cutest little sue sylvester i’ve ever seen! and gail’s right – the sewing is SOOOO impressive. fantastic work! 😀

  9. I love your track suit and I did the very same thing. I read the link they provided and determined that my warm up suit was suitable (pun intended) for sportswear. I like what you and me ☺ made the best.

  10. OMG!!!!! This is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen! You did such an amazing job with all the little details! It’s absolutely incredible, you’ve got talent! I also love the series of pictures, your little girl is too cute 🙂

  11. so, so amazing! flawsless work – truly does look like the real (I hesitate to say “vintage” as those were so my era!) thing. And your daughter . . . could she be any cuter?!

  12. OMGosh!! I LOVE these pictures!!! I was LOL at how cute she is!! She has got all the model moves down!! LOVE the vintage workout suit, too!!

  13. WOW, amazing. I love the suit, seeing Yuki, the location and the photos! I would love a running suit like this! Congrats! So talented!

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  15. Wow! Amazing work and that outfit is so stinking cute! It looks perfect on Yuki and she is a doll. Love the picture of her stretching. 🙂

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