Not done yet

Unfortunately, I was not able to finish my movie inspired outfit this week for Project Run & Play in time!  I’m really really bummed because I spent a lot of time working on it and I think it’s going to be pretty fun, but I just didn’t have enough time to finish it or take pictures yet.  I’ll hopefully be able to post it tomorrow.  But you should definitely check out the contestants entries (and be sure to vote!) and the sewalong entries for lots of movie inspired outfits.  There is some really amazing stuff being made week after week!

And in the meantime, I thought I’d share some photos from last weekend.  These have nothing to do with sewing or crafting or clothes, but something else I’m kinda obsessed with – Instagram.  Are you addicted too?

Last weekend, H and I took 10 high school kids on a camping/beach trip.  Leading outings for high school students is one of the things we do to earn a little money on the side.  If we get a good group of kids (and they usually are), it can be a ton of fun.  Exhausting, but fun.  And last weekend was no exception.

We went down to Butano State Park down near Pescadero.  It was beautiful.

Pebbley beach nearby

Cooking breakfast

Ano Nuevo State Reserve


I wish this was my life

Impromptu trip to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

Center of attention

Yuki’s new favorite animal

Yuki was a super champion camper.  She slept really well and had so much fun with the big kids and learning about camping.  We went several times with her last summer, but she was too young to know what was going on.  This summer, I just know, she’s gonna love it!

I love how late the sun sets and how close we live to the beach.  Not everyone can do this after work on a Monday 🙂

Well, the weekend is almost upon us again!  I’ll have the movie inspired outfit post up tomorrow.  Next week Vintage May is starting at Skirt as Top and Craftiness is Not Optional!!  And the week after that, the third “chapter” of Once Upon a Thread begins on No Big Dill.  Then there will be a few more fun summer series announced in the next few weeks that I get to be a part of.  This spring/summer is shaping up to be super busy and packed with SO. MUCH. FUN!!

Any big weekend plans for you?


2 thoughts on “Not done yet

  1. Well, whenever it comes, I can’t wait to see your Mei outfit! It was the one I was most looking forward to seeing!!! I totally think that we should have a Studio Ghibli sew along theme thingy! How awesome would that be!?!

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