Every Little Thing Tunic

So back when I tested the Maxwell Shirt pattern by Shwin & Shwin, I also tested the Every Little Thing Dress/Tunic pattern.  I liked that it was a very simple and versatile pattern with potential for lots of remixes.  But as a tester, I stuck to the pattern for the first one.  I made size 12-18 month, which actually came out bigger than I was expecting – but it was a plus for me since it meant Yuki could wear it longer.

(I wish I could tell you about this fabric.  I love it.  I only had a tiny bit of it and I saved it forever waiting for the right project.  Then I realized that Yuki was getting so big that I wasn’t going to be able to do much with that tiny scrap.  I’m glad I finally used it.  If I find more info about the fabric, I’ll update this later)

*Update: So the owner of the fabric shop that I got this fabric at said that it is Alexander Henry, though she doesn’t remember the name or line.*

The top has a lined bodice with a slightly gathered skirt piece.  It can be made as a tunic or a dress and has instructions for pockets.  It also has a large bow on the front.

The bow adds something fun and funky to the tunic, but is not totally my style.  After I washed the top, the bow came out pretty wrinkly and I couldn’t figure out how to iron it out nicely, so I just picked it off and now Yuki wears it all the time without the bow.  I do think it looks a little plain, like it could use a little something to add interest, but for now I’m happy with it like this.

(Recognize these $1 sandals?)

It’s a great little top that I imagine she’ll wear all season long and even into the fall/winter with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

And it’s nice having a standard lined bodice pattern that I know will fit and I can use for lots of different things.  I made some adjustments for fit and shape and used it for the Double Ruffle Top and the red jumper for the Mei-chan outfit.

If you’re looking for a simple tunic or dress pattern, I would recommend this one.  It’s definitely something that you can use over and over again.  And learning how to make this kind of lined bodice with a button closure is very useful too.  The PDF pattern is available for download for sizes 6-9 months through 4T and you can get it HERE.

Happy summer sewing!  Can you believe it’s June already!??


22 thoughts on “Every Little Thing Tunic

  1. so cute! bummer about the bow – i bet just some piping between the bodice and skirt would look great, though you’d need to do that during the sewing process, obviously. 😉

    • Ooh, that’s a good idea! I was also just thinking about a flower pin that could be removed before washing. But really, I’m too lazy and it’ll just stay as is 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for that link – I have been needing a lined bodice pattern that’s reliable for some time now, and was totally hoping you’d come up with the goods 🙂

  3. i just love that fabric, it’s beautiful! it looks like a great, simple pattern to have on hand. i love your non-bow version 🙂

  4. Beautiful fabric and combination! The bow is very big and I like the tunic without. If you want to add something, maybe you will try out some crochet flowers or a little yo-yo?

    enim sou

    • Yeah, I thought it was a bit overpowering too – for my taste anyways. I thought something small and simple would add a nice touch. I doubt I’ll ever get around to adding anything, but thanks for your suggestions!!

  5. this is (as usual) adorable! my guess on the fabric would be Robert Kaufman, just because it looks like his style. Your fabric combos are great. How about a little pink collar to give it that extra bit of something?

  6. Every time I visit here I am blown away by the adorable things you have made, this is no exception. It doesn’t hurt that you also have such an adorable model!

    • I do have an etsy shop but it’s empty! I’m having so much fun making things for my family and friends and blogging that I didn’t have time to make things to sell. 😦 Maybe someday I’ll get it all together though . . .

  7. omg i LOVE that fabric.. I’ve spent some time searching.. and it is Alexander Henry.. the line is Lorenza 😀 now to get me some!! ps I think it looks good without the bow.. means you can appreciate the fabric more!

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