Guest Post for Color Your Summer II

Oooh, another guest post and today, it’s for Color Your Summer II, a series I LOVE and on one of my favorite blogs ever, Delia Creates. I feel very lucky to be a part of this fun series.

Today I’m sharing a foldable quilted picnic blanket that just screams, “SUMMER!”

Check out the full tutorial on Delia Creates and while you’re at it, you should take a look at all the colorful projects on both her site and at Kojo Designs.

Hope you have a colorful and sunny weekend!


14 thoughts on “Guest Post for Color Your Summer II

  1. Oh this is WONDERFUL! I love it so much! I saw something very similar in the shop the other day, it was quite expensive and the material did not look half as nice. I’m seeing a lot of great picnic blankets at the moment that have a waterproof underlayer on the “wrong” side (very useful for the UK!) so that any residual water from recent rain will not seep through. I think I could easily incorporate that idea into this. Thanks for sharing, I shall be pinning it for future reference… πŸ™‚

    • Thanks!! I wanted to use waterproof fabric too, but didn’t have time to find some good material. The only part that might not work though, is that you wouldn’t want to quilt with a waterproof fabric because putting all those little holes in it would let water through – that’s just my guess. But yes, a waterproof bottom would definitely be so handy!

  2. Oh I am in love with this! I am so inspired – it’s been years since I’ve quilted but I think the cuteness of this little picnic blanket just might be just the kick in the pants I needed to try it again!

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