Do you Instagram?

Oh yeah.  It’s a verb now.

photo(23)follow me @youandmie

If you like to keep up with the latest social media crazes you’ll know Instagram is pretty huge right now.  It’s basically a photo sharing app for your phone or other mobile device that people use to capture and share beautiful, funny, strange or otherwise noteworthy moments of their day.  I’ve been on Instagram officially for 2 years now, but only started posting regularly one year ago and only REALLY started using it as a way to share and connect with other people in the sewing/crafting/blogging community within the last 6 months.

I’m addicted.

But until now, I’ve kept my photos private which means that you could only see them if you requested access and I accepted.  But as I’ve started connecting more with more bloggers, I’ve discovered how fun it is to get peeks into their daily lives.  I really feel like I’ve made friends with people through Instagram because we share our daily triumphs and trials, our meals and our messes, our projects, our families and even the mundane.  It’s really really fun.

So I’m opening up my account to the public in case you’d like a peek into my life.  My username is youandmie.  And if you’re on IG, feel free to leave your username in a comment, so I can check it out!

If you’re already a follower, you’ve recently seen pictures from my winter break . . .

1000004761And I also like to post pictures of . . .

1000004764fabric and sewing projects (both complete and in progress,) and sometimes I even ask for advice while working on a project if I can’t make up my mind!

1000004765 the beeeeeaautiful place I call home

1000004763the food I eat (looks like I might need to start eating healthier)!

1000004762a looooooooooot of pictures of this kid

1000004767and little moments from my day that make me smile.  Like when my daughter tried to run away from home.  Naked.

If you’re not on Instagram yet, I dare you to check it out and NOT get addicted 🙂  Pretty much all of my favorite bloggers are on there sharing gorgeous and hilarious photos of their lives and it’s such a fun way to get to know people.  Checking my IG feed is one of my favorite things to do because I know someone’s photo is bound to have me laughing out loud.

Anyways, you can find me @youandmie if you’re interested!

Do you Instagram??


17 thoughts on “Do you Instagram?

    • Haha! I figure if someone doesn’t want to be followed by strangers, they’d make their accounts private – so follow away! Many of them are trying to build up their followings!

  1. I love Instagram because I don’t always have time to read blogs, but I always have time to check my Instagram feed real quick. I just started following you, I am @flavorpink

    That naked escape pic is too great 🙂

  2. Hi Cherie! My name is Ayako and my IG username is AYAKOJ. Nice you meet you 😉
    Picture of Sakura Crayon and Ramen brought me so many memories and made me want to go back to my hometown 🙂

    p.s. your daughter is adorable!!!

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