Finally sewing again!

So I took a break from sewing . . . a 22 day break (who’s counting ;))

But now I’m back!

ReversibleCoatAnd my first project is this reversible spring coat that I made for iCandy Handmade’s Basic Bodice Series.  You can catch the full tutorial over there!

The idea behind the Basic Bodice Series is that if you have a great bodice pattern and know how to alter the pattern or add some embellishments, the possibilities are endless in terms of what you can create.  So this coat, and all the other projects from series guests, started with a basic bodice pattern.  You probably already have one in your pattern collection.  In my tutorial I’ll show you how to alter your pattern to make a reversible coat!

They also have a linky party going on right now for all of you who want to share YOUR basic bodice creations.  So if you’ve ever used a bodice pattern to make something, link it up here and your outfit might be featured at the end of the series!

ReversibleCoat1I still can’t believe I cut into my Nani Iro Metallic Pocho for this coat.  This stuff is GORGEOUS (and not cheap)!  But it feels good to just go for it sometimes, and I think it paid off this time.  Yuki looks pretty darn cute in her fancy coat 🙂  And I wish you could see the subtle shimmer of these dots!  Man, it’s beautiful.  I really think the next time I sew with Nani Iro, I need to make something for me!

Anyways, it feels good to be back at the machine.  I’ve got lots of fun things coming up, so it’s time for me to get busy!

But for today, please hop on over to iCandy handmade to check out my tutorial and say hi!

Thanks 🙂


22 thoughts on “Finally sewing again!

    • Hehe, thanks! I wish it didn’t take so much fabric to make myself something. Especially this double gauze – it’s hard enough for me to buy a yard for her – imagine the 2.5+ yards I need for me!

    • Wow! That is a long time. And I found that even though I wanted to start again, it was harder and harder to get back in it! Hurry and sew something before you forget forever! 😉

  1. This is truly darling. I love the color combination. I just got back to sewing, after retiring from a 35 year teaching career. I’d love to make this for my 2 year old granddaughter. You have inspired me. I will look through your blog. Thanks for taking the time to share this with me (everyone).

  2. This is just wonderful! I wish I could join in on the basic bodice campaign but the work ‘linky’ is disproportionately difficult for me. I suppose we all have our quirks. Yuki looks adorable as always in all her lovely Nani Iro! I’m doing a muslin before I cut into my long-hoarded stash of N.I. knits. Looking forward to and a bit afraid, at the same time.

  3. And back with a vengeance you are Cherie! I LOVE it. I almost bought some Nani Iro recently at Superbuzzy but they didn’t have this. I would have bought this! Did you draft your own basic bodice? It’s so good to have one. I use Gigi’ a lot.

    • Thanks Justine. I didn’t draft the bodice, I used Rae’s Geranium Dress bodice to start with. It’s nice having a good solid pattern I can use for stuff like this. I won’t have to draft my own bodice until she grows out of the 5T pattern 🙂

  4. Thank you for this tutorial. The instructions and pictures are very clear and easy to follow. I made this for my 1-year-old daughter last night (sans pockets and buttons) out of two old flannel baby blankets. Even though only one blanket look decent enough I still love that this is reversible because that means it’s SEAMLESS! I don’t have a serger so I could never get that professional look. I made my own pattern from one of her 24-month long-sleeve tee. I shouldn’t have tapered the sleeve. It’s like a perfect fit for her right now; not snug though.

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