BunchOfShirtsSo this was actually part of my Kids Clothes Week project list, but I didn’t quite finish it that week.  I did finish the “All My Friends Are Dead” shirt and Yuki liked it so much that I was excited to get these done as well.  If you recall, she requested a dinosaur shirt, a robot shirt and a shirt with stripes.  So there you have it!  Three more t-shirts for my tomboy.

I didn’t actually intend for them to be so boyish.  I did make a bright pink one first but the rest of the knit that I had laying around happened to be dark.  The pattern is the Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae in size 3T.  My daughter is more like a 2T, but since I wanted it to fit a little looser and fit for a long time, I went a size up.  I would recommend doing the same if you want a less “skinny” fit.


The first one is a simple tee with contrasting arm cuffs and neckband.  This was the easiest one to make not only because I didn’t paint anything on it, but also because adding cuffs is way easier than hemming sleeves (in my opinion).  Rae has a tutorial for making a short sleeved FBST here.


The second tee is the robot tee!  Simple solid black knit with hemmed sleeves.  I just used the same fabric for finishing the neck.  For both this tee and the Stegosaurus tee, I just searched for simple images/silhouettes on google image to use as a stencil.


I printed them out at the size I wanted, cut it out to use as a stencil, traced it out on contact paper and cut the shapes out.  I know everyone talks so much about freezer paper stencils, but honestly, I have no idea what freezer paper is!  I really need to find out though, because contact paper does not work all that well.  It doesn’t stick to the fabric as well as I’d like, so it leads to wobbly lines and such, if you’re not careful.


Yuki’s favorite of the three is by far the “dinosaur shirt.”  Between this, the pink “dinosaur shirt” and the original (store bought) red “dinosaur shirt,” now she has three dino shirts!!  And I honestly think that I have to make 4 more because she wants to wear them EVERY DAY.  When we get dressed in the morning and give her some options for clothes she can wear, she keeps asking for “dinosaur shirt!”

DinoShirt2This is honestly my favorite too.  It’s made from a super thin, soft and comfy knit.  The stegosaurus wraps around the side slightly and I just used a bunch of different fabric paints in blue, green, silver and white to give it the multicolored look that it has.  At the last minute, I decided to take a quilted paper towel and lay it over the painted area.  I pressed it down on the paint to pick up any excess and when I lifted it, it gave it this really cool textured look.  Like a real dinosaur!

So, no pics of Yuki in the shirts, but I can tell you the dinosaur shirt is getting really good wear.  The others are comfy too, but they aren’t getting as much love.  😦

BUT I LOVE THIS PATTERN.  So basic.  So quick.  So many ways you can mix it up.  As of now, I’ve used this pattern at least 6 times and that’s more than any other pattern I own.  It comes in two size ranges: 12-18 months-5T and for bigger kids, sizes 5/6-13/14!  If you don’t own this pattern yet, I think you should go get it now.

I didn’t actually finish all the projects that I had lined up for Yuki during KCW, but the rest are on hold for now.  I have two fun projects coming up for next week – one is for the Roly Poly Pinafore Pattern Tour (a pattern by Imagine Gnats) and the second is my post for Elegance and Elephants‘ fun series, Knock it Off (the series is already underway, so go check it out!)

AND ALSO . . . I’m trying to sew more for ME!  So if any of it comes out decent and I work up the courage to model them, you may get to see some of it 🙂  We’ll see!

(Oh hey!  Did you enter the Zakka Sewing Book and Fabric Giveaway yet?  There’s still time!  The giveaway is open until Friday, May 10th at 5pm PST.)



23 thoughts on “Bunch-o-shirts

  1. These are amazing shirts! Oh, and I’ll be following you around next week! I’m in the Knock-it-off series and making a Roly Poly Pinafore, too!

  2. I love these shirts! I think my favorite is the dinosaur too, closely followed by the robot though because he is cute! I love the FBST pattern too, I’m in the process of making a couple tunics and possibly a couple t-shirt dresses from it. Great pattern! Great shirts 🙂

  3. how did you do the bottom hem of your shirts? i’ve been struggling with them when i use a double needle. Any tricks to share? sometimes i cheat and use the FBST pattern and upcycle old shirts and use the existing hem instead. =P

    • It took me awhile to get a hang of the double needle – first, it really helped to switch to a wider double needle (the one that came with my needle set was narrow, the two needles were really close together and it didn’t look good, so I bought something set wider apart. If i were at home, I’d look up what size it is – I’ll try remember when I’m at home). I hem the sleeves and bottom of the shirt the same way. First I serge the edge, then press it up about an inch and use the double needle to top stitch. Honestly, it’s my least favorite part of the whole process because I’m always nervous that it’s going to look bad (and it often does). After a good press, it usually looks decent enough though. I’m not sure if this helps, but keep at it and it’ll probably get easier. Oh and nothing to feel guilty about with upcycling old shirts and using existing hems! That is just smart sewing!!!

      • Oh, and make sure that your machine is set on the double needle setting!! I don’t know how other machines work, but mine is obviously set to single needle as the default and I have to switch to the double needle setting for it to work properly. Seems obvious, but I don’t think I realized that the first time I tried 🙂

  4. Aaack! Go buy freezer paper in the aisle at the grocery store with tinfoil, wax paper, saran wrap, etc. It’s waaay less expensive than contact paper and works waaay better. You just iron it on and it will come right off when you are done.

  5. yes, freezer paper is great! usually by the foil. some people have luck at walmart, but i’ve only found it at the grocery store. love your tees! can’t wait to see some of your YOU sewing too 🙂

  6. Love all the shirts. I had to laugh because my kid is the same way, asking to wear his dinosaur shirt everyday, except he only has one! You’ve inspired me to try making one now. Thanks!

  7. Super cute, I love that your little girl loves dinosaurs mine loves bugs. I hope you have the courage to share the sewing for yourself, I would love to see it!

  8. You must get freezer paper! My Walmart has it in the section with the wax paper. It’s also amazing for cutting out knits. I use the freezer paper as my pattern tracing paper and iron it to the fabric- makes cutting so easy. Then you just pull it off and reuse!

  9. Super cute Cherie!! Agree with people cheering you on to get freezer paper, we can take a trip to Safeway together when you’re here. I’ll show you how it works, not that it’s hard. 😉

  10. Love the t-shirts! As a tomboy myself the designs really resonate. Might have to make a larger version of the dino t-shirt! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. A lot of craft stores have freezer paper in wider rolls than you can find at the grocery stores… this is great to use to trace out patterns and iron on to stretchy fabric to make cutting out easier. I usually trace my pattern, then cut outside the lines, then cut on the lines when it is ironed on the fabric for a really clean, not wobbly/wonky/stretched out cut. Freezer paper is basically my favorite crafting tool.

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