These Are A Few of My Fave Handmade Things

Today I’m sharing some faves over on Sanae Ishida’s lovely blog.  A little while back she asked a few bloggers to share what one (or a few) of our own favorite creations of all time are.  So you wanna know what my favorite handmade creation of all time is?  Want to know what my daughter’s favorite is?  How about you readers – what do you think is the most popular post on my site?  Head over to Sanae Ishida to find out!!

And I’d love to know . . . do you have a favorite?


2 thoughts on “These Are A Few of My Fave Handmade Things

  1. I think my favorite thing you’ve made is either the track suit or the mei outfit from totoro…or your darling ranges or your sunburst picnic blanket or…hmmm…all of the things? you’re an inspiration, friend.

  2. I loved your guest post, Cherie!! Thank you so much – I’m slowly making the rounds to get back into the swing of things. I’ve missed a lot!

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