Round here (a random update)

It’s Kids Clothes Week!  I’m not even going to explain what that is because I feel like I’ve blabbed about it plenty of times – but if you don’t know what it is (no shame!) you can find all the 411 here (does anyone actually say 411 any more!?)

So last KCW I wasn’t able to participate (for good reason) and this time around I’m not participating either (for an even better reason!), but I just can’t help but want to be involved!  I’ve been watching the build up on the KCW blog, and following people’s preparations on Instagram (#kidsclothesweek) and now that it’s started, awesome sewn creations are littering my blog and IG feed and I’m so jealous!

At one point I started to think maybe I could participate.  I printed out a bunch of patterns and even got a few cut out and taped together.  But before that I was motivated to sort through this ridiculous stack of patterns first.  It felt great to get those organized before I started cutting out new ones.


When I went to the fabric store to get supplies for Halloween costumes, I stocked up on knits for my stash and started dreaming about what they could become.


But alas, I realize that it’s just not going to happen.  I find that I’m able to squeeze in only about 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, but no where near an hour of sewing.  And photographing and blogging?  Well, forget about it.  So I don’t have much time to sew, but instead I dream of all the things I want to sew.  I have a rapidly growing list of projects that I know I could never keep up with even if I didn’t have a newborn.  So I end up hoarding more fabric and patterns and ideas and it’s driving me a little crazy that I can’t actually get my hands on any of them.  Sewing is my outlet and I’m starting to feel trapped and stir crazy without it!


Here is my messy and neglected workspace.  I took this picture a few days ago while holding a fussy Kaya and bouncing on my yoga ball wondering, “When will I ever get to sew again?”

Well as if Kaya heard me, she actually gave me a little time for sewing that night and my first project was this . . .

Fanfare eye mask

A super fast and simple project – an eye mask for Hideko.  Kaya is sleeping in our room right now and several times a night I’m turning on the light to change a diaper or feed Kaya or pump or something, so I made a thick and cozy eye mask out of some leftover Fanfare flannel so Hideko could continue to get some shut eye.

Besides that, I’m actually trying to do some pattern testing and of course, Halloween costumes!  The goal is to have them done by this weekend for some upcoming festivities, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen.  I’ve decided to go half store bought, half handmade for Yuki’s costume and here’s as far as I’ve gotten so far . . .


Any guesses?

Only problem is Yuki changes her mind about what she wants to be every 15 minutes.  I went with one of her picks and told her she can’t change her mind anymore, but how do you explain that to a 3 year old?  And now she’s got her heart set on something else and when I told her it was too late she threw a huge fit, so uhh . . . we’ll see how things go.  As far as I’m concerned, she’s wearing the costume I made or she gets no candy, right!?

yuki in a box

I’m also trying to convince her that this is a sufficient Halloween costume 😛

Ok, this is a super random blog post.  Just felt like checking in with you guys and seeing if you are all sewing for KCW.  I love seeing everyone’s creations and I’m hoping I can sew along next time!  Until then, I’ll be trying to soak in as many as these moments . . .


Ok, can I just get a communal “awwwww” please?  Yeah, I thought so 😉

Be well, friends!


21 thoughts on “Round here (a random update)

  1. You just took me back in time a few months! My little one is 6 months old now and he is finally letting me sew while he rolls around on the floor next to me 🙂 don’t worry she will give you time soon enough!! And man I should have thought of an eye mask for my husband, so smart! He ended up sleeping in our daughter’s room for a couple months so Quinn and I wouldn’t wake him up!

  2. the last picture is priceless! good luck in getting the costumes made in time for halloween. you’re also giving me motiviation to see what i can get done for next week too!

  3. kcw is slipping away from me with all the kid chaos over here too. At least you’re getting organized though! Good luck with the costume. My kids are constantly changing their minds too.

  4. I felt the same way about sewing and crafting after my second baby was born. She was super fussy and cried constantly, and when I wasn’t taking care of her or my older daughter, I was too tired to do anything. But now she’s almost 2 and I am getting more and more time to do what I want and need to do. It will happen, but not soon. Try not to rush it. She’s only little for a short time, and even though you feel frustrated about not being able to sew, you will find time again.

  5. Oh girl, I’m with ya. I printed about 6 patterns last week that are still sitting here in a big stack. So tough to get a chunk of sewing time when you have little ones! It takes a lot not to be frustrated by it. I’m starting to think I should just use to week to cut and tape patterns, just to have things all set when I’m ready to sit down and sew….eventually!

  6. The robot cardboard box is an awesome costume. My son painted a few and loved them to bits (literally). I struggle with small babies so my awww moment is Yuki in the box, but the last photo is pretty cute. And what a lovely, thoughtful thing to sew for your wife!

  7. I feel your pain. I am about to give birth to no 5 , having a teething 2 year old and on and off labour. My projects are pailing up but there is no time…

  8. Oh my. That last picture — priceless. Unfortunately I don’t have a good big brother/little sister photo from when my daughter was still a newborn. My son was so enthusiastic about his lil’ sis that rather than being able to take a photo of his hugs, I would be busy trying to loosen his loving squeeze hugs. 🙂 ha! I hear you on the constantly changing costume decision. Thankfully I think my son has finally made up his mind — and bonus, he wants to be a firefighter just like last year, and the costume still fits. And my daughter is wearing his old monkey costume. Incredibly grateful to not be busy with the costume-making rush. That means so much more time for KCW!!!

  9. Ah, those baby days don’t leave much time for sewing, do they? I am having the same experience with a 3 year old who keeps changing her mind about Halloween… although for the past week she’s been saying she wants to be Nya who is a Ninjago Lego figure… I don’t even know where to start with that one.

  10. Love your girls! Ansley changes her mind every day for Halloween too. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. PS It is so frustrating to not have time to sew! I hope your super skills will make up for the time you lack now.

  11. awwwww!! Seriously those little girls are just too cute. LOVE IT. I hear ya about not being able to sew with a baby. Been there! Can be frustrating, for sure. I hope it’s not a drive-you-crazy type frustrating, but more of a don’t-care-because-this-phase-is-great type situation! 😉

  12. ahhhh, the juggling. i’m having trouble grabbing time these days too – i feel like in prior KCWs i was much more productive, ya know? now i’m just taking it where i can (and staying up too late and then crashing the next day like now…i should be sleeping). and oh yeah those kiddos of yours are CUTE. looking forward to seeing what you end up doing for Yuki!

  13. newborn stuff is like that, right? You love the phase and know its short lived but you sort of want to get things done the way you used to. I remember wearing my youngest and just wishing I could do laundry without her on me. You know, not bending down awkwardly to get things out of the washer? Its brief moments here and there that slowly come back and now that she is three I don’t even remember the feeling of wearing her! (sniff, sniff). So try and soak up that newborn smell (its so good!) and do a back log of all your inspirations. You’ll get to them someday. do you knit? Thats a good slower crafting that you can do ten minutes here ten minutes there and all of a sudden you have a newborn hat. Even while your nursing! love your blog.

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