Camp Ivanhoe Inspired Divided Basket

So you all know Kristin from skirt as top, right?  Well, she just welcomed her third babe into the world a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to send her and her littlest one some love.  I was trying to think of the perfect handmade gift, but when I couldn’t decide what to make, Jessica of A Little Gray came up with the brilliant idea of a Noodlehead Divided Basket.  Kristin has made a few of these for other people already, it’s kind of her go-to baby shower gift, so it just made sense for her to receive one too, right?

Well, it turned out to be such a great idea, that Gail had the exact same one!  I finished making my divided basket the night before baby C was born and the same day Gail blogged her basket.  When I first saw it I thought, “NOOOOOOOOO!  Curse her and her adorable divided basket!”  Haha, just kidding (love ya, Gail)!  It wasn’t quite that dramatic, but well . . . maybe a little. 😉

But then I realized quickly that this was a great thing, because two divided baskets is certainly better than one!  With all the things you can do with a divided basket, we might as well have made one for every room in the house.

Camp Ivanhoe inspired Divided Basket by you & mie

The theme for the boys’ room is Camp Ivanhoe from the movie, Moonrise Kingdom.  I checked out Kristin’s pinterest board for some inspiration and picked this particular blanket to pull colors and style from.  I grabbed all of the “campy” fabrics from my stash and it turns out, I have quite a lot!  The main fabric is a wool remnant that I’d been holding on to for awhile and never quite knew what to use it for.

Camp Ivanhoe inspired Divided Basket by you & mie

BINGO.  I think it worked perfectly here.  The pocket and accent pieces are all solid quilting cottons.  On the pocket, I made some strips of fabric to make stripes and top stitched them on.  The lining of the basket is an awesome plaid flannel from Jo-Ann.

The pattern is great.  I’m thinking that Anna (aka Noodlehead) is a genius, because I couldn’t really imagine how this was all going to come together, but she figured it all out for us and it’s really kind of magical.  This is the first time I’ve sewn one of her patterns and I’d say it’s a really great one to start with.  I also really want to make a Super Tote and a Cargo Duffle, and well, pretty much all of her other patterns.

Camp Ivanhoe inspired Divided Basket by you & mie

In the directions, Anna recommends using fusible fleece to give the basket more structure, especially if you are using a lightweight material.  Well, I thought that the wool was thick enough and didn’t use any, but I wish I had.  The basket is pretty floppy and doesn’t really stand up on it’s own when it’s empty.  But even without the fusible fleece, my machine had trouble stitching through the thicker sections (where the handles meet the body of the basket), so I’m not sure if it would have been able to handle another layer!  So we’ll see.  If I make this basket again (and I assume that I will), I definitely will use the fusible fleece and just hope my machine can handle it.

Camp Ivanhoe inspired Divided Basket by you & mie

I also made a little flag garland for the room with craft felt and felted wool.  I used the template for the scrap flag garland from this book (affiliate link), except I cut the top 1/2 inch off the top of the flags and carefully top stitched baker’s twine to connect them all.

Felt Flag Garland by you & mie

Then I filled the basket with a bunch of other goodies (not the diapers shown here) and shipped it off to meet its new little owner.  I hope I get to meet him someday soon too!  He seems to be fitting in so well with his awesome skirt as top family 🙂  Awwww . . . you really gotta check out those sweet newborn pictures.  Is it crazy that I have baby fever already when I still have my own baby??


28 thoughts on “Camp Ivanhoe Inspired Divided Basket

  1. Hi, I REALLY want to make this basket, but I am afraid that I would give up with all the cute details, that give it such a special look. Did it take a week to make? A month? haha ( I’m really serious). Greta

    • I think you should go for it! It’s not a really complicated project, but it’s true that if you want to add some fun details, that can take time. But once you get those done, the basket itself comes together pretty quickly. I think I spent 2 days on it (working an hour or two each day, maybe?). I’m sure that some people can finish one in one sitting, but it just depends on how fast you work and how much time you have 🙂 Do it! It’s fun!

  2. Your basket is very cute! I just made this for a friend’s baby shower. When you add the fusible fleece, you cut away 1/2″ on all sides so it doesn’t end up in the seam allowance. Because it does get a little hard to sew at the end!

    • The felt garland is a perfect project to start with! In the book, the flags are longer and you fold them over the string by 1/2 an inch and sew them down. I don’t necessarily recommend the way I did it, just because it’s a bit tedious trying to sew on string. Good luck!

  3. EEEEEEEP! This basket is perfect, really. It fits into the room like a dream – and you’re right, one can’t have too many divided baskets! Gail’s is currently in our room getting heavy use for late-night diaper changes, so it’ll be awesome having another that goes in the room now! Can’t wait to hang the garland and dress little C in his awesome Ivanhoe-inspired duds, too. So great.

    You’re such a thoughtful friend and amaaaaazing gifter and I’m so lucky that we’re buds. We should probably plan a visit sometime soon (here or there is the question!). 😉

    • So glad you like it and will be able to make use of it! Yay for divided baskets!! And yes, we definitely need to plan a visit soon. Gotta get me some new baby time or else I’m gonna go get myself pregnant again (O__o) !!! (JK)

    • Ooh, yes. If you know more than one person having a baby, you should start a little divided basket factory. Seriously, once you get the hang of the first one, you can probably bust a few more out in no time!

  4. Every time I see one of these I think I must buy the pattern Yours is no exception. I love the colours of this one and your genius little sewn on stripes.
    (and I was quite amused to see that the great maker of divided baskets is receiving a few of her own!)

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  7. Hi! Gorgeous work! Any chance you hire out? I’d love to pay you to make one of those garlands for me. Seriously – let’s chat if you’re interested. 🙂

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