What’s on my sewing table

Or maybe I should say floor . . . My fabric is kind of all over the place when I work . . .

Anyways, I don’t have a finished project today, but just felt like checking in with some projects that I’m currently working on and fabric that I’m working with.

First up, is this amazing TRIPLE gauze.  Yes, that’s right – not double, but triple.

Triple Gauze Reversible Dots from Miss Matatabi

It came out of the wash like a dreamy fluffy cloud!  It’s basically already quilted.  I love the cozy, yet super lightweight feel.  Oh, and it’s reversible.

Triple Gauze Reversible Dots from Miss Matatabi

This fabric is for my next Miss Matatabi Makers post.  Here’s a little peek of the project in progress.  Can you guess what it is?  I’m using a JUST released pattern.  Look out for the finished project on Miss Matatabi in a week and a half or so.

Well, I bet you’ll have an easier time guessing that THIS is going to be!!  Here’s a hint – it’s for Yuki, and she’s absolutely frozen with anticipation.

Soon to be Elsa dress

Oh, she’s officially OBSESSED with the movie!  And she’s suddenly reeeally into dress up/costumes at her school.  *sigh*  I suppose it was inevitable and there’s no point fighting it now.

Elsa in the making

I made the mistake of showing her the bodice that I was working on and every day since then she’s asked me, “Is my dress done yet!?”  Truth is, I could finish it pretty quickly, but I’m trying to think of something Yuki can do to earn the dress.  Recently, we’ve been feeling like she’s getting pretty spoiled.  We give her lots of things without her having to work for it.  So I’m worried that she doesn’t understand the value of anything.  We started assigning her some chores and we’re trying a sticker chart, so I think I’m going to tell her that she can have her dress when she earns 10 stickers or something like that.

So yeah – an Elsa inspired dress (definitely not going for an exact copy) is on my sewing table right now.

And this lovely stack of fabrics arrived just yesterday . . .

Kokka Irome

It’s the new line, Irome, from Kokka.  I’m still in the brainstorming phase for these fabrics, though I have a couple of ideas.  What would you make with a stack of colorful fat quarters?

And what’s on your sewing table?


33 thoughts on “What’s on my sewing table

  1. Triple gauze? For real?! Wow I had no idea such a thing existed. Sounds squishy and pillowy. Perfect for wrapping up in.

    The frozen inspired dress is looking neat! I like the idea of making the kids earn stuff. I get freaked that my kids aren’t learning to value anything either. It’s hard when everything seems so disposable and replaceable.

    • Yeah, I had never heard of it either! It’s pretty awesome.

      Ugh – it’s killing me. We are always giving Yuki stuff (nothing pricey, but still) because we want her to be happy, and so now she just expects to get things. That pisses me off. That’s gotta stop!

  2. I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about the dresses from Frozen. Evidently they are selling on E-Bay for around $500.00. Good thing your making them!!! Just beautiful

  3. I have a baby quilt top on the go, and some fabric that is in the queue to make some maternity friendly, but I can still wear them afterwards tops, for me.

  4. I hear ya on feeling like the kids are spoiled. With three sets of grandparents, my kids can pretty much get anything they want by begging one grandparent or another. Luckily, our parents have become more receptive to limiting their gifts, and we started giving the older two an allowance (even though many would say they’re still too young) so they can save and buy toys they want with their own money. I don’t sew for them very often though, so I don’t typically withhold handmade clothes — that’s the only thing they do seem to understand the value of!

    I will be starting a Frozen dress next month also — will be interested to see how yours goes together. And that triple gauze looks amazing!

    • We are starting a chores for small allowance thing too! It started because Yuki and Hideko were at Daiso (like a Japanese 99 cent store) and she wanted a bunch of stuff (they were all about $1.50) and we decided she can buy stuff herself, as long as she’s doing chores to earn the money. Can’t wait to see your Frozen dress! I told Yuki that she can have hers when she earns 10 stickers on her chore chart! 🙂

  5. Right now I have diapers on my sewing table because I’m babysitting my nephew. I actually removed the lining from my favorite winter jacket and am planning on replacing it before next winter.

  6. My sewing table? It is a mess. There’s a nearly finished stuffed ladybug (so cute!), Cars pajama pants that just need the elastic waistband finished (it’s the kids’ easter presents), a stack of fabrics I just received/washed to make dresses and shorts for my daughter, and then the best thing on my table: 3 yards of silly cat fabric to make myself pajama pants. Can’t wait to start on those! Have to finish up the kids’ pajamas first, though…

  7. I haven’t even seen Frozen but that dress looks amazing! I want that bodice as a top for myself ;). Looking forward to seeing it done with possibly a reference to where you got that fabulous knit print for the bottom of the bodice *wink wink*. Love it!

  8. I always love what you sew and can’t wait to see the Elsa dress. I have quilt blocks on my table tonight which also made me envy your stack of new kokka! Lucky you!

  9. I have a bunch of fabrics and a bunch of patterns. but sadly no match between the two 😦 Waiting for inspiration to strike …

    BTW That triple gauze looks lovely, I will have to check it out.

  10. Love that triple gauze – i got two colors of it and just finished up the edges and they are my very favorite blankets for my new baby – so cozy and soft! Perfect weight for my warm climate.

  11. ooooh, triple gauze!! I think I might be ready to stop my fabric fast soon (my stash is starting to look manageable) so that’s definitely going on my list. Can’t wait to see your Frozen dress – I’m working on version #2, and just ordered rhinestones from Amazon for that extra sparkle factor!

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  13. Please PLEASE, where on earth did you get that beautiful reversible gauze? I went to the etsy page AND internet and can’t find it anywhere. Can you reveal your source? It’s gorgeous 🙂 Thank you — Denise

    • I got it from Miss Matatabi, but I don’t think she has that exact fabric anymore. She does have some other double, triple and maybe quadruple gauze though. Or try a google search? Good luck!

  14. really lke that triple gauze is reversable. Having a hard time finding layette patterns that call for woven fabrics instead of knit. If you can suggest others or Japanese pattern books with some? And hereis a suggestion for teaching young childrenthat they live in a world run by money: 3 jars, #1 labled church or charity,#2 labled college or saving, #3 labled things I want or can spend. When your child tells you something they want help them find the price and count the money in jar #3 and add to it until they have enough to buy it. This is a weekly allowence that your child puts into the jars,all 3 every time like 3 quarters @ 1 each. Give it to the child NO STRINGS ATTACHED. They get it because they are learning how money works and they are part of the family. They do certain chores (age appropriate) because they need to contribute to the family not because the get paid for it. Extra chores can earn extra money.

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