Quilter’s Delight Fabric Bundle Giveaway! {CLOSED}

CONGRATS BETH!  You are the winner of this giveaway and you should have received an email from me!  Thanks to everyone for entering!

Yo!  I’m back with another giveaway for Sew Mama Sew‘s Giveaway Day!  This time it’s fabric!


I’m calling this the Quilter’s Delight Fabric Bundle because it includes a lot of smaller cuts of fabric.  Everything from 5×5 inch charm packs to fat quarters and near half yard cuts.  Some of the fabrics have pieces cut out of them, but it’s pretty minimal.  There’s still a ton of usable fabric.


I’m including some of the new Kokka Irome collection . . .


Some Amy Butler fat quarters . . .


And charm packs and other small pieces from Dear Stella, SUCH Designs, French Bull, and Pat Bravo.  And honestly, I’ll probably include more fabric that isn’t pictured here – I’ll just stuff the flat rate box with fabric 🙂

Wanna win?

Giveaway details: CLOSED!
– Giveaway will remain open until Friday, May 16th at 5pm PST
– Winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted by email
– Open to US residents only!  (sorry, shipping is expensive)
– Void where prohibited

Here’s how to enter:
– Leave a comment on this post telling me what project has been on your “to do” list the LONGEST.  What have you been meaning to get around to forever, but haven’t quite gotten to yet?

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(maximum number of entries is 4)

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Best of luck!!

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511 thoughts on “Quilter’s Delight Fabric Bundle Giveaway! {CLOSED}

  1. Well I have wanted to make a specific purse for a while, but finding the just the right fabrichas taken a while. Now I am rounding up the last of the supplies need to make it, so soon, real soon.

  2. I’ve been wanting to make the New Wave quilt from Oh, Fransson ever since it came out (at least five years ago). Don’t know why I still haven’t done it!

  3. The longest unfinished project on my list is not a sewing project but a knitting project…it is a sweater that sits in my closet 3/4 of the way done. After sitting there for two ok maybe three years I am not sure it will even fit me any more.

  4. The project that has been on my list the longest is a Oliver and s tea party sundress and play suit. I have had the pattern and the fabric for three years now. While the dress will still look cute on my six year old daughter, I don’t know that the play suit will still be cute on my four year old son. He might be too much of a “big boy” for it now 😦

  5. My postage stamp quilt has been on the “to do” list the longest. It’s slow going putting together enough 2.5 inch charms to make a full sized quilt!

  6. My husband and I got married in Italy and traveled around Europe for our honeymoon. I planned to make a quilt with blocks featuring each of the cities we had visited, and give it to him for our 5 yr anniversary…which was last year. I haven’t even started yet. 🙂

  7. I have a Queen quilt top that is taunting me from across the room. Almost done.. I’m afraid after all this work, I will screw up the free motion quilting I have planned.. Just need to work up some courage.

  8. I have been trying to get around to a table runner for my dining room for a year now! How can such a small project be so tough to start?! Thanks for the opportunity, these fabrics are really lovely.

  9. My “projects” that i never wuite get around to are fixing and alterering the things i already own. The temptation is always to work on new projects!

  10. Making the Amy Butler Weekender bag! I’ve owned the pattern and even purchased all the supplies needed, but a bit intimidated making a bag.

  11. I have been meaning to make roman shade curtains for our kitchen since the day we moved in (almost 2 years ago) and for whatever reason it is the one project that is continually pushed aside! oh well…eventually it will get done 🙂

  12. I have a quilt that is 3/4s done with hand quilting that was started 8 yrs ago. Not slowing down to do hand quilting anymore. Cindy

  13. oo. I have a counted Cross Stitch that I started before I moved from Cali, so, umm… wow. at least 10 years old. It gets a little attention now and then, so I am on the edging and it is mostly finished.

  14. A quilt for my sewing room’s “design bed” Ha! I just need to finish up several other things first. Thanks for the chance at your awesome giveaway.

  15. The quilts that stay the longest on my to do list always seem to be the ones I want to make to stay at my house! 😉 I finally started cutting for a swoon quilt this week- I’d been planning it for way too long. Lovely fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I have two quilts that I need to get done… Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck and friends… thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I love this giveaway, what fun it would be to open that box! I would be especially excited about the Collage charm pack — I just won a promotional charm pack from Carrie’s new line and they would be so perfect together (not to mention I only bought one Collage print and always regretted not having more). Can I be a little general here and say “a quilt for me”? I can pick one of the many patterns I’ve had on my list — maybe the Single Girl — but I have been quilting now for several years and I’ve given away every quilt. Someday I want to make a quilt for me. Thanks!!

  18. What beautiful colors! The project that has been on my to- do list for years is a Storm At Sea Quilt that my sister wants

  19. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. Many years ago I started a hand pieced quilt with the intention to also hand-quilt it. Progress has been very, very slow as I have arthritis in my hands. Maybe someday this will be a quilt, maybe not. Most of my quilty time is machine piecing and quilting on my home machine. I love my sewing machine … 🙂 Pat

  20. What a great giveaways. I am working on a Perkiomen Daydream quilt that I hope to finish one day.

    I follow on BL.

  21. My longest “to do” is a quilt that I started YEARS ago. I discovered that the seams were opening and I just put it aside. SOMEDAY I will reinforce all of the seams and finish the quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I’ve been wanting to make a flannel quilt with north woodsy fabrics for my best friend since I started quilting. That’s 10 years ago!!!!!!!!! Shame on me…….

  23. The fabrics are so lovely. I have been making kids clothes lately and curtains for our new home. I am meaning to make more dresses for myself, but they are pushed back because kids grow so fast and they always need new clothes.

  24. I’ve been meaning to get to a quilt for my cousin’s new baby girl. I had originally meant to have it done before baby was born, but now she is almost 6 months old! Whoops!

  25. I took a free BOM class to learn how to quilt. I still have all those blocks that need to be put together. So I guess that’s been on my list the longest, since 2012. Thanks for the opportunity to win this super fun bundle!!

  26. I have a quilt made with scrumptious fabrics that got all wonky on the back when I began to quilt it. I need to spend an evening picking out stitches, remaking the quilt sandwich, and repine or baste so I can actually finish this quilt. I stopped working on it when I went back to college. I just graduated and it is time I revisit this. Now. No more procrastinating.

  27. I just found a quilt I started in Jr. High for Home Ec. The top is nearly done, but my teacher graded me because I’d just go home and finish it. And I will, it just might be twenty years later!

  28. a t-shirt quilt for my husband… the shirts are taking up so much room that I could be filling with more fabric stash 🙂

  29. A shirt for my preschooler. Garment sewing scares me, so I’m easing into it. My maxi skirts are turning out well, and the shirt I sewed for his 12″ gi joe turned out well, so I feel like I’m probably almost ready. lol.

  30. a top for my daughter, i’m sure it’s a size too small now and it’s half made (or less). 😦
    and she’s not a baby that grows quickly, she’s 10!!!

  31. I’ve been meaning to sew Easter baskets for my kids since my youngest was born. I just took some nice wooden baskets from my parent’s basement, so I’m guessing the sewn baskets will happen…never.

  32. My to do list or my WIP list? I think the longest WIP I’ve had is either a Crocheted shrug or an embroidery of a pin up mermaid by Olivia.

  33. I want to make an awesome paper pieced SCUBA diving themed quilt! I’ve been planning it for a while but haven’t taken the leap to actually starting it.

  34. I have a king size quilt I started to machine quilt and really messed up. I decided to rip it out and stitch in the ditch…I am pretty sure I started the quilt about 6 years ago. Yikes!

  35. I must must must finish a lap quilt for my husband. I started it for his birthday/ Valentines in 2009. Oh the shame! (also. great give away!)

  36. I love to make patchwork bags and quilt, but it’s been on my to-do list FOREVER to make a patchwork blouse for myself.

  37. That bundle is super! I have had an echino bag pattern on my list for over a year! I really want to get to it this summer.

  38. I have been meaning to make a quilt for our bed but so many other things keep popping up that have a time limit on them. right now i am making a king sized quilt for our son who gets married next year

  39. A quilt for my daughter has been on my list the longest. Her tastes have changed a lot, so maybe it is good I’ve procrastinated!

  40. I am in the process of cleaning and organizing my sewing room. I am finding some long forgotten UFOs, but the one on my to do list the longest is one I call circle of colors.

  41. I started a cross stitched crib quilt when I was pregnant with my 14 year old son. Maybe by the time we get grandchildren I’ll get to finishing it up.


  42. When I first started quilting almost 2 years ago, a friend asked me to make a quilt for her. We picked out a pattern, she bought the fabric, and that’s about where it stands now. I finally got most of it cut in the last month, but I’m finding my interest waning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I just started quilting so don’t have a long to do list. I need to finish binding my current project and my next project is a purple lap blanket. I do however have a crocheted project that I’ve been working on and off for a long time. It’s a stuffed sheep.

  44. Every window in my house needs curtains. I have the fabric, I just can’t bring myself to do that much pressing and hemming yet! Maybe on a rainy day…

  45. The epic clamshell quilt has had the longest stay on my to-do list, and it will likely stay there for quite a while longer!

  46. What a lovely giveaway! I have a lot of baby toys and dresses bookmarked. Kid is now 5, so those won’t be happening. Probably my longest-lived idea is pants that actually fit…

  47. My to do list includes learning to use the ancient serger that my grandmother-in-law lent to me, but I just can’t seem to work up the nerve to do it! Those are gorgeous fabrics you are giving away. : )

  48. The first thing on my “to-do” list is to turn my fiancé’s old army t-shirts and uniforms into a quilted cushion cover. It’s what started my adventure in this new world of quilting half a year ago. I STILL haven’t made it because I’m not confidant in my skills enough to cut into his stuff and I know they mean more than just some stuff he had to wear for eight years (and how much he loves me to consent in cutting them up). Maybe one day and after a couple (dozen) more quilting projects =) Thank you for the chance to win!

  49. I made a quilt top featuring fun Heather Ross fabrics FOREVER (2 years) ago, and I just need to piece together a back and finish it – I have no idea what my problem is with that one. 🙂 Amazing giveaway!

  50. I have been putting off baby quilts this year, just haven’t gotten around to planning them. But all the babies are due soon, so looks like I’ll have to get on the ball

  51. The thing on my list the longest would be to get my double wedding ring quilted by hand. Remember the country blues and pinks,,,,well you guessed it. That’s what these are made of!

  52. The thing that has been on my to-do list the longest is definitely turning all my old t-shirts into pillows. As pathetic as it is, I believe I started putting these t-shirts aside in middle school… and I am one week away from GRADUATING COLLEGE. How pathetic is that? Other more exciting projects, as well as life in general, have come up in its place, pushing it to the back burner. Maybe this means that I need to think of a better idea of what to do with my t-shirts, to make me want to do it! I see a big blankie in my future!

  53. Hmm. I just finished a quilt for my parents that I started back in 2012. However, I have been meaning to make a set of seasonal wall hangings for our entry way for a LOOOONG time and really haven’t even started. 🙂

  54. This prize bundle is indeed a delight! I would love to finish the first quilt I ever started, four years ago! I set it aside when I realized I needed to hone my skills a bit, but I can easily do what needs to be done now.

  55. I have a quilt that I started on a few years ago, from an Australian pattern. I would love to finish it and hang it in my family room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I’ve had a backpack on my list forever. It’s a pattern from Peek-a-Book pattern shop. I love it and would like to get it done at SOME point before my daughter’s too big for it.

  57. The longest…. I have a quilt top that is done but needs to have a bunch of appliqué added on top. Needless to say, it is still waiting on me. Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.

  58. I did a fabric exchange years ago and have the pattern picked out to make a purple quilt, but still haven’t started

  59. I have a flannel quilt that I had quilted about 3 years ago. I have yet to put the binding on because I really don’t like the quilting. My fault, I wasn’t specific when I asked a friend to quilt it for me. Never say “just do what you think.”. If and when I bind it I plan on giving it to a charity fundraiser.

  60. I’ve been meaning to do the Broken Herringbone quilt but haven’t even printed out the pattern yet. I joined the Flickr group to get inspired and still have not started. These could add to the scraps that I’ll need for that project. Thanks for hosting!

  61. Ever since I saw a Carpenters Star quilt in a quilt shop last year while on vacation I have been wanting to make one….it will be my first quilt. I have also been wanting to make a Swoon quilt.

  62. Good question! I have been working on an EPP hexagon quilt ever since I started sewing 2 years ago. The hexagons are 1″ across and I have made about 2,500 and sewn them into flowers…and then I lost interest and moved onto other projects. This post has guilt-tripped me into picking it back up!

  63. I bought a few half-yards of lovely voile more than three years ago intending to make a tiered skirt for my daughter…need to get on that or pretty soon she’ll be too tall for the amount of fabric I have!

  64. i just started sewing a year ago, so nothing could have been on my to-do list for all that long, but i have been daydreaming about making the amy butler weekender bag for a few months now. it just seems really…intimidating. i made her honeybun pouf (large) & it was kind of an epic undertaking. i’m sure the bag will be even more complex.

  65. Well I just knocked off a queen size scrap quilt that had been on my to do list for a couple years (can’t believe I waited so long to quilt it – it turned out so well) My next oldest is a peach quilt top that has been finished for four years but not quilted…yet!

  66. Almost 10 yrs ago I had breast cancer I made Bears Paw blocks in beautiful shades of pink and , I guess life got in the way. (I’m still healthy and doing great) I made the blocks and put them together about 10 years ago. I still have to quilt it, everything is together, just waiting for me. Thanks for the generous giveaway! ;-> Toni Anne

  67. Toddler Dresses! I’ve been wanting to make em for my nieces. They were about 1 when I thought about it, now they are almost 3! I’ve been doing a lot of selfish sewing lately… Lol

  68. A quilt for my son! I finished the one for my younger one, but at the rate I’m going, the one for my oldest will be a graduation gift!

  69. My longest WIP is the single girl quilt. I only cut out enough fabric for one block, but it was started at least 3 years ago! And I have only been quilting that long too

  70. I have been wanting to make a Swoon quilt with my long time stashed Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabrics. Last year, my beloved sewing machine died and needs a new Motherboard or something, and tragically my Mother unexpectedly passed away just two days later. I have inherited her beloved sewing machines, but I am still learning to sew comfortably with them before I tackle my Swoon blocks. Thanks for participating in SMS giveaway day.

  71. Quilting a Christmas Tree skirt that I pieced has been on my to do list for the longest time! I can’t decide how to quilt it. Any ideas?

  72. The projects that have been waiting the longest, are baby quilts for my 3 new grandchildren, before they are teenagers.

  73. The fabric choices are amazing! Thanks for the giveaway… My to-do list is a few dresses for my daughter, placemats for my dad, and a blanket for my boyfriend.

  74. A quilt for hubby has been longest on list….I bump him down for emergency sewing projects/gifts. I know…not quite fair….

  75. I have a quilt project still in the bag from the store for 10 (yes, 10!) years. I bought it at a darling shop on the Oregon coast, and keep pulling it out, look at it, and putting it back in the bag, because I am a beginning sewer and not sure what to do with it, YET – am learning alot sewing baby clothes for my granddaughter. So, do I win – merely by length of time???

  76. I have wanted to make a storm at sea quilt since I started quilting (7 years ago…). Thanks for the great giveaway!

  77. I started a wedding ring quilt in the early 80’s. have the rings pieced and just need to put in the background pieces. I had a grand plan to applique the rings down, and while that might have worked when I first assembled the rings, they have now gotten all stretched out. However, I will finish it.

  78. hmmm… i have a round robin quilt top that i’d like to see finished at some point. it’s king size so i haven’t had motivation to get it backed and quilted yet.

  79. Making a quilt for my bed. I bought fabric to do this um, 20 years ago or so, back when I had just a full sized bed, and never got beyond that. Now, a husband, a kid, and two moves later, I’m ready! New fabric bought, block ideas forming, it’s gonna happen! Thanks for this chance.

  80. Well, I still have a few yards of fabric I purchased at age 16 intending to make a dress…..15 years ago :/

  81. I’ve been trying to finish a quilt made with blocks I won in the Block Lotto for about 3 years now – And I’ve only been quilting for 5 years.

  82. What a great bundle! The thing that has been on my to-do list the longest is one I inherited. My mother started an needlework bell pull back in the mid seventies. It is less than a quarter completed and has moved house about 5 times since. She says it is mine to finish. : )

  83. That would be the penguin quilt. I’ve never made an actual quilt before and it’s intimidating me still…. (nibblet42@aol.com)

  84. A quilt just for me! I always end up giving them away or I’m so busy making quilts for charity I never seem to find the time. Soon! Thanks.

  85. My longest project requires me to find it in the box I put it in ages ago! It’s been 23 years in the making and about 20 years in the box. I made a top with stars on a black background, it’s all together. For the backing I was sewing the planets. Having fun finding dyed fabric that matched a posted I have. Have to do the math to put them together. The sun will be the son (now 26) will be out shining the quilt I’m sure. I’m glad that now I know enough to finish this project and do the FMQing myself. Thanks. junedodge@gmail.com

  86. The project that has been on my list the longest is a quilt using my Katie Jump Rope stash. I just can’t decide on a pattern.

  87. I have a bed spread quilt I have been working on but keep putting off finishing it for other things. I don’t know why…I love how it turned out and all I have to do now is sandwich and FMQ it and its done! I just have to stop everything else…just a few days is all I need. But it is for a guest room, so I guess that is why it “can wait”!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. I dont’ instagram, tweet or facebook, but I do follow you via email!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I finished quilting a kingsize wonky log cabin, crazy patch quilt that I put together before I knew anything about quilting. It could be 10 years ago that I started it. It has fabric scraps I inherited when my Mom passed away and because I really wanted to quilt it rather than tie it, I started on what I have discovered to be a real joy in my life, FMQing. And that brought me to buying a longarm last summer. So this quilt has a lot of meaning for me. All I need to do is bind it and I’m not worried about getting that done. Thanks

  90. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt forever but I am intimidated by it. Also, I crocheted all the squares for a granny square afghan and I’m dragging my feet on putting it together.

  91. I started a quiet book for my daughter a year ago. I made 6 pages super quick, and now it’s just been sitting there, unbound, with two blank pages for months and months. I just need to make two more pages and finish it up!

  92. The quilt I’ve been meaning to do the longest is a Mariner’s Compass paper pieced pattern. I’ve been learning paper piecing, but I’m not quite ready to do it. I’m collecting fabrics though!

  93. A molecule quilt for my scientist hubs. Or it will be DNA. My idea is somewhere in my brain, but I’m still not 100% on what I want it to look like…

  94. I’ve been wanting to make a Granny Squares quilt for the longest time. Thanks for the very generous giveaway.

  95. I bought fabric, elastic and twill tape literally years ago to make pajama pants and have not gotten around to it yet!

  96. i’ve been wanting to sew a quilt for my son, but something always comes up. One of these days, I’ll start!

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  98. I have been wanting to play with the methods in the Quilts from my Crayon Box book. Other things keep line jumping ahead of it.

  99. Oooo I love this giveaway! The longest thing that has been on my to-do list is a tee shirt quilt from growing up and high school/college days band tees. I it to be intricate and interesting instead of just blocks or tees in a hodgepodge. Therefore, I’m sure it will still be sitting there on my to-do clipboard for a while until I muse up the right way or see someone do it and lovingly and gratefully copy them!

  100. hmm… i don’t tend to leave my ‘to do’ list sit very long (i know, I won’t say that very loud). I do have fabric and pattern for a hoodie quilt that I have been looking at since December and haven’t started!

  101. Hmmm I tend to buy fabric for specific projects and then complete them. But I’ve had the Noodlehead Cargo duffle on the list since it first came out. Just haven’t been able to get myself to start!

  102. I bought the Tova blouse pattern the day they started selling e-versions. I also have three differnt fabrics to make it, but no blouse yet 😦

  103. On my to do list is a lone star quilt. Just haven’t been able to convince myself to start. My longest wip is the sampler quilt which was my introduction to quilting. It’s been on hold for almost twelve years now. I just pulled it out recently and began to finally put it together.

  104. I just knocked out a few of my longstanding projects this weekend so that leaves a polka dot dress for myself as probably the most outstanding project in my stash. 🙂

  105. I have wanted to do a jean quilt forever. Done tons of other ones. In downsizing gave away the jeans I had collected for years. Doh! Now I am trying to collect them again. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. I have been collecting alice in wonderland fabric for my daughter since I have been quilting. I just got a cool Wonderland panel from kokka so hopefully I can start it soon 🙂

  107. Well the one that was on longest I started last month (a double wedding ring quilt) and the next longest has been a Dear Jane, I got the book in the mail this week though and hope to er.. finish up my other 5 projects I’m in the middle of so I can start that soon! (just kidding, Im going to start it even if I haven’t fnished anything else I’m in the middle of, I cant help it..)

  108. Totally embarrassed to admit this but I have a drawer of unfinished projects all on my to-do list, the longest is an almost complete shirt dress. The buttons scared me off for the longest time and now I just have so many other unfinished projects.

  109. Ive been meaning to finish the Scrap vomit quilt I started almost 2 years ago! Maybe this summer. Thanks for the chance. clunsford at gmail dot com

  110. For over 4 years I planned to cover some bed sized pillows to use on the couches. This week I made 4 quilted pillow shams with a variety of Kaffe Fassett red prints, and they went together very quickly — and turned out better than I expected.

  111. I cut out my pieces for my Christmas quilt and that is as far as I have gotten , months later and I still need to work on it.

  112. I have a smocked dress that just needs to be constructed that I started at the Smocking Arts Guild of America convention 4 years ago….I am determined to finish it soon!

  113. Ummmmm….about 20 years ago, when I knew I was moving to Texas, and I was interested in quilting but had only dabbled….I saw a kit for a kit of pieced cactus blocks…I started hand piecing them. With moving and all, they were set aside and never got finished. When I do, I plan on using the sewing machine instead….

  114. I’ve been wanting to make myself a circle skirted dress for quite a while now! I also have a pile of old 80s clothes that I’ve been meaning to take a look at and possibly upcycle.

  115. Thanks so so much for a chance! I’ve been meaning to make a farmer’s wife quilt. I even have the book! And the fabric! just no blocks yet… But one day it’ll happen!

  116. I’ve always wanted to do a lonestar but have talked myself out of it over and over again. Maybe I’ll just put my big girl panties on and do IT!

  117. longest is a pair of linen blend shorts for my daughter. I have another daughter now. maybe i will finally make them for her.

  118. Ugh… is it bad that there are too many to list? I really want to sew something for myself- a bag (maybe even from that fabric and pattern I bought years ago!). Just want to tell you I ADORE your sunburst blanket- have it pinned for “someday”. Thanks for the giveaway- your fabrics are lovely!

  119. I have a long standing project that is a quilt for my grandmother. We grew up going to the beach in Delaware and we owned a trailer down there. My grandparents just recently replaced this with a “doublewide/modular home” and it’s super fancy! It was incredibly bitter sweet for all of us because we practically grew up there in the summers. She threw out all the linens and things so I went through and grabbed all the memorable sheets that reminded me of being at the trailer in the summers and I cut most of it out into squares already but I have yet to sew it to surprise her. I would love to get it finished this year!

  120. I have the fabric Russian Tradition ready to make a quilt for my kids(who have been in Russia for he past year) but it keeps getting pushed to the side. Maybe I will have it ready for Christmas!

  121. I have been promising a friend that I would make him some living room curtains, for YEARS. He has since moved …. but still needs work on living room curtains in the NEW place! Ha!

  122. I still have one lone cathedral window block on my wall waiting for me to decide whether or not to scrap it entirely or to make the rest of the blocks

  123. I am just starting on a quilt for my friend’s 45th wedding anniversary; I bought the fabric for her 40th anniversary.

  124. thanks for the giveaway– I have curtains I need to make for a couple of bedrooms but other projects take first place

  125. • • • My Rainbow quilt. Started cutting it out about five years ago. It’s going to be a KING, and everything needs to be cut first to arrange the colors. Thank you for sharing!

  126. Oh goodness. I have a pinwheel quilt I started something like 8 years ago, but I’ve decided that I don’t really like it, and I’m letting the cat get into some of the pieces, so I don’t think that counts! I have a grandmother’s garden that I’ve been supposedly working on for five or six years and I still want to finish it, so I think that would be the longest.

  127. Thinking about and putting off forever is a Bridal Bouquet – not sure of the set in seams. hoping to get the spunk up to at least try a block and see what happens… saw a vintage one that was just beautiful..
    Thanks for the chance.

  128. I started crocheting my grandma a blanket and still have not finished it. She’s been gone now for almost 5 years… and I started it a few years before she died. My mom says she wants it now, but I just haven’t taken the time to finish it yet.

  129. I’ve been meaning to lay out a PDF pattern for a fluttery v-neck dress… maybe this weekend will be the time to do it!

  130. Wanna win? Oh my goodness yes! This would be like Christmas! I love all the fabrics you pictured. Thanks so much for the chance. And thanks for your great blog. I sew for my little granddaughter, so I really appreciate your tutorials. I have a Judy Niemeyer paper piecing pattern for a double wedding ring quilt that has been on my to-do list for a long time. I hope to get to it soon!

  131. the longest something has been on my to do list is a quilt for my best friend. i keep aiming to make her one, but as soon as i finish one charity quilt, i am inspired to make another charity quilt. it is a good thing she is so understanding!

  132. A double wedding ring quilt has been on my list for a long time. Hopefully I will get to it soon. Thank you for the giveaway.

  133. An I spy quilt I started for my nephew when he was 4. He is now 14. So it will go to some other lucky toddler.

  134. OMG you are so just generous with your giveaway. Thank you for sharing with us. I have been working on and off on a wall hanging that has purple mountains, green trees and deer. I have gone through a divorce, found a really good-looking caring man who I now moved in with. So, with my hectic lifestyel and moving two times. this wallhanging is going to outlive me. I would like to get this one done and did start a quilt called Ribbon Box Quilt. Anyways, thank you for being a part of Sew Mam Sew Giveaway and the chance to win.

    Sandi Timmons

  135. The project that has been lingering the longest is making a quilt for my husband…I have a couple tops finished that just need to be completed.

  136. I have a french rose quilt that I’m making for my MIL that is raw edge applique. It’s beautiful but it takes 30+ minutes per block to do and since she wants a queen quilt, it’s 90 blocks! I’ve done about 20 and need to push through.

  137. I promised a friend I’d make him a Halloween quilt back in oh, 2010. I finally bought the solids I needed for it last fall. Progress!

  138. My longest to-do list was FINALLY finished. I met my friend in 2007 and learned he did comic books, so I decided to replicate his cover art with felt and embroidery. I only just shipped it to him last November. That was 6 years in the making. Hooodang. Thanks for the chance! hoopla((at))thecrafties((dot))com

  139. Ugh! As far as WIP, I started twin quilts for my girls last summer. One is nearly ready to quilt. The other is still in pieces. Yikes!

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