STYLO Issue 2 is here!

STYLO is a new online magazine aaaalll about handmade kids fashion.  In the words of Jessica Abbott, one of STYLO’s creators and editors, “Stylo is a modern kids sewing magazine, aimed at bringing you the freshest sewing patterns designed by indie designers worldwide.” 

STYLO 2 // you & mie

I can’t tell you how excited (and scared and intimidated) I was when I got the email to be a contributor.  Issue 1 was phenomenal and all the talented people behind it set the bar HIGH.

STYLO 2 // you & mie

I made an outfit for each girl and started with completely blank canvases.  White knit fabric for Yuki and off-white woven cotton for Kaya.  Then they were painted in various stages and with a couple different mediums.  The idea was that you don’t necessarily have to have access to designer fabrics, you can create your own absolutely one-of-a-kind fabric at home!

STYLO 2 // you & mie

One of these days I’ll do a dedicated post on the outfits I made for my daughters, but for now, I’d love for you to head over to STYLO and check out the AMAZINGNESS that editors, Celina and Jessica, have created along with designers and seamstresses from all over.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’m seriously at a loss for words at how incredible the work in the magazine is.  I feel ridiculously inadequate and humbled to be among them.

STYLO 2 Cover // Curly Birds


15 thoughts on “STYLO Issue 2 is here!

    • Oh Kristin, thank you for alllll your feedback and support. And that smeary effect? Errr . . . I just slapped paint around till it looked ok? Haha, jk. Maybe I should make a tutorial or something . . .

    • Thanks Kelly. Sometimes I look at it and think it looks neat. Sometimes I think it looks like a 3 year old randomly threw paint around on it :/ Glad you think it looks good! 🙂

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