Lounging in Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond Summer PJs // you & mieRae Hoekstra’s newest fabric line, Lotus Pond for Cloud 9 Fabrics, is here and it is soooooooo cute!  It feels so fresh, springy and playful.  You can see more pictures of the whole line on Rae’s blog and on the Cloud 9 site, and the fabric is already available in lots of shops!  (I’ve included some links at the bottom of this post)

Lotus Pond by Rae Hoekstra for Cloud9 FabricsWhen I first saw the collection, I was instantly drawn to the larger scale prints called Meadow Blossoms.  They are so beautiful!  But still have that fun and playful vibe.  I knew that I wanted to make something for me – maybe a top, tunic, or a Washi dress?

Meadow Blossoms in Blue by Rae Hoekstra // you & mieWell, clearly it did not become any of those things.  I decided instead on some fun summer pajama pants!  The length was really only because I didn’t have enough fabric for full length pants, but I loved these cropped pants for the warmer months.

Lotus Pond Summer PJs // you & mieThe fabric is AWESOOOOOOME.  The colors are so vibrant.  It’s a quilting cotton, but it’s definitely suitable for garments.  It’s organic!  Probably the first piece of organic clothing that I’ve owned.  What a treat for me!

Lotus Pond Summer PJs // you & mieAnd it’s oh so comfy!  I haven’t taken them off since these photos were taken yesterday and I’d wear them all day if I could.

At first I wondered if it was a shame, using such beautiful fabric for something that would only be warn around the home.  But they will get soooo much more use this way, than if it was a dress.  And they make ME happy, so that’s not a waste!

Lotus Pond Summer PJs // you & mieThe pattern is adapted from the only women’s bottoms pattern I own, the Iris Shorts by Colette, which I’ve never actually sewn (but maybe this summer)!  I had to do alllll sorts of adjustments and tweaking to make this pattern work as pajama bottoms.  I made a muslin because I was worried about messing up this nice fabric on a pattern that wouldn’t fit.  I’m still tweaking the pattern a bit, but it’s almost there and now I can make pajama pants for both me and Hideko!  I used the pockets from the Washi Dress to add to the PJs, but accidentally put them in too low.  My arms need to be about 2 inches longer.  Or perhaps I should have just sewn them in 2 inches higher . . .

And because no pajama photo shoot would be complete with jumping pictures (and because I’m a complete dork) . . .

Lotus Pond Summer PJs // you & mieWOOHOO!  Rae Hoekstra, you’ve done it again!  This fabric is perfect for clothes, both for kids and adults, as well as fun accessories (a toddler backpack would be awesome) or an amazing spring quilt or picnic blanket!!  I’ve actually got some of the Fluttering Fields fabric that I think will become a dress for Yuki.

Lotus Pond Summer PJs // you & mieOver the next week, some of Rae’s friends are going to be sharing their Lotus Pond creations in a Lotus Pond Extravaganza!  I’m happy to be kicking things off, but be sure to check in with Rae’s blog to keep up with all the posts (she’ll be linking to them every few days).  You don’t want to miss a thing!

Lotus Pond is available at many online shops including:
Hawthorne Threads
Fat Quarter Shop




21 thoughts on “Lounging in Lotus Pond

  1. so cute and cozy!! love that print and got it from Rae too!! her blues/florals are so good. and you’re right – i bet you’ll wear lounge/pj pants like this sooo much more often than a dress. i have a pair with a similar cut to this that i just realized i bought for my honeymoon (over 10 years ago)! yikes.

  2. First of all the lounge pants are so great. But really, thank you for posting those beautiful, real life amazing photos of Mother-Daughter happiness. The joy leaps off the bed and off the page and fills the room. What a lovely moment in time. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh you guys are the cutest 🙂 This fabric was perfect for your lounge pants, I bet you will wear them all the time! I made a few pair last year and I have worn them constantly. All of the Lotus Pond prints are so cute!

  4. They’re so cute, Cherie! I love the cropped length. So perfect for warm weather and feeling a little fancier than regular pjs.

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