Washi Tape Book Giveaway!

*GIVEAWAY CLOSED!  Thanks to everyone for entering and congrats Kristin (@ktstitches)!  You are the winner of this awesome book and should have received an email from me!*

Ooh, do I have a fun book to share with you today!  My friend and incredible artist, Courtney Cerruti, has recently released her second book titled, Washi Tape: 101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun! (affiliate link).  I don’t really know anyone that doesn’t love washi tape and this book is full of fun, creative and beautiful ways to brighten your life with washi tape!


A little about the author, Courtney . . . she is a true artist and a maker extraordinaire.  She’s the type of person that can take ordinary objects and turn them into something magnificent.  She recognizes beauty everywhere and loves to document and share it on Instagram.  Her first book, Playing with Image Transfers (affiliate link), is awesome and it’s absolutely no surprise that both books are gorgeous and jam packed with ideas to fill your every day life with art and creativity.


The book is separated into categories of washi tape projects such as, on paper, as decor, for kids, in the office, etc.  There’s really an idea for every occasion.



The projects range from simple to intricate and subtle to stunning.  I’ve already tried a few and it’s so addicting!  I started with decorating a binder clip because there happened to be one laying on the desk in front of me.  I love using it for party decor, card making and organizing too.  And though there are already 101 ideas in this book, it’s really just the beginning.  Pretty soon you’ll be finding your own ways to play with washi tape.


I love this quote on the back cover of the book.  “The only wrong way to use washi tape is not to use it at all.”  Sometimes I get caught up in saving the “nice stuff,” but then it just ends up sitting there on the shelf.  This book inspired me to go a little crazy and create a big washi tape collage, and as I was working, Yuki wanted to join in.  Of course, I felt protective of my washi tape and wanted to find something else for her to do.  But she was so excited by the tape and why would I want to squelch her creativity!?  So I let her go at it (ok, so I may have hidden some of the nicer rolls).  And she had a great time making and I realized that it’s true – this tape is meant to be used!  It’s meant to be seen and shared and enjoyed and that’s exactly what my daughter was doing.  And besides, if I run out, it’s just an excuse to buy more!  😛

washi tape collage by yukiArtwork by Yuki

Anyways, this book is just plain fun.  If you want to see more, check out this sweet trailer for the book.  It would be the perfect gift (along with some washi tape, of course) or a great book to go through with your kids during summer vacation (I know we’re all looking for things to do)!  So . . .


We’re giving away one copy of the book, Washi Tape: 101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun! to a lucky reader!  Read all the details below . . .


This giveaway is open to continental US residents only and washi tape is not included.  The giveaway ends Friday, July 4th at 5pm PDT and the winner will be selected randomly and notified by email.  Void where prohibitied.


Are you a big washi tape fan?  If so, you can check out #101washitape on Instagram for some fun ideas OR share your own washi tape project pics!

Good luck and happy crafting!


34 thoughts on “Washi Tape Book Giveaway!

  1. I have not used washi but would love to! I recently used decorative duct tape to cover a make caddy on my bathroom counter, but if I won the book, I’d give it to my grand daughter age 14. I keep trying to get her into at least one craft but it just doesnt’ seem to stick (like mother, like daughter!) but duct tape is something she seems to like, just needs a little more push,and washi tape and a book might just do the trick!

  2. I’ve never even had the pleasure 😦 I think I just started seeing it in my town less than a couple months ago. It looks super fun, I used to use duct tape for that kind of stuff but it’s a bit permanent sometimes :I

  3. i love to wrap gifts with washi tape, make homemade cards on brown kraft paper, and recently i’ve started using my less-favorite colors for PDF pattern taping because it irons way better than regular tape! shhhhh don’t tell katy dill i usually use the orange ones. ;P

    thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Most ends up in my Daughters hands for her art surprises. I tape patterns and use on my calender for reminders.

  5. Great idea for a book – I love using washi tape for gift decorating but I’m sure this book will create a new obsession!

  6. I am a big fan of Courtney’s work and would be honored to receive a copy of her book! My favorite way to use washi is to decorate the letters that I send all over the world. xx

  7. oooh, good idea for airplane distraction. I’m going to pack a few rolls and some paper for the girls. Don’t have to worry about not being able to remove it from airplane trays.

  8. I’ve never used Washi tape! It would be so fun to get the book and get more creative ideas to do for the house and with my kids for these upcoming hot hot summer days! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

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