i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mie

I have a fun review today of a product that I think is awesome!  Around the time that Yuki turned 3, she started dressing herself.  That year, she also started being in charge of putting away her own clean laundry.  Crafterhours makes these awesome drawer stickers that help label your child’s dresser drawers to help them remember where things go.  They are fun and practical!

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mie

Drawer Stickers1

These vinyl stickers come in a few different sets – girls, boys, big girls, etc. and come in a huge variety of colors.  I got the “Girls with Long-Sleeved Shirt” set in Lilac Gloss.

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &miepicture from Crafterhours

The stickers are actually smaller than I expected them to be.  There are about 10-15 stickers on a 3×5 inch sheet, so most of the stickers are less than an inch wide.  But it’s really a great size for the small set of drawers we use for Yuki’s clothes.

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mie

The stickers are removable, which is great because you don’t have to worry about sticky residue or damaging your furniture when you grow out of the labels.  Yuki wears 2 piece pajamas, so I cut the one-piece pajama sticker in two to customize them to our needs 😛

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mie

We still fold Yuki’s laundry and put them in piles – shirts, pants, pajamas, socks and underwear.  Then she takes them to her room and puts them away.  The stickers help her remember what goes where!

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mie

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mie

She loves the drawer stickers.  She was so excited when she first saw them (I had placed them on the drawers while she was away, because I knew that she would have wanted to “help” if she was around).  And now she has no excuse for not being able to find or put away her clothes!  I’m all for making kids self sufficient 🙂

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mieLaundry is done!

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers // you &mie

These stickers are $7 a sheet and that includes FREE shipping within the US.  They are perfect for organizing your little one’s room or getting as a gift for someone else!  Crafterhours also has these cool storage labels for your kids clothes, which seems really handy as well!  All of our stuff is either scribbled on with sharpie, or not labeled at all!

Fall always feels like a time when I’m trying to get reorganized, so when Susan of Crafterhours reached out and asked if I’d like to try these drawer stickers, I was psyched.  They have definitely helped me feel like I had at least ONE little corner of the house in order.  Now if only we had these for every other drawer in the house!  😛


I was provided a set of drawer stickers to review, but all opinions are always my own!


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