Handmade Kids Clothing Swap

buttonA few months back, Robin from Nested in Stitches contacted me about this idea she had about rounding up a group of sewists and bloggers who sew kids clothes and having us all sew for each other’s kids.  Sounds like fun right?  Well the best part about it was the amazing group of people she gathered to participate!  And we didn’t know who was sewing for anyone else, so it was super exciting to see the outfits start coming in.  Read about all the details and who was involved in the Handmade Kids Clothing Swap here.

The wonderful Robin herself was the one who sewed for my daughter!  She took a look at my Kids Clothing Inspiration pinterest board and was inspired to make an ADORABLE outfit for Yuki.  Here’s a sneak peek and then a bit from Robin about the outfit she made . . .


Here’s Robin:

This swap was so much fun to do! Cherie’s pinterest board is full of fun, graphic kids clothing. I know she loves to dress Yuki in unisex clothes, and I know Yuki can rock that look. I also wanted to sew something that I knew a 2-year old would want to wear- and you can’t go wrong with a knit. After happening across some super soft double knit at Bolt, I decided to recreate this look.

I used the Oliver + S sailboat pattern for the top in a size 2T. Because this pattern uses a facing inside the neckline, it’s a perfect candidate for knit fabric. I ended up sewing the top with the wrong side of the knit facing out because I loved the heathered blue-grey color. (The inside of the top is a solid navy blue). Because of the nature of the double-sided knit, this choice is going to give the top a causal, somewhat wrinkly look. The shorts are sewn from Figgy’s banyan pattern. I used some navy and white gingham shirting I had on hand (and also from Bolt). The sizing on the shorts seems to run a little on the large size, and these are the 18 month size. The pattern is awesome and the shorts are adorable. I took the lazy approach and didn’t sew the zip (or any) fly… I decided that a two-year-old didn’t need a zip fly, and I wanted to keep the look super casual. Finally, to take the whole look to the next level, I knit a little hat for Yuki in a gorgeous grey alpaca yarn I happened to have on hand (the colorway I used is called ash). It’s the perfect cool, every so slightly bluish grey, so was a fantastic match for this outfit. The pattern is Rambled, and I knit it in the smallest size, since I know that alpaca is likely to grown with time.

It was such a blast to sew for Cherie and Yuki! The whole experience is a little nerve-wracking, as you can imagine it would be if you are sewing something for another sewist’s child to wear! But it was so much fun to be able to break out of my own sewing habits and be able to sew something that hopefully embodies someone else’s style. And? It fits! (Phew!)

outfit1AND?  We LOVE it.  The outfit fits her perfectly and suits Yuki so well!

sneakpeek_allRobin really hit the target on this one.  The outfit is totally comfy, practical and so so cute.  Not only that, but Robin’s sewing skills are impeccable!

shirtI can definitely see her wearing this outfit all the time and it’s got enough room to fit her for awhile.  The shirt is suuuuper soft and a beautiful heather blue color.  It’s a simple style with just the right amount of detail to make it unique and stylish.

shortsI love the plaid Banyan shorts too.  Robin added some fun elements like gray pockets and a cute button to match the shirt.

And to top it all off, she knit this ADORABLE lil hat for Yuki.  I won’t lie, when I saw it I really hoped that it was for me.  But alas, it didn’t fit my noggin’.

hat1Probably cuter on her anyways.

hat2I just want to give a HUGE thanks to Robin for the truly amazing outfit for Yuki.  I can tell that a lot of thought and care when into crafting these garments especially for my daughter.  And of course for organizing this fun clothing swap and letting me be a part of it!


For the outfit I made, I was assigned to Sanae and I was soooo nervous to sew for her!  But it turned out really fun and rewarding, so head on over to her blog to see the outfit that I made for her daughter, K!


sneakpeekAND be sure to check out all of the participants’ blogs to see the fantastic handmade outfits we swapped!

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heather from well-crafted
kristin from skirt as top
meg from elsie marley
sanae from sanae ishida
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