Project Run & Play

Have you heard of Project Run & Play?  It is this online competition where bloggers are chosen to create children’s clothes based on a theme they are given every week.  There are judges and eliminations and prizes and everything.  It is SO AWESOME.  All the competitors are so creative and their styles are so different, it’s fun to see what they each come up with.  You can read more about Project Run & Play here and find the list of designers and their blogs here.

Now the cool thing about this season is that they are adding a At Home Sew Along portion where ANYONE can create new clothes based on the theme for the week, upload their photos to their flickr pool, and they will be judged (separately from the main competition) and the weekly winner will get a prize!  How fun is that?  I really want to participate in all five weeks (I think there’s only five weeks), if possible, but it’s nice to not have any pressure too.

We are in Week One now and the challenge was a remix of the Junebug Dress.  This is a tutorial by Jess at Craftiness is not Optional.  It’s an adorable dress that I had pinned to make for Yuki when I had a chance.  But since the challenge is a remix, you can’t just copy the pattern, you have to change it up a bit.  It took me soooooooo long to figure out what I wanted to do (the original is just so darn cute as it is!).  I finally came up with an idea and had to make the entire thing in two evenings, but it’s done!  It’s not perfect, but I’m excited that I had something to submit.  If you want to take a look at the flickr pool, you can find my entry as well as all the other creative remixes that have been uploaded.

But, if you can wait, I’ll post my entry tomorrow and the link to the actual designers submissions. Here’s a little sneak peek though, See you tomorrow!


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