Winter Romper – Junebug Remix for PR&P

It’s the first day of voting for Project Run & Play! If you didn’t catch it, you can see my breakdown of the competition here or go to the PR&P blog to check it all out yourself!

This week’s theme was a remix of the Junebug dress by Jess at Craftiness is not Optional. Here’s a picture of the original pattern:

You should go see the 8 competitors entries. They are so great, I really can’t decide which one I like best. It’s amazing how different each designer’s visions are!

And yet, one of them looks really similar to what I came up with!!  This season they’ve added a sew along portion for “viewers at home” to participate too.  Here’s my design, the Winter Romper.

It took me a really long time to figure out how I wanted to remix the original pattern.  I decided to go with shorts because I love this other denim romper that Yuki has.  The gray wool was my sister’s idea, which I’m so glad I went with.  It’s actually a wool gray and blue herringbone, though the blue is subtle.  The wool makes it perfect for the winter in California!  Warm and good for layering.  I lined the romper bodice with some fabric I had left over from another project I’m working on.  I didn’t really think it was going to be such a big part of the romper, but at the last minute I decided to use the same fabric to cover some buttons.

Oh, the buttons!  I couldn’t decide what buttons to use, so I bought 4 different kinds at the store.  I knew that the buttons would be such an important part of the outfit, so it was a big decision!  I finally decided to go with the fabric covered buttons and I’m not positive that I made the right decision, but overall, I think it gives the romper a unique and well put together look.

I made the entire bodice a little longer to meet the high waisted shorts.  I added pleats in the front and the back, pockets and a button cuff.  It gives it kind of a newsboy look.  I was going to add a thin belt or bow at the waistline, but when it came time to take pictures, I forgot to put it on.  I think it looks fine without one though.  Overall, I’m pleased with the way it turned out!  I love when things turn out the way you imagined, even though you had no idea what you were doing!  🙂

My poor daughter is really sick right now, so we didn’t get to take many photos.  I’m just impressed she let me put her in the clothes (and she didn’t throw up on it!).  Usually I can’t get her to stay still, but this time she would only stand there with her stuffed dog and hand up to her mouth.  Poor baby 😦

I finally got her to smile!  Kind of . . .

If you want to see the other entries for the Sew Along, you can see them all at the PR&P Flickr pool.  They have 2 judges who are going to pick one winner over the weekend and it’ll be announced on Monday!  I’m not too hopeful, but I’m excited to see whose design is chosen!  The winner gets $25 at

Next week the theme is BOYS.  It seems like it’s always been a challenge to come up with great clothes and other arts & crafts projects for boys, so they often get neglected.  Well all next week is dedicated to boys clothes, so hopefully we’ll see some great ideas.  What do you think I should make?  Any great ideas for a boys outfit??

Project Run & Play

Have you heard of Project Run & Play?  It is this online competition where bloggers are chosen to create children’s clothes based on a theme they are given every week.  There are judges and eliminations and prizes and everything.  It is SO AWESOME.  All the competitors are so creative and their styles are so different, it’s fun to see what they each come up with.  You can read more about Project Run & Play here and find the list of designers and their blogs here.

Now the cool thing about this season is that they are adding a At Home Sew Along portion where ANYONE can create new clothes based on the theme for the week, upload their photos to their flickr pool, and they will be judged (separately from the main competition) and the weekly winner will get a prize!  How fun is that?  I really want to participate in all five weeks (I think there’s only five weeks), if possible, but it’s nice to not have any pressure too.

We are in Week One now and the challenge was a remix of the Junebug Dress.  This is a tutorial by Jess at Craftiness is not Optional.  It’s an adorable dress that I had pinned to make for Yuki when I had a chance.  But since the challenge is a remix, you can’t just copy the pattern, you have to change it up a bit.  It took me soooooooo long to figure out what I wanted to do (the original is just so darn cute as it is!).  I finally came up with an idea and had to make the entire thing in two evenings, but it’s done!  It’s not perfect, but I’m excited that I had something to submit.  If you want to take a look at the flickr pool, you can find my entry as well as all the other creative remixes that have been uploaded.

But, if you can wait, I’ll post my entry tomorrow and the link to the actual designers submissions. Here’s a little sneak peek though, See you tomorrow!