Yuki’s Holiday Dress

Ok, ok, so I’m finally posting the last of my holiday projects.  Am I the only one still talking about Christmas?  Yes, I’m quite sure most people are already talking about Valentine’s Day projects.  Oops, I’m quite behind.

Anyways, I wanted to make Yuki a new dress for Christmas and New Years, and we had recently seen one in a boutique that Hideko really liked.  So based on that, I made this dress.

Only problem is that it was TOO BIG.  Yuki wore it anyways, but I didn’t get any pictures of her in it and it didn’t look very good on her anyways.  But hopefully it’ll fit her in a few months and I’ll try and get some pictures then.  It’s a bit more on the conservative side, in fact, the first time I tried it on her I thought she looked like an old church choir lady. No offense to anyone.  I added the bow to try and add some youth.  I dunno though, I still feel a bit indifferent about this dress.

I DO like how the pleats in the front came out though.  And the fabric covered buttons!  Oh, what fun!  It was my first time making fabric covered buttons and I’m hooked!  Maybe I’ll show you more about how to make those later (once you try it, you’ll be hooked too!).

I made the sleeves quite long with elastic at the wrist so that you could actually fold the sleeve over for a bubble look.  I think I like this better.

That’s it for holiday projects, I swear.  And yes, we’ve taken down our tree (though all our holiday stuff is still sitting in a bag in our bedroom).  I’m making more kid’s clothes for Project Run & Play’s sew along the next few weeks, but I’ll be trying to get other projects in there as well.  Thanks for stopping by!!


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