Lucky Chevron Skirt Preview

UPDATE: Tutorial here!

I realized that Yuki didn’t have anything green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day so I wanted to make something fun.  I was looking through my stash for something appropriate when I realized that I had bought green fabric to make a chevron skirt back during Project Run & Play.  I had this idea for a skirt and was going to make it for my signature look.  I decided against it, and set aside the fabric for later.  I’m so glad I stumbled across the fabric when I did!

So here’s my little Lucky Chevron Skirt for St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve seen a lot of people making chevrons from striped fabric or strips of fabric recently, so I thought I’d give it a try too.  This is 3 different colors of fabric, and each fabric is actually made from two tones of thread so the colors in person are really gorgeous.  I decided to make my strips in different widths just to make it a bit more interesting.

I haven’t gotten a chance to take any pictures of Yuki in it yet.  And I don’t know when I will since it’s raining buckets over here at least through the weekend!  But I also plan on doing a tutorial for this soon, so hopefully I’ll have that by next week.  Until then, you just get this preview 🙂

Here’s the outfit I have imagined for this Saturday’s holiday:

And of course when it gets warmer, she can wear it all summer with less layers:

Aren’t these shoes ADORABLE!??  Yuki got them for Christmas from our very good friends and she hasn’t really been able to wear them yet since she still needs to grow into them, but I might just double up her socks and put ’em on her this weekend anyways.  How could I not?

Any green sewing projects for you this week?


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