Color Blocked Wiksten Tank

So I did it!  Selfish sewing!  I finally sewed something for myself and what do ya know?  I like it!

There are a lot of reasons I don’t sew for myself, or adults in general.  One reason is because fit is soooo important and it feels like details REALLY matter on adult clothing.  Kids can wear elastic waistbands 24/7.  They can have slightly crooked hems or wonky seams and no one will care or notice.  Heck, it makes them look even cuter!  They look adorable in anything you put them in and most of the time they are just going to run around and roll in the dirt, so perfection isn’t necessary.

Adult clothing is different.  There are curves you can’t ignore.  You can’t just put elastic waistbands on everything (or can you? :P).  You want to wear your clothes in public, to work, where people may look at you funny if something is totally ill-fitting.  Or with unfinished seams, or crooked.  Unfortunately, it will not make you look cuter.

Adult clothing also requires a lot more fabric.  That means more money, and just more fabric to deal with, and combined with the reason above, it means more time!  I love how little material you need and how quickly you can whip up something for your wee one.

But the MAIN reason I don’t sew for me is because I don’t like my body!  Because I have body issues, it’s hard to imagine liking any clothing on myself and I don’t want to invest time and money into sewing for me if I’m not even going to like how it looks.  I feel much more compelled to sew for my sister because I know it’ll look cuter on her, like the Winter Party Skirt or the Wiksten Tank in Ikat.

But I decided that shouldn’t stop me and after giving up my Ikat print fabric to use for my sister’s top, I thought about what else I’m into now and I thought I’d try color blocking!  This is a pretty big trend right now and I thought with some bright colors it’d be a fun, youthful spring top.  So without further ado, here’s my color blocked Wiksten Tank!

I used 3 different colors of cotton fabric and sewed them together before cutting out the pattern pieces making sure they were lined up perfectly so the color blocks would match up at the side seams.

When it started coming together I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision to color block, or if I had picked the right colors.  It looks so BRIGHT.  Maybe too youthful and bold?  I felt like something from the 80s or early 90s, or maybe something super hipster from American Apparel?  I really didn’t know if I could pull it off.  But after finishing it and trying it on (and toning it down with a cardigan), I realized that I liked it!

Let me just stop and say that I chose only the most flattering pictures to share with you.  Trust me, most of them were not so pretty.

And getting a good picture of yourself is hard!  I apologize for the awkward poses and poor lighting/quality.

So the pattern is the Wiksten Tank and I HIGHLY recommend it.  It’s a very simple and straight forward top (no buttons, zippers or special materials needed).  It comes together quickly and the fit is pretty flattering for most people I imagine.  The loose bottom covers little tummies quite nicely!  Because it calls for french seams there are no unfinished exposed edges and this makes the top look neat and professional.  It’s definitely a good top to start with if you’re just delving into adult clothing sewing.

It’s funny though, I kept thinking that the tops were waaay too big.  I made a size small for my sister and I thought for sure that it was going to hang off her petite frame.  But it fit her perfectly!  When I made mine, it looked like a circus tent!  And I was a bit disappointed to find that it fit me perfectly too.  Hah!  I think that it just comes from only sewing tiny little toddler clothes, I didn’t realize how much fabric you need to cover an adult body.

Anyways, I’m kinda inspired to sew more for me!  Between the Sewing for Me series that Kojo Designs and Sewing in No Man’s Land hosted and Made by Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong, I feel like not only is it doable, but it’s important to take the time to create for yourself.  I’d love to make a top to enter in the Spring Top Sewalong, so I’ve got some work to do!  You guys have any great patterns for women’s tops that you’d recommend??  Do you like to sew for you?


20 thoughts on “Color Blocked Wiksten Tank

  1. First of all I love the top! The color choices are so fresh and spring. Great job. Second of all, I really think you should not be so hard on yourself. The top looks great on you, but I understand that if you don’t feel great, nothing anyone can say will change that. I also sew, and I HATE sewing for myself. I agree with you that kids clothes are much easier to work on than adult clothes. I could spend hours working on an item of clothing for me, carefully cutting the pattern, carefully pressing the fabric, carefully sewing and finishing the seams.. You get the idea. Then I try on the finished product and it’s a DISASTER on me. So frustrating!!!! Such a waste of fabric.
    So that’s why I stick to making stuff for kids and stuff for the house and aprons (can’t mess those up if you tried!) That being said, I really want to try making the Wiksten tank in this color blocking style. Genius idea. Let’s hope it’s not a total flop for me…

    • Thank you, Farah! You totally hit the nail on the head – I would be sooo heartbroken if I’d poured my time and effort and nice materials into something that was a disaster. That said though, I am going to try sew for myself a bit more. I’ve gotten a bit of a boost in confidence from this project and I’ve already added two to my project to do list. I hope you do try the Wiksten tank and I’d love to see your finished top!!

  2. High five, Cherie! I’m so glad you took the plunge and sewed for yourself. I know exactly what you mean about the precise sewing, correct pattern, fabric choices, fit, etc. when sewing for women. I always want to make something wearable that fools people into thinking I bought it (but is maybe a little special?), so that’s a lot of pressure! I’m glad you took the plunge, it looks great on you, and I think my next top will be colorblocked too (if I get around to it). 😉

    PS – beer helps with the modeling. HA!
    PPS – love your earrings.

    • Thank you! You were my inspiration! It is a lot of pressure to make something unique and wearable, but I figure the more we practice, the better we’ll get right? Thanks for your encouragement. I’d love to see your color blocked top (if you get around to it). And wait, beer?? Haha, that is HILARIOUS. I’ll have to try that next time. At 9AM when I’m trying to take pictures of myself before work. HAHA, jk.

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  6. I love this top and it looks amazing on you! Colour blocking is such a great idea and it works really well with this top – you did a great job – I know I wouldn’t get it all lined up. I’ve just bought both the Wiksten top patterns, am starting the tank tonight 🙂

  7. I LOVE this. You look great and your tank is amazing. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂
    I just bought the pattern and have the fabric and am going to attempt it. Thanks for posting photos of your creation!

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