There are so many amazing things coming up I can hardly contain my excitement!

First of all, Made by Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong is currently going on and although I’m a little late in the game, I think I might try to put something together to submit.

There are tons of fantastic spring tops popping up in the flickr pool every day and it’s so inspiring!  I think the last day to enter a top is April 22 so I’ve got a time to put something together, but I might be too busy with . . .

Season 4 of Project Run & Play which is starting next week!!

I was REALLY into the last season and loved participating in the sew-along.  I can’t believe it’s time to start up again!  I’m not really familiar with a lot of this season’s contestants so I’m really excited to see all their different styles throughout the weeks AND I love seeing all the sew along entries in the flickr pool too.

They just announced all the themes for the entire season so we can get started sewing early!

Lastly, Elsie Marley’s Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge is coming up at the end of April!  I’ve never participated before but it’s right up my alley (kid’s clothes) and I can’t wait to work on some great patterns I’ve been meaning to try FOREVER.

So much sewing to do, so little time!!  Are you going to be participating in any of these fun events?


6 thoughts on “Excited!

  1. unfortunately I don’t have time for the spring top sew along, but I sure hope she hosts it again next year.
    otherwise I’ll be taking part in the other 2… pr&p challenges are so different this season ~ my head is spinning with ideas… can’t wait to see what you sew 😀
    & just like you for kcwc I’m going to be sewing patterns that I’ve been meaning to try forever.
    so all that plus a few personal sewing deadlines for me this month & it’s turning into the craziest sewing month EVER !

  2. you should throw your colorblock tank in the spring top sewalong pool – you can submit up to four tops! but yep, i’m definitely playing along with KCWC and might do some PR&P sewing along too. fun stuff!

    • Thanks Kristin, maybe I will! I wasn’t planning on it because there were already so many Wiksten tops, but I suppose throwing it in and getting a little exposure can’t hurt. You’ve got me totally pumped for KCWC!!

  3. We better see some of your things in this season’s sew along!!!! YOu know we think you’re great!
    And as for the contestants—they all are super cool and have very different aesthetics–I’m so excited.
    HOpe to see some of your projects soon!

    • Thanks liZ!!! I definitely plan on sewing along again – it’s so awesome! Can’t wait to see how this season goes – I LOVE the challenges/themes for each week!!!

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