KCWC S12: Day 6 – Jump Rope Dress!

It’s finally done!  I finished the Jump Rope Dress for Yuki and I love it!

This was my first Oliver + S pattern and it was a great experience.  I can see why their patterns are so popular!  The directions were extremely clear, the pattern was precise and the techniques are legit, so you end up with a great looking, high quality piece of clothing.

I worked on the dress in steps on 4 separate days (over 6 days).  The collar and the placket were definitely the most difficult and time consuming, but once those were done, the rest came together very quickly.

The only changes that I made to the pattern was shortening the belt loops like Gail did by 1/2 inch (on each belt loop) and I also hemmed the skirt much shorter than you’re told to. Yuki is such a shorty and the skirt would have been down to her ankles!  I kept all the fabric though, in case she grows up and not out and I want to lengthen the skirt at all.

We didn’t have a very good photo day because Yuki was feeling a bit under the weather.  But I can’t wait for her to wear this dress this spring/summer.

Isn’t this fabric awesome?  It’s PR426 from the line Maya by Leah Duncan for Anthology Fabrics.

So now that I’ve made this pattern once, I assume it will be easier the next time.  Which is good because I’d love to try View B, plus I have some ideas for making collared sleeveless or short sleeved summer tops too.

It’s the last day of KCWC!!  I started working on one last project but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it in time.  Even if I don’t, I’ll still be proud of all that I accomplished this week.  I think the motivation to get so much sewing done this week, really made it go by so fast!  Part of me wishes it wasn’t ending, but the other part of me (the extremely sleep deprived, mess of a person me), is definitely in need of a break.  How are you doing?  Glad it’s over?  Wish you had more time?  Get as much done as you’d hoped?


23 thoughts on “KCWC S12: Day 6 – Jump Rope Dress!

  1. YAY! I love how you have` been showing us progress of this all week, because it made me really excited for the pay-off. And it’s adorable! I have a half-yard of that fabric and I think I need to work it into a PR&P look, it’s so perfect.

  2. It’s gorgeous, Cherie! And it fits her perfectly! I’m so excited for you!! There’s just something about this style on little girls that is so ridiculously cute to me. Be prepared for lots of compliments when she wears it :). And the belt loops seemed really long, right? You won’t believe how quick and easy View B will seems after this one. Yay!!

  3. SO cute, and it’s sewn perfectly! Welcome to the Cult of O+S. I love how the triangle fabric turned out (very modern) and I think the aqua buttons were a great choice. This was especially fun for me since I was with you when you picked out the “raw materials!” It’s been awesome to watch it come together. Congratulations!!

  4. This came out so perfectly! I am losing steam on KCWC, here’s hoping I can get my last item wrapped up! I have loved the things you’ve made this week, so inspiring!

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  6. This is gorgeous! I Iove all the detail. I saw on a previous post, there was a lot of hand-sewing in this dress. It is impeccable! So smart to save the leftover fabric, my daughter grows up, not out as well. She’s 5 and her waist is somewhere around a 3T. 🙂 Lots of lengthening in our world!!

  7. So perfect! I love everything- it looks so beautifully made. I love it!
    And thanks for linking to that fabric- I want some after seeing your dress!

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    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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