KCW Spring 13: Getting ready

My partner said to me yesterday:

“I’m not a big fan of KCW . . .
except for all of the cute clothes that comes out of it.”

HAH!  Kids Clothing Week is here and it’s definitely caught me off guard a little bit.  Not because I didn’t know about it, but I’ve been so busy with other things that I didn’t really start thinking about it until the weekend and I barely had a chance to get prepped.

So I’m taking it a little easy this time (or so I say) and I’ve made three simple challenges for myself:

  • sew with patterns I already own
  • sew with fabrics that I already own
  • sew super simple projects (so far each project I have planned has only 3 pattern pieces!  score!)

And of course, hopefully I’ll be making things that my daughter will actually wear.  That basically means t-shirts and pants.  No ambitious patterns like the Jump Rope Dress or the Swing Coat this time around.

photo 3

So here’s my pile o projects.  Yes, it looks like a lot and honestly, I probably won’t get through it all.  I should also point out that 7 of the projects come from only 2 patterns.  That’s right – lotsa t-shirts and pants.

photo 1Day one was very productive!  I started with a fun but simple Japanese pattern which I’ll share more about tomorrow when I get some pics of Yuki in it.  I was able to bust out a pair of shorts too!  Sticking with simple patterns can be extremely rewarding 🙂

photo 2

How was your day one?


17 thoughts on “KCW Spring 13: Getting ready

  1. Honestly, I think I expended most of my energy during the Japanese Sewing Book week and the period that followed — I made pants, a dress, a sleeveless top, three copies of a button-up shirt, and most of a sundress I think I might abandon because I chose fabrics very poorly for that one. I guess if I am very generous and include washing fabric and finding misplaced patterns as sewing, I got my one hour in!

  2. This time around I’m taking it easy. It’s so easy to get excited and just get carried away, no? So my plan is possibly two outfits and accessories. We shall see if I can hold back and stick to the plan!

    Oooo, I love the halter top and shorts!

  3. ha, the last kcw caused legitimate strain in my marriage. thus, i spent the week prior prepping projects and him. love that little outfit–just got some of that nani iro a few days ago 🙂

  4. i think most partners agree with H, actually! haha. it’s true it causes so much sleep deprivation and house uncleanliness, but my kids seem to wear their KCW clothes more than most other clothes i make – maybe because i don’t overthink, i just sew? anyway, love what i’m seeing from ya so far, girl!

    • Yeah, households across the globe are a mess this week (as if mine ever isn’t a mess). I’m really hoping to make some practical stuff this week, but it’s so hard! Both to please the kid and also myself. Practical usually isn’t as fun :[

  5. I love the whole pants seem easy to do, try to make some for my little girl. I’ve been watching your blog and I love everything you do, I follow you.


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