Striped High Low Wiksten

So I mentioned awhile back that I had a bunch of old projects to share and I keep meaning to get them blogged, but I get distracted by new projects every day and keep falling further and further behind.  I start to wonder if some things were never meant to be blogged.

Buuuut then Rae made a personal challenge to post pictures of past creations that she never blogged about to “clean out the virtual closet” before she dives into KCWC.  It’s inspired me to just get this stuff off my “to blog” list too, instead of letting .  So my goal is to get a few things on the blog and off that list this week.  I can’t promise I’ll get it all up, but if I can cross at least a couple off this week, I’ll be pretty happy.

So the first is a project that I made for me and not too long ago.  I had this idea to use the Wiksten Tank pattern but adjust the hemline so it was higher in the front and lower in the back.  This style is pretty popular, I think, especially on skirts and dresses.  I didn’t want it to be too high in the front or low in the back, so I went pretty subtle.  Maybe it’s more of a medium-low than a high-low?

The fabric is a lacey striped knit from Joann’s that is a bit see through.  I actually thought it was going to be a lot more see through, but when I wear it, it’s pretty much not see through at all.

I had to do a few adjustments to the pattern to make this work with a knit.  I wanted the top to be fitted in the shoulder/chest area, so I went down a size for the top (to a medium).  But I still wanted the bottom to be nice and loose to skim over my tummy, so I cut the size large pattern for the bottom and just used a ruler to connect the lines from the medium armpit to the large hemline.  When I sewed the top together and tried it on, it was still waaaay too big in the chest, so I took it in about 4 more inches!  It’s amazing how much stretch you get with knit.

For the hemline, I kept the shape of the back, just lengthened it by about 2 inches and then cut the front in a subtle arc.

The other difference in construction is that instead of finishing the neck and arm holes with bias, I just folded the fabric over and sewed it down with a double needle.  It was fast and easy.

So there it is!  One project off my “to do” list, and now off my “to blog” list (and yes, I actually keep lists in my journal under each of those headings).  Hmmm . . . let’s see what else I can clear out of my “virtual closet” this week (sorry Rae, I’m seriously stealing your line).


11 thoughts on “Striped High Low Wiksten

  1. Love the cheery stripes! Nice line. I also don’t like it too contrasting in length between high at front and low at the back. Your modification is a good idea – thanks for digging stuff out from the back of your virtual closet 🙂

    • I did not use any stabilizer and it worked out just fine for the neck and arm holes. The bottom hem does curl a little bit, I think it’s because I tried to make the hem as small as possible. If I had made it a little wider and it had a bit more weight, it’d probably hang better, but I was trying not to lose any length. Anyways, I’m a newbie with knits too, but so far it’s been working out pretty well. The double needle helps 🙂

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