KCWC Day Two – Flashback Tee and Basic Pants

Day Two, people!  Today I have a Flashback Skinny Tee that I made on day one, and a pair of super comfy simple pants (based off of Dana’s Basic Pants) that I finished this morning.

The tee is made with Rae’s pattern and it’s my first time sewing it up as a regular tee.  The only other time I’ve used this pattern is for this cardigan.  It’s a great pattern to have in your collection because it’s such a classic style.  I can imagine making a good solid handful (in long and short sleeve) in every size – it’s a wardrobe staple.

The brown and blue knit that I used is suuuuuper thin and soft, so it was a bit tricky to work with (the machine tried to eat it several times, just like Meg’s!), but it worked out OK in the end.  And the finished shirt is really comfy – Yuki didn’t want to take it off and she wore it to bed!

The pink pocket was added for a fun splash of color.  I decided to just cut a rectangle and sew it to the shirt without folding or finishing any of the edges.  A very raw look.  I like how the top of the pocket rolls out.

The back pants pocket was originally made for the shirt, but I didn’t like it, so I used it on the pants instead.  This pocket is finished on three sides, but has two unfinished edges on the top.  Double roll.

The knit that I used for the pants is a super thick, comfy, cozy, warm, delicious white-with-gray-pinstripes knit that I got for super cheap.  It reminds me of a new sweatshirt.  I bought a lot and I’m hoping that there is enough leftover to make something for me!  So these pants are basically sweatpants, but I wanted them to look like a regular pair of pants and I think the stripes and pockets help make them look more trouser-ish.

They were made based off of Dana’s Basic Pants tutorial and pattern.  I used her pattern for the shape and then resized it to fit my tiny 2 year old.  I also added a separate waistband (on top of the original pattern, which is meant to be folded over), which was great because it added to the rise of the pant.  I feel like most of the pants/shorts I’ve made for Yuki have not fit well because there is not enough room for her enormous diaper booty, but this pant has great coverage!

The one thing that I could have changed is maybe adding another layer of fabric (or interfacing) to the front of the waistband, because it slouches a bit.  But it’s probably comfy this way and the pants stay up just fine, so it’s all good.

Maternity pants!!  She looks a few months along.  JK!  Don’t they look comfy though?  I wish I could get away with wearing elastic waisted sweat pants all day.

So I feel like I got off to a great start, but I’m already exhausted and I think I’m getting sick!!  Time to slow down a bit.  How was your day two?  Are you just getting rolling or are you already burning out like me?

Time for sleep.


30 thoughts on “KCWC Day Two – Flashback Tee and Basic Pants

  1. Way cute. love the raw edges and play on color. I hadn’t sewn the FBST as an actual SHIRT much until the past couple weeks too, but I love it! Perfect for little ones. Love the maternity pants too. 😉

    ugh i should be in bed but it’s too fun to catch up on people’s projects!!

    • Thanks Kristin! Man, after the sewing, photographing and blogging, I barely have any time to keep up with all the other projects out there. This week is intense!!

  2. Y’know, the challenge is to sew for an hour–not create an outfit a day. 🙂 I did that this summer, and made two complete summer wardrobes, including swimsuits, for my two nieces in two and a half weeks. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much.

    For KCWC, I’m starting off with doing their Christmas dresses. That’s two nearly identical, frankenpatterned vintagey dresses with pinafores. They might take the whole week. Day two, and I almost managed to finish the bodices, complete with sewn-on collars and cuffs (and fancy stitching on said collars and cuffs!) In a week, I know I can make 3-4 outfits for each kid if I push myself, but I’ve been there.

    I’m doing fancy dresses instead and going slower. I just had to rip off the cuffs because I forgot I wanted to fold them up and thus sewed them on wrong. Tomorrow, I want to finish the cuffs, sew on the skirts, handle the back plackets, and start adjusting the pinafore patterns to fit with the existing dresses. I’m waiting to hem them until I have both together so I can make sure that one won’t be longer than the other. I’m hoping to manage a quick fitting tomorrow after bath time.

    If I rushed, sure I could finish faster, but sometimes I like the journey!

    • Hahaha – you’re soooo right!! It’s just so fun to set some crazy goals and pump it all out while you’re motivated. Love the idea of spending your time on a couple of big items like the dresses. Can’t wait to see how they turn out! And Christmas dresses? You’re so ahead! I still have to figure out Halloween . . .

  3. oh it’s so cute 🙂 I will made tomorrow similary pants 🙂 yesterdey I made dress and day erlier a leggins 🙂 Today I start made tunic from cute purple fabric 🙂 I hope it will be great 🙂

    kisses from Poland 🙂

    • Thank you, Trula – I’m pretty sure that this shirt was directly inspired by the men’s t-shirt that you made. In fact, I just went back to look at it and you had a neon pink pocket too! I’m sure I stole the idea from you. Sorry/thanks! 😛

  4. Soooo cute! And the little pink pocket puts that unique touch on the t. Love the outfit and I also wish I could get away with wearing elastic waisted sweat pants all day. Maybe that should be the next challenge…. EWSPW…… 😛

  5. I love the raw edged pocket! Jessica from running with scissors left this tip on my blog:
    “When sewing thin fabric like knits or chiffon, if you put a little piece of masking tape on your plate over the hole where the needle goes down into the bobbin, the needle will punch just a tiny hole to do its job and the tape really helped prevent the fabric getting sucked down in for me, especially at the beginning of a seam when I’d backstitch.”
    I’m definitely going to try it next time!

  6. She is darling! Love the comfy outfits and the coverage in the back of the “maternity” pants. 🙂 PS my thin knits totally get sucked in too. I’ve started using a larger seam allowance and don’t begin sewing right at the very edge.

    • Thanks Emily! Yes, I did the exact same thing, because it’s always at the beginning, especially with the backstitching, where the fabric gets sucked in. Did you see Meg/Jessica’s advice? Maybe I’ll try that next time too.

  7. I love that knit you got for the pants! Have you ever used tissue paper to help sewing thin knits? Just a little piece of tissue paper on the feed dogs under the beginning and end of your seam, and the fabric won’t get gobbled into the machine.

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