KCWC Day Three – Orange Skinnies

So I’ve gotten a little behind on blogging.  Today is day 4 of KCWC, but I’m blogging what I made yesterday on day 3.  Yesterday’s project was a pair of pumpkin orange knit pants.  They are meant to be skinny in the legs, but they turned out pretty baggy everywhere else.  I guess it’s good that they are loose enough for her to move around in.

It’s a pretty basic pant from a self-drafted pattern.  I was going to go full faux fly with a button closure, but I got lazy and switched to a flat front/elastic back waistband.  The last knit waistband I made got a little slouchy, so this time I used a couple extra layers of knit and reinforced it with a few lines of stitching.

I added some striped knit fabric in the pockets and a couple of subtle stars – just for fun.  Stars have kind of become my lil trademark.  I’ve loved stars for a long time and I think I transferred that borderline obsession to Yuki 🙂

Yuki’s also wearing her Crossed Shoulder Vest (I re-did the shoulders to bring them in a bit) and those shoes were TOTALLY her pick.  Guess she likes color 🙂

For just another pop of color (cuz this outfit didn’t have enough already), I added a bit of blue on the inside hem of the bottom of the pants that show when you fold the pants cuff up.

I realize that this is a very boy-ish outfit, but I like it.  I think it suits Yuki’s personality pretty well and is perfect for school.  It can, of course, be paired with other things if I wanted to “girly” it up a little bit.  But she approved of it – so I’m happy 🙂

I have 2 more things left on my list that I’m hoping to finish.  How’s your list coming along?  Do you sew all the way through Sunday to complete the full week?  Feeling tired or still pumped?


21 thoughts on “KCWC Day Three – Orange Skinnies

  1. Don’t worry about being behind with with blogging, I’m there too. I’m spending my free time sewing! I blogged for days 1 & 2. But I’m waiting until my projects are finished. I should have my days 3-4 blog up today. Things are taking me longer than I expected…

  2. Seriously cute! I’d love to have an outfit like this. The baggyness is so bang on trend! And I love her shoes – the whole outfit is so cool. I think Cherie should have her own fashion blog!!

  3. Eeeep cute! Yeah I love the tomboy look too, wish I could get away with making this type of stuff for Em! Guess I just need to make it for my boy though, eh? Haha. Anyway, my favorite thing about your sewing is that it never seems like Yukis is uncomfortable – she can move and play and it’s still super stylish. Thumbs up!

    • Yeah, we’ll see how long I can get away with it before Yuki decides she has her own opinions 🙂 I can’t say that everything I’ve ever made for Yuki has been super comfortable and well fit, but learning how to sew knits really helps with that!! Thanks Kristin!

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    • Hi Lynn! I’ve been getting knits from a couple different places around my area. Joann’s usually doesn’t have a great selection of knits, but if I need a basic solid color, I might get it there with a coupon and it’s very cheap. There is also a fabric store here in SF called Fabrix that was really cheap fabric and a decent selection of solid knits and some stripes. That’s where I got a lot of the knits I used for KCWC. There is also Britex in SF which is very expensive and doesn’t have thaaaat great of a knit selection, but I did get a couple knits there last time I was there. I’ve heard a lot of people have found cute printed knits online. I haven’t bought any online just because I’m scared the feel and stretch will not be what I expect, but I know a lot of other people have – I just need to find a reliable shop I think. 🙂 Good luck!

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