KCWC Day 6 + 7 – Striped Swing Coat and a Recap

KCWC is officially over!  I have one final project to share that I worked on over the weekend – it’s a the Stylish Double Breasted Coat pattern from Dear My Kids.

I totally stole the idea to make this coat from Jessica, when she mentioned it in her KCWC planning post.  And then she didn’t even make hers.  Hehe, I basically stole her project.  Thanks Jessica!  😛

The pattern was pretty simple and very easy to follow.  I made the coat in the 2T size and didn’t bother making any adjustments.  The coat came out super long on Yuki – It’s about the length of a dress and I have to fold the sleeves up.  I probably should have looked at the measurements and shortened everything, but I wasn’t thinking.  Now the coat will fit her for several years! 🙂

I made the coat in a striped knit (continuing the knit theme of my KCWC collection) and lined it with a really soft cream colored knit.  I added a layer of fleece in between and so the coat is SUPER soft, thick and warm.

Of course, with the jacket getting so thick, I did have trouble sewing some parts and in fact, I since there was no way of getting the buttonhole foot to work, I decided to hand sew the button holes.  The first tutorial I looked up was a basic blanket stitch around the buttonhole.  I kinda like it/kinda hate it.  While it’s got a cute hand stitched touch, it also looks a bit messy and frankensteiny.

I think this could be really cute on a different type of garment, if done well, in a contrasting thread for a decorative look.  I’ll try remember that for later.

Anyways, I’m done!!  I checked off the 6 main things I had on my KCWC list.  I feel a pretty huge sense of accomplishment for not only finishing 6 garments but because I tackled knits – which I’ve always been a bit scared of.  I’m by no means a knit expert now, but I feel a bit more confident about sewing with knits and won’t be scared off by them so easily.  I finally learned how to use my serger and I’m feeling more confident about using that too.  And I LOVE it!  I’ll be using it on all my garments from now on.  I don’t know why I was so afraid of it!

So here are the things I made last week.  Oh, and I should clarify – KCWC is a challenge to sew for an hour each day for a week, but since I sew that much on a weekly basis, I like to challenge myself a little differently.  Last week, I decided to make Yuki a fall wardrobe that is appropriate for her active toddler lifestyle 🙂  (click on the photo to check out the post)

Phew!  What a fun week!  If you haven’t already, you should definitely go check out the elsie marley flickr pool where everyone has been uploading their KCWC creations.  There is so much amazing inspiration there and browsing through all the pictures is my favorite part of KCWC.  If you didn’t participate this time, don’t worry, there will be another one in the spring!  Thanks so much for hosting, Meg!

Alright, back to work.  You’d think that after so much sewing in one week, I’d be burnt out, but I’m actually really pumped to tackle more projects.  This week I’ve got some custom order stuff I’m working on, pattern testing, a tote bag I want to make and maaaaybe something for me?  Plus I’m itching to make a dress after all this unisex knit stuff I’ve been working on 🙂

Happy Monday!


15 thoughts on “KCWC Day 6 + 7 – Striped Swing Coat and a Recap

  1. so i think i’ve decide your outerwear is my favorite category of sewing you do. that colorblocked coat you made during the sewalong was one of the first things that drew me to your blog, your glee track suit is awesome and hilarious, and this coat is probably one of the comfiest, coziest, cutest coats i’ve ever seen! why don’t you send it up here and Em can wear it for a year, then we’ll send it back when it fits Yuki? 😉

  2. This is my favorite thing you’ve sewn! I will have to remember to sandwich fleece in between knit. What a great idea! I love that stripe and the pattern. Also you button holes look a million times better than mine.

    • Thanks Emily! I wasn’t sure how the knit/fleece would work out, but it was exactly how I hoped. Do you do hand sewn buttonholes too? I am so dependent on my machine buttonhole foot, or even just zig zagging with my machine, I’d never thought to give this a try.

    • Yeah, I finished the coat at night and posted it in the morning while she was at school. The weather has been so nice the last few days, I’m not sure when she’ll be able to start wearing it! And thanks!!! It FEELS huge 🙂

  3. oh man, i love this. i never would have thought of making that coat in knit (nor could i have executed it even if i tried!), but it’s perfect. all that knit stuff is so great, and so toddler friendly. but stylish!! you’re amazing. the end.

    • Awww, thanks Gail! I think you’re amazing! I saw your O+S School Days Coat today and it’s adorable and looks sooo well made. This pattern is definitely one of those that you just sew the outside and lining together and flip inside out, so you can see the lining peeking out along the edges. I would have made facing if I had more fabric, but I didn’t. I want to try that O+S pattern now too!!

  4. The coat is my favourite! Why? I’m wearing a stripey t-shirt in the exact same shade of blush pink with a creamier white stripe. I wish I had a cosy looking coat like that. But even though I think I might get away with elasticated waist bands, I’m not sure a big coat in my size would look half as cute as this Yuki-sized one. Boo!
    Love all your KCWC projects, but this is the one I would steal 😛

  5. So I’m tracing my pattern now and I’m so glad I came and read this- I’ll do the 2 shortened to 12 mo. Your knit version is the coolest! You’re the coolest!

  6. That is such a cool collection and I love how you stuck to knit for the week. I think my favourite is the cardigan but that coat is amazing. Buttonholes can be such a pain, still got to hack the last one on the cardigan I made.

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