Perfect Polo

*Update!  The pattern is now available HERE!*

A couple of weeks ago I got to test a Blank Slate pattern by Melissa of Melly Sews.  It’s called the Perfect Polo and will be sold through the Lil Blue Boo shop (it’s not there yet, but should be soon).

Melissa’s patterns are great.  I’ve also used her Toddler Blazer pattern before, and loved it (in fact, I have another one on the to do list, coming up).  And I bought her Blank Slate Basics package when it first came out and though I haven’t been able to sew anything up with it, a ton of other people have and they all rave about it.  I love that she demystifies intimidating techniques like collars and button plackets and zip flies and jacket facings.

This pattern, like the rest, is a good one to have in your collection.  There are so many different ways you can mix up this pattern and who doesn’t need a few good polos?

The shirt features saddle shoulder accents, a collar and a button placket.  There is a pocket on the chest and you can choose from short or long sleeves.  You can also go with buttons or snaps.

The trickiest part of the shirt is the collar not only because the neckline comprised of so many pieces (so if you are slightly off in cutting or sewing, your measurements can be way off), but also, when using two different fabrics, the varying amounts of stretch make it difficult to get the pieces to match up.  Melissa talks about this in the pattern directions.  I ended up having to make a second collar because the first was way too small.

The only other adjustments I made to the pattern was the pocket shape/size (just because of my own preference) and the collar finishing.  The pattern directs you to hand sew the inside of the collar, but I decided to top stitch around the entire collar instead.  Because I’m lazy like that 🙂  I like the way it came out – so it’s a good alternative to keep in mind, if you don’t like hand sewing/like the top stitched look.

Yuki really likes the shirt, especially tucking little pieces of paper into her pocket.  She also likes saying, “Mama made it!” whenever people comment on her clothing.  So much that she started telling people that I made her yellow rain boots (not pictured).  Not true, Yuki, not true.

Anyways, keep your eye out for this pattern release – you will not be disappointed.  And while you’re waiting for the pattern to come out, check out Alida’s awesome version (love that accent fabric!) and other Blank Slate creations in the flickr pool.

As we are entering holiday season, I’m finding my to do list longer than ever.  Anyone in the same boat?  How do you get it all done without going crazy?  Suggestions are welcome 🙂

Wishing you a productive and peaceful week!


11 thoughts on “Perfect Polo

  1. I love it! Great color choices! I just got this pattern too and am excited to give it ago…hopefully sooner rather than later. 😉

    Yuki is so stinking cute.

  2. The polo turned out really cute. I’m bet it’ll be a favorite in her wardrobe.

    I’m trying to be much more realistic about what I can make over the holidays, no quilts for every nephew this year or sweaters for my siblings. I think two years ago I was quilting the last quilt on Christmas eve!

    • Wow! That’s cutting it close! It’s good to be realistic. I don’t want it to be a stressful season, and it’s not like I’m overly ambitious – I don’t even make many gifts! It still somehow seems to pass by all too quickly.

  3. so, so cute! i love the color combo. i can’t wait to try this pattern on my boys. i love when my boys tell other people i made their clothes too. 🙂

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