Sunburst Picnic Blankets all over the world!

Hey!!  Thanks so much for all of your warm wishes and congrats regarding my little/BIG announcement 🙂  My partner and I are very excited to be welcoming baby #2 into our family in September.  I’m 21 weeks pregnant and we don’t know yet whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I’ll let you know if we find out!  I’m sure there will be lots of maternity/baby projects coming up around here – I hope you don’t mind!  And while I’ll be up to my usual stuff here on the blog, you may notice a little less posting as I shift gears just a little bit 🙂

I’m a little frustrated right now because I can’t find my camera battery charger ANYWHERE!  My camera is dead and not only can I not take new pictures, but I can’t even transfer old pics off the camera until it’s charged.  I was going to post some recently finished leftover KCW projects, but that will have to wait.

But fortunately, I have something else fun to share with you.  I’m not sure about where you live, but around here things are certainly warming up.  It’s full on SPRING!  Which means it’s time for picnics in the park for me.  Last summer I made the Sunburst Picnic Blanket tutorial and recently I’ve seen a few versions that readers have made!  Check out some of their creations . . .

This first amazing picnic blanket is by the lovely people over at Dear Stella.  They used their Clementine fabric line to create this fun and springy blanket!

This beautiful blue blanket was made by Lyra of Tictictic Sewing in France.  She used a waterproof fabric for the bottom – perfect for grassy picnics.

The next two were made by Jennifer in Germany, but instead of picnic blankets, she made these adorable twin quilts!  I LOVE the appliqued names!

I really love all the different color palettes these talented seamstresses chose!

I can’t tell you how much fun it is see what other people do with my tutorials (which reminds me, I need to update that page)!  If you ever make anything inspired by something you see here on the blog, please add it to the you & mie flickr page or feel free to contact me directly to share your creations!

Hope you’re enjoying some sunny weather too!  If not, maybe it’s time to have a picnic indoors 😉


8 thoughts on “Sunburst Picnic Blankets all over the world!

  1. Ooh I love these! Somehow your tutorial escaped me, but I think I need to make one of these for the summer, it’s such a cute pattern!

    And congrats again, I’m so excited for you!!! Baby baby baby baby babyyyyyyy!! 🙂

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