Sunburst Picnic Blankets all over the world!

Hey!!  Thanks so much for all of your warm wishes and congrats regarding my little/BIG announcement 🙂  My partner and I are very excited to be welcoming baby #2 into our family in September.  I’m 21 weeks pregnant and we don’t know yet whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I’ll let you know if we find out!  I’m sure there will be lots of maternity/baby projects coming up around here – I hope you don’t mind!  And while I’ll be up to my usual stuff here on the blog, you may notice a little less posting as I shift gears just a little bit 🙂

I’m a little frustrated right now because I can’t find my camera battery charger ANYWHERE!  My camera is dead and not only can I not take new pictures, but I can’t even transfer old pics off the camera until it’s charged.  I was going to post some recently finished leftover KCW projects, but that will have to wait.

But fortunately, I have something else fun to share with you.  I’m not sure about where you live, but around here things are certainly warming up.  It’s full on SPRING!  Which means it’s time for picnics in the park for me.  Last summer I made the Sunburst Picnic Blanket tutorial and recently I’ve seen a few versions that readers have made!  Check out some of their creations . . .

This first amazing picnic blanket is by the lovely people over at Dear Stella.  They used their Clementine fabric line to create this fun and springy blanket!

This beautiful blue blanket was made by Lyra of Tictictic Sewing in France.  She used a waterproof fabric for the bottom – perfect for grassy picnics.

The next two were made by Jennifer in Germany, but instead of picnic blankets, she made these adorable twin quilts!  I LOVE the appliqued names!

I really love all the different color palettes these talented seamstresses chose!

I can’t tell you how much fun it is see what other people do with my tutorials (which reminds me, I need to update that page)!  If you ever make anything inspired by something you see here on the blog, please add it to the you & mie flickr page or feel free to contact me directly to share your creations!

Hope you’re enjoying some sunny weather too!  If not, maybe it’s time to have a picnic indoors 😉

Totoros and Rain Clouds Galore!

Well, Halloween is over!  All that preparation and it’s gone in the blink of an eye!  We had a great time taking Yuki on her first real trick-or-treat outing and she wore her costume for most of it, so that was a big success.  Did you all have a great Halloween?

Today I’m super excited to be sharing a bunch of costumes made by readers!

When I made the Totoro costume for my daughter last Halloween, I was excited, but figured most people would have no clue who or what she was.  While we definitely had to answer the question more than a few times, it quickly became an internet hit.  It is, by far, my most popular post EVER.  Totoro has a big following!

When people started showing interest in the costume, I thought I might make a pattern for it or sell custom costumes, but I did neither.  I didn’t even make a tutorial for it.  But as Halloween approached, I started getting emails from people who were making the costume just based off of my pictures and brief description.  Some of them had questions, but they all drafted their own patterns and they all came out sooooo incredible!  Each of them unique in their own way.  I was thrilled when I started seeing pictures of the finished costumes and even more so when they said I could share them here on the blog.

As you guys may know, I love Halloween and costumes are probably one of my most favorite things to create.  Unfortunately, my daughter does not feel the same way!  She doesn’t like costumes and it makes me feel like I should give up on trying to get her to dress up.  But when I see that my costumes have inspired other people to create for themselves and their families it makes me so so happy.  Some of them are sewing for the first time or for the first time in years and I think that’s pretty incredible!  And as for Yuki, I won’t approach her with another costume until she’s ready (and hopefully she’s ready by next Halloween)!

Anyways, let’s start the Totoro parade!!

 Ina made this costume for her son’s first Halloween and I cannot get over the cuteness!!  See more of her beautiful pictures here.
The whole gangVenus of Suburbia Soup made this adorable costume for her daughter.   She calls it Totoro on a diet – haha!  But I think it fits her daughter perfectly.  While you check out her blog, you definitely must see her Hoodie Scarf tutorial!
Bree, momma blogger of Shark and Crow, made this for her daughter and it was her first sewing project EVER.  Can you believe it!?  (My first sewing project was 2 pieces of fabric sewn into a rectangular pocket.  And it sucked.)  More pics of the cute costume here.
Raquel sent me pictures of her son, Javier, representing Totoro all the way from Spain!  Look at that lil belly!
Elisabeth made this for her son and I love how she stuffed the tummy and nose and the exposed zipper in the back looks great!

Sarah made TWO Totoro costumes, one of the big gray Totoro and one of the medium blue one.  How cute is this sibling picture!?The Catbus was booked, so these Totoros had to walk the streets for candy tonight.Kristina made this costume for her youngest even though she hadn’t sewn since 7th grade Home Ec class.  She borrowed a sewing machine from a friend.  Didn’t it come out amazing?
And last in the Totoro parade, is this incredible costume that Sandie made.  She used my hood and leaf as inspiration but created the rest of the costume on her own and don’t you just LOVE the soot ball bag and those shoe covers?!  It’s also so awesome to see a slightly older kid as Totoro.  So super cute.

The Rain Cloud costume was a tutorial from this year and there were a few created by readers for both kids and adults!  This costume is a bit more simple in construction, but equally as cute, and it was fun to see some pop up so quickly after I posted the tutorial.

Kristina of Sir Bubbadoo created this adorable costume for her son and he LOVED it!Rachel, of Stitched Together, made her daughter into a little gray rain cloud and I especially love how two of her older kids helped with painting, stuffing and decision making!

Kady, a children’s librarian, said her costume was totally appropriate for her job and super comfy too!
And last, but not least, one of my staff members and her friend dressed up as a couple of clouds for a Halloween party!  Maddee (left) is a rain cloud and Laura (right) is a snow cloud!  I love the variation!

Thank you to all of the talented people who shared their beautiful costume creations with me and allowed me to share them on the blog with you!  I really loved seeing every single one.

If you ever want to share your photos with me OR have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime (see contact tab above)!  And remember there is a you & mie flickr group and I’d love to see your creations added to the group as well.

Now that Halloween has passed, I know that the holiday season will creep up on us so quickly.  Can you believe it’s November already!?  Here in the US, today is election day, so if you’re a registered voter – PLEASE GO VOTE!  It’s truly one of our greatest rights and responsibilities.  I know I’ll be anxious until the day is over, but I’m hoping for good news 🙂

So get out there and vote and have a great day!

YOU & mie

I’m baaaaaack!

I went almost an entire month without sewing – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?

Summer vacation is officially over and the craziness of back-to-school is upon us.  I had such an amazing summer break and I’ve loved all the time I spent with my family, but a part of me (a small part) is looking forward to the regular schedule of the school year.  Already in the last week I knocked a good 4 projects off my to do list.  Feels gooooood!

I have so many things to catch up on, so over the next few weeks, you’ll probably see a mix of older projects that I never got a chance to post here and current/new projects.  A little bit of late summer and fall mixed together.  I hope you don’t mind.

But while I get myself organized and back in the game, I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the fun creations that have been popping up in the you & mie flickr pool.  If you’ve ever used a tutorial from this blog, or have been inspired to try out a project you’ve seen here, I’d love to see what you’ve made.  Sign up for a free flickr account and add it to the pool!  Every so often I’ll feature some of your awesome creations here.

So thank you to this first group of ladies for sharing pictures of their work.  It makes me soooo happy to see people actually using my tutorials.  Makes the time and work worth it!!
First, there are a few Summer Breeze Tops:

GolfingJulie made this adorable yellow top for her toddler.

037Carol made FOUR tops for her granddaughters for the 4th of July.  She said the pleated placket reminded her of the US flag – how creative is that??

And Tina made this top for herself, adding bust and back darts for a fitted women’s top!

Next there are a couple of Asymmetrical Circle Tops:

044Eleanor made this adorable citrus-y circle top . . .

Asymetrical Circle DressAnd Megzan182 added this sweet photo to the pool of her Asymmetrical Circle Top.  Love that fabric and that smile!!

And lastly we have a few circle skirts from the Reversible Circle Skirt tutorial and these were all created by Mary Jo of All This For Them!

Reversible Circle Skirt ~ side 1Reversible Circle Skirt ~ side 2

First is a reversible skirt, with the cloud applique on one side and Dora on the other.  My daughter would love this!

Two Layers Circle Skirt

Twirly Teacups SkirtThe next two are double layered circle skirts.  Mary Jo used the Reversible Circle Skirt tutorial to make the waistband, but kept the two layers separate.  I love the contrasting fabrics and the wide color bands at the bottom!

A HUGE thank you to these ladies for letting me share their beautiful work with you!  I really do love to see what you guys come up with, so don’t forget to add photos of your you & mie inspired projects to the pool too!

Hope you all have been doing well.  Can’t wait to catch up with you!