Happy Homemade Sew-along // round-up, winner and many thanks!

PHEW!  We made it to the end of the sew-along.  Today is the day we wrap it all up.

I am sooooo amazed by all the different hoodies that were made during the sew-along!  I loved seeing all of the ‘in progress’ pics and getting feedback and questions along the way.  And the finished hoodies are all so awesome and SO different!  I love the variety – it’s amazing how one pattern can be interpreted in so many different ways!

Meg and I have rounded up all the hoodies that were in the Flickr group (as well as a few from Instagram) and are sharing them on our blogs for everyone to see.  But FIRST, I’ll just go ahead and announce the winner of the sew-along PRIZE, since you all are probably dying to know if it is you 🙂

A big thank you to the wonderful sponsors of our giveaway prize:

Happy Homemade Sew-along GIVEAWAY!

The winner is going to receive:

$30 gift certificate to Miss Matatabi
$30 gift certificate to Girl Charlee
2 yards of fabric from Imagine Gnats
AND . . . 
Secret gifts from Meg and Cherie!


And the randomly selected winner is (drumroll please) . . .

L Poel Pull-over Parka

Lucinda P. who made this awesome hooded DRESS from an upcycled button up shirt!

Congrats Lucinda!

Seriously, all of the hoodies are all so unique and original, I loved seeing each new picture being added to the group.  Links to the original photo are below each collage and start with the picture in the top left corner and go clockwise.  Half of the hoodies are here and the other half are on Meg’s blog, so be sure to check out her post too!

One of the fun ways that people remixed the hoodie was by playing with contrasting fabrics and color blocking.  I love all these combos!

Happy Homemade Sew-along Round up! // you & mie
1 2 3 4 5

It’s all about the details in this group of hoodies . . . floral binding, embroidery, applique, piping, added ties . . . such unique touches!

Happy Homemade Sew-along Round up! // you & mie
1 2 3 4 5

I also love the simplicity of these solids and classic stripes and polka dots.  They really let the design of the pull-over shine.

Happy Homemade Sew-along Round up! // you & mie
1 2 3 4 5

And in the last group, we’ve got some comfy looking hoodies made from knit fabric and a couple of fun floral fabrics too.

Happy Homemade Sew-along Round up! // you & mie
1 2 3 4 5

Be sure to check out the rest of the hoodie parade HERE!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the sew-along!!  I’m really glad that we were able to sew together – even if you didn’t get to finish your hoodie yet, that’s ok!  I had so much fun.  I especially loved hearing people tell me that they were always too scared to attempt a Japanese pattern and that this gave them the final push to try it.  That was the whole point of the sew-along, so I’m happy that we were able to do this together!

And definitely a big thanks to Meg, my co-host for the sew-along.  Definitely could NOT have done it without you, Meg!  You’re a rock star!  But I think we all already knew that.

Ok, so before I really wrap this up, I wanted to ask you guys for any feedback you have regarding the sew-along.  Who knows if I’ll do this again, but I’d love to hear what you thought – even if you didn’t participate in this sew-along at all!

What did you like?  What didn’t you like?  How was the pace?  The timing of the sew-along?  Anything you want to see more of?  Was there anything particularly helpful or still way too confusing?  Would you want to do another sew-along?  Another pattern from this book?  A different Japanese sewing book?  Any suggestions?  I’d love to hear it!

Alright friends, that’s a wrap on this sew-along.  Time for me to catch up on some sleep 😛

Happy Homemade Sew-along // elsie marley and you & mie

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37 thoughts on “Happy Homemade Sew-along // round-up, winner and many thanks!

  1. Thank you so much for doing the sew-along. The tips and tricks provided in the posts really helped. I’m still fairly new to sewing so each day took me about 2 hours to complete which was a bit hard on the schedule, but I’m so glad I did this. I can’t wait to dive into some of the other patterns in the book.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback! It’s definitely good to know. I’m glad you participated too, and I hope you feel more confident trying the other patterns in the book!

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  3. Ooh! Do another from this book please! The sew along gave me a push to open it up again. I love using patterns I already own but sometimes I need to be reminded to do it. Plus I love being part of a group doing the same one. We all already have this book, so let’s do it again!

  4. I love the gathered collar on this pattern. It really changes it up and makes it more modern! The adorable snuffle bunny (I assume) one is to die for. I would wear almost all of these myself. no lie!

  5. WOW! So many participated in your Happy Homemade SEW-ALONG! Numerous cute hoodies in such an array of prints & colors! CREATIVE sewists, INDEED! THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  6. so awesome, thanks for running this, cherie and meg! couldn’t join this time so i really hope you do it again, maybe with another pattern from HHv2/SCK?? pace was great, inspiration and tips were great, and i like that you co-hosted it. oh and major congrats to Lucinda, you lucky lady!!

    • Haha, I totally laughed when I pulled her name – it’s true! Thanks for participating, Gail! Do you plan on sewing any of the other patterns from the book or are the lack of seam allowances and thorough directions enough to keep you away? 😛

  7. Ah… I missed all this! But I just ordered the book and I’m waiting eagerly for the postman to bring it to me! I’ve fallen in love with this hoodie. What a fabulous job from all the participants! I have 2 Japanese sewing books already and I like their simple elegant style, so one more in my collection will be definitely welcome.

  8. Loves this sew along! Another would be great from this book. I thought the pace of the sew along itself was fine, but I really would have appreciated another week to get my hoodie photographed and uploaded to the Flickr group. With such a fast turnaround, I wasn’t able to get that part done in time.

    • Thanks Katie! I’ll definitely keep that in mind if I ever do this again. At first I felt like the sew-along was dragging out too long, but I totally get that people need more time. I know that there were some people that would have participated but were out of town last week, etc. so an extra week would have helped. Can’t wait to see your hoodie!

  9. What I really liked about this sew-along was that you and Meg were very upfront about changes/additions you were making to the pattern and sharing any obstacles you faced. It is nice to know that even famous blog ladies run into problems just like us! The pace was great, and even though at first it seemed very slow, I came to appreciate just doing a little bit each day. No late night binge sewing! I would LOVE to do anything else from this book. It would be great to tackle a women’s pattern too (Japanese or not). I have had the Wiksten Tova pattern for ages and I have been a little intimidated to try it as I heard that sewing the neckline can be a little tricky.

    • Ooh, I actually have had the Tova pattern for ages as well! But I’d much rather follow that sew-along than lead it. I’ll stick with kids clothes for now. 😛

      • Ha ha, sounds good! I am all about the kids clothes too…..which is why I haven’t attempted the Tova! Which Bloggers do you think we could convince (bug, bother, beg…..) to do a Tova sew-along? 🙂

  10. Everything was perfect – pace, instructions. I’d love you to do another (to kick me in the butt) and I’d like a dress from the same book. You could do a dress, and Meg could do a boy pattern….just a suggestion!

  11. Thank you very much for the sew-along!! I wish it is a bit more detailed but I realize I’m a novice here and I think with a little due diligent, I can follow it for the most part. I’m still on “day two” of the sew-along. PLEASE do some more sew-along for Japanese children clothing (agree w/ comment above maybe one boy-one girl pattern or unisex pattern would work best!), I’ve been really inspired by the whole thing.

    • Don’t give up! And if you have specific questions, feel free to ask. We tried to be as detailed as possible, but looking at pictures on the screen is definitely not the same as being there in person to walk you through it 🙂 Anyways, best of luck!

  12. Thanks for hosting this sew-along! I only learned of the book because of your sew-along posts and and am planning several more projects from it! I really appreciated your tips. I hadn’t followed a Japanese or no seam allowance included pattern before, so it was nice to have guidance.

  13. Everyone did a great job! Every single hoodie looks great!
    I am so sorry I could join your sew along! But I have fallowed every single post and loved it. I hope I can sew along next time…

  14. Cherie, you already know how thrilled I was to be the random winner. This from the girl who never wins anything:) And what a prize to win! To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten about the giveaway piece of the sew-along and joined up simply because I love the community aspect of sewing a pattern together. That and I love this pattern (and book!). So yes – I think another sew along some day would be very fun. I found the pacing very do-able, but I also had the pattern already traced and I had sewn this a few times and figured out the tricky neckline binding. For a novice to this pattern, it’s great to have some hand holding with that part.
    Thanks again Cherie, and Meg, for hosting this and for your amazing gifts. I feel so blessed and grateful!

  15. thanks heaps for the inspiration and the support. finally got myself set up on flickr so i could take part and was thrilled to get comments from both you and meg (my sew/blog heroes!). and to see a pic of my hoodie on your blog…. that’s super cool!! yes, please, lets do more patterns from the book.

  16. I really enjoyed it. But I will be honest and say it was a bit too fast for me. I struggled to keep up. Having said that it did force me to work fast and I got it done quickly so it probably was the right pace and I need to quicken up. I loved how different all of our hoodies are given we all started from the same pattern.

  17. While I intended to participate at the time of the sew a long, I only just used this sew along set of tutorials today, to make a very cute giraffe print flannelette hoodie for my 1.5 y.o, as we need an animal themed costume for his big bro’s birthday party next week. Love the instructions, and they really helped me. My sewing only took an hour and a half, and only one error with neck facing! Thanks so much. I would also vote for another, unisex, pattern from this book!

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