Strawberries and Edelweiss

So I’ve got a new project for you today.  But when I say new project, I mean it’s never been posted before, but it’s something I actually made a year ago.  And then photographed a couple months ago.  And I’m just finally getting around to blogging it now.  Oops!  Better late than never right?

Strawberry Edelweiss Dress // you & mie

I call it the Strawberry Edelweiss Dress because, well, the strawberry part should be obvious and you may recognize the pattern as the Edelweiss Dress by Hey June.  This dress is actually a knock off of a dress I saw a little girl wearing in a picture.  I’m pretty sure it was a store bought dress and I thought it was adorable and I immediately realized the Edelweiss pattern would be perfect to recreate it.  Later on I saw a little girl wearing the same dress in blue at IKEA, so I’m thinking the original may be from a big company like Carter’s or something, but I don’t have a picture of the original.

Strawberry Edelweiss Dress // you & mie

Anyways, I made this dress a year ago just as Yuki was about to turn three.  She’s always been petite for her age, and the size chart told me I should sew a smaller size, but I just got excited about her being three and made the dress in size 3 and of course, it was way too big.  So I put it in the closet without even showing her and almost forgot about it.  Then a couple of months ago, Yuki started loving dresses and I pulled this one out and it fit!  She liked it and wore it a bunch at first, but now it’s kinda fallen out of rotation again.  Not sure why . . .

Strawberry Edelweiss Dress // you & mie

All the materials are from Jo-Ann Fabrics (except for the flannel I used for the applique and stuffed strawberry).  I used eyelet trim for the ruffled straps and bottom hem.  I also added some decorative buttons in the front (the aren’t functional).  And of course, added pockets.

Strawberry Edelweiss Dress // you & mie

The strawberry applique is based completely off the picture I had seen of the original dress.  I hand cut pieces of flannel and used fusible web and a tight zig zag stitch to attach it to the dress.

Strawberry Edelweiss Dress // you & mie

Pockets are kind of a must for me/my kid.  I’m not exactly sure what happened (I made this dress a year ago, so all the details are a bit fuzzy), but when I gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice, the side seams of the skirt (along with the pockets) ended up closer to the back than the front.  I’m thinking that the front bodice piece is actually wider than the back, but I’m not entirely sure.  Anyways, the pockets are a little far back, but it’s nothing that my kid notices or minds.

Strawberry Edelweiss Dress // you & mie

Testing out the skirt twirlability.

The pattern is great and has soooo much room for creativity and making yours unique.  I remember back when they did a Edelweiss Pattern Tour, each one was so different and I really loved seeing all the versions.

Strawberry Softie // you & mie

This stuffed strawberry is one of the most random things that I’ve made.  I think I was inspired by a new set of bedding that Yuki had just gotten from IKEA and some matching stuffed veggies they sell.  I used this tutorial for the basic construction of the strawberry but drafted my own pattern pieces based on the amount of fabric I had and embroidered little seeds on it.  It was fun and easy to make.  And completely silly.

Strawberry Edelweiss Dress // you & mie

She was having quite a bit of fun pretending to eat the strawberry.

Anyways, I’m glad that this dress finally got worn some – it’s really a great summer dress.  And I’d definitely use this pattern again.  It’s so sweet!

This week is actually Kids Clothes Week, didja know!?  I’m kinda half in this time.  Not fully committed, but hoping to make at least one thing.  The theme is Kid Art, which I love.  Of course, you don’t have to go with the theme, but I love the idea of involving Yuki in some aspect of the creative process.  So today I let her paint some fabric (you can see a preview here) and I’m thinking I’ll make her another dress.  I think she’s going to be so psyched to wear something that she helped create.  I can already imagine her telling everyone at school that she painted her dress.

Are you sewing along?  What do you have planned?  Any kid art in your projects?


13 thoughts on “Strawberries and Edelweiss

  1. I can never resist anything with strawberries on it! Yuki’s dress is adorable. And as for just now blogging it– I can’t keep up with all the things I sew anymore. I am trying to finally blog about STYLO this week and details from just two months ago are fuzzy! OOPS.

  2. How adorable! This is a perfect summer dress.

    There is lots of pink in my week. If it’s not pink, chances are my daughter won’t wear it. Unless it sparkles of course!

  3. I have just made my 2 year old niece a shirred sundress from fabric with strawberries on…very cute. I then decided to go completely over the top and knit a cardigan with a strawberry motif on it! Having seen your dress it is a definite! Perhaps she needs a strawberry too!!! 🍓🍓🍓

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