Snap Bibs!

I’m back with a fun review and giveaway! Not related to sewing, but so relevant for many of us, I’m sure.  Any of us who have messy eaters in the house.

When we started Kaya on solids, I was secretly dreading it.  Whether you make your own food or buy it, there’s just soooo much work and clean up and the food rarely ever ends up in their mouth.  When Yuki was a baby, we tried all sorts of bibs – cloth, plastic with a pocket, laminated cotton.  They all had their pros and cons, but I hadn’t really found one that I loved.  So as we were gearing up to start solids with Kaya I reached out to Katie of Snap Bibs to see if she’d let me try them out.  And she kindly agreed!

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie

Snap Bibs are very simple in design – vinyl, waterproof, and durable.  They come in two sizes: Toddler and Mini.  The mini size is great for babies.  It fit Kaya perfectly at six months and I’ll probably continue to use it for many months to come.

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie

The toddler size is great for older kids who still need some mess protection when eating.  It fits my 3.5 year old perfectly, but she doesn’t wear bibs, so I’ll keep this one around for when Kaya is a little older.

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie

They feature a single snap which is sturdy – not something a child can pull off alone (a plus if you’ve ever dealt with a kid trying to rip off their bib while eating)!  And the snap is reinforced with an extra layer of vinyl to prevent the material from stretching out with wear.  The shape is so simple, yet there is something perfect about it.  When you overlap the ends of the bib to snap them together, the bib curves to perfectly fall over your kiddo’s chest.

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie

One of my favorite things about Snap Bibs are all the amazing colors that it comes in, and they are always adding more!  So many fun and bright options and glittery ones too!

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie

The bibs can be wiped clean with a wet towel, but my kid always seems to get food on both sides of the bib, so I find it easiest to take it to the sink with her tray and just do a quick wash with the dish sponge and rinse, then I hang it off our bottle rack to dry.  It does require a little extra work to clean, which is my biggest problem, but until someone invents a self cleaning bib, I think it’s just something I have to accept 😛

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie

The bibs can also be washed in the washing machine (but don’t throw it in the dryer), which is convenient for the occasional deeper cleaning.  I also like that they are sturdy, but not super stiff.  It’s very pliable and comfortable for babies to wear (at least I think that’s what Kaya was telling me).  They roll up easily for throwing in the diaper bag for meal on the go too.

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie

Overall, I think the bibs are great.  We don’t use them at every meal, but just earlier this week, I was giving Kaya some soup and I definitely reached for a Snap Bib instead of one of our cloth bibs.

Be sure to follow Snap Bibs on Instagram.  I really love their fun color-themed pictures, with ideas for creative toddler meals, plus they are always sharing their latest sales, promotions, new bib colors and other announcements!  Check them out @snapbibs!

Snap Bibs Review & Giveaway // you & mie
photos from @snapbibs

Check out the entire selection of colors and get some bibs for your kiddo or as a fun and practical baby shower gift for a friend!

OR you can try and win a $25 shop credit that Snap Bibs is so generously offering one reader! {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}  Click the link below for all the details on how to enter.  And good luck!


I was given these bibs to try out and review, but all opinions are my own!


26 thoughts on “Snap Bibs!

  1. I think my toddler’s favorite meal is probably spaghetti and meatballs. He always eats a ton of it! He also really loves chicken tikka masala. I just make it a little less spicy. Basically he loves anything served with noodles or rice! Also, these bibs are adorable! I may need to get some for my 5 month old since she’ll be starting solids soon.

  2. We have picky eaters at my house, so they rarely eat anything very “creative.” But the baby loves meat of any kind! Beef, pork, chicken, he gobbles it up!

  3. I love the gold one. Can i put that on my son? Cant really help you with meal ideas. My 7months has a mouth full of teeth and eats anything/everything. Put i LOVE to use the slowcooker to prepare our food bow that we all have the same thing. Less or no sodium but it makes everything super tasty!

  4. Oh man, these are cute. My girl will be onto solids soon! … I love the Sapphire Glitter… can I have one in grown up size? 🙂

  5. I am a fan of snap bibs! Not only for eating but also arts and crafts! Keeps clothes clean while finger painting, pasting, and everything else a little one thinks A&C consists of.

  6. My 11-month old loves sweet potato and avocado! I make an orange and green guacamole 😉 gets all over him- maybe a snap bib can help!!!

  7. I have been undecided about buying a snapbib. But after reading your review I think we’d definitely have to add it to our boys collection!

  8. love these bibs, in a baby gear world full of too much print and pattern, the simplicity of these bibs is SO appealing.

  9. My little guy is obsessed with pasta right now. I go to the local organic market and get rotini made of quinoa&rice and change up the sauces every week. I also change the veggies that I add to the sauce 😊 He loooves it!!!

  10. Just started using snap bibs and I love them! Sometimes I place a cloth bib under it just to catch any drips. My meal idea: I buy the soups from Whole Foods for my kids. There are so many varieties and combinations of proteins and veggies that I feel they’re getting a wide variety of nutrition. If needed I’ll put it in the blender prior to serving if the chunks of food are too big.

  11. I don’t know how creative it is but my daughter loves Mac and cheese so to make it a little healthier I leave out the butter and use Almond milk. Gives it a unique taste and she loves it! Thx for the giveaway.

  12. I noticed that they are really simple. Designs doesn’t matter at all, the important thing is it helps you. Toddler’s mealtime needs a very useful bib and I think this kind of bib is perfect. These are great bibs!

  13. I love making grilled cheese because it’s easy and everyone loves it =) Love snap bibs and SUPER excited I don’t need any for myself!!

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