Watermelon Dress

Watermelon Week!  All watermelon!  All the time!

So yesterday I shared the watercolor watermelon invites that Yuki and I made for her party.  But what would a watermelon party be without a special watermelon dress?  I was having a hard time deciding between a color blocked dress that mimicked a watermelon slice like this one, or a solid fabric with watermelon printed all over like this one.  I was leaning toward the color blocked dress since that seemed easier, but finally I just asked Yuki and she said, without hesitation, the all over print dress.

Watermelon Dress // you & mie

So we went to the fabric store for some solid white knit, but they didn’t have any.  I let her choose between this mint french terry and light pink.  Surprisingly (and thankfully), she chose the mint!

I carved two watermelon shapes, one half circle and one slice.  I carved away a line to separate the rind from the fruit.  Probably the most simple stamps I’ve ever made!  

Watermelon Dress // you & mie

Watermelon Dress // you & mie

I also carved a small tear shape for the seeds.  I used Tulip “soft” fabric paint and painted pink/red and green on to the separate sections of the stamp.  I ended up with impressions that were uneven and slightly faded in some spots, but I like how it looks.  I filled in any spots that really needed paint with a brush and then added the black seeds when the first layer was dried.  My favorite part about these paints is that they don’t need to be heat set.

Watermelon Dress // you & mieI’ve found it easiest to cut out my fabric pieces first and then stamp so I have an idea of how things are going to look on the finished garment.  I also considered letting Yuki help me with stamping, but quickly realized that it would have just driven me crazy.  I could picture her dropping the stamp all over the fabric and placing the watermelons wherever and it just being a mess.  I’m a bit too much of a control freak for that.  

Watermelon Dress // you & mieThe pattern I used is the Soleil Dress by Selvage Designs.  This is the third time I’ve made this pattern and it’s pretty clear that I really like it.  I just wanted a simple knit dress and I love the shape of this pattern, plus I knew the fit would be perfect.  I opted for the closed back version, just to keep it simple, though Yuki did ask where the back hole was!  I like how basic the dress is – it really lets the printed fabric shine.

Watermelon Dress // you & mie

Watermelon Dress // you & mieLove the pockets too.

Watermelon Dress // you & mieI’ve definitely started to make dresses that I know will get worn a ton, as opposed to a special occasion dress.  I wanted something that she could wear at school or to the park.  Well, mission accomplished!

Watermelon Dress // you & mieWatermelon Slushie!  Definitely a must for the birthday girl.

Watermelon Dress // you & mieAnd with her birthday balloon (purchased here – affiliate link)!

Still can’t believe how “big girl” she’s getting!  Definitely not a toddler anymore.  In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with a teenager already 😛  Oh, the attitude I get from this girl!

One more watermelon project to share later this week!  Am I making anyone hungry yet? 



25 thoughts on “Watermelon Dress

  1. Amazing – so cute – just like the invites! I have been toying with the idea of block printing jersey myself but was nervous that the designs might ‘crack’ on a knit fabric. This has definitely given me the inspiration to give it a go.

    • I think getting even prints are hard and there is definitely the cracking issue on knits. But if you’re ok with an imperfect image, definitely try it out! And make sure not to put the paint on too thick, or it really will crack!

      • Thanks – I’ll give it a go and try something small and not too intricate. That said since I saw your watercolour dress I’ve had to add yet another project to my make list…

  2. The slightly iffy printing works really well. A perfectly painted stencil wouldn’t look as good as the scratchy effect from the stamps. Love this, and very good call on taking control of the painting. She can all the fun on her birthday, this was your bit!!

  3. oh the cuteness!! I love your fabric printing – elevates the dress to something incredibly special. and I’m impressed by how you let Yuki choose the background fabric – I need to get better with letting go like that. Thankfully Yuki has great taste and this dress is fantastic!

    • Haha – thanks! I’m not that great at letting Yuki choose things, but I DO want her to wear the finished garment, so if letting her have her say means she might like it more, I’ll give it a try. I think the key is to let them choose between 2 things that you’re totally ok with, so it’s fine regardless of which they pick 😛

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