Sweatpants that Shine!

Hello!!  I hope that, for those of you who celebrated, you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, gratitude and food!  I’ve been enjoying a bit of a break from sewing and blogging recently, but I’m here today with a long overdue Miss Matatabi Makers project!

Metallic French Terry Hudson Pants by you & mie

The main project is a pair of Hudson Pants that I made for myself with this Metallic French Terry (on sale this weekend!!) and you can see the details of these comfy pants on the Miss Matatabi blog.

But after I cut out my own pants from the fabric, I realized I had enough to make little sweatpants for both of my girls!  I couldn’t resist.

Metallic French Terry Mini Sweatpants by you & mie

I talk a lot more in depth about the fabric in my post over on Frances’ blog, but it’s shiny, cozy and on sale, so I’m not sure what else I need to say 😛

Metallic French Terry Mini Sweatpants by you & mie

Metallic French Terry Mini Sweatpants by you & mie

I wanted to mimic the general shape of the Hudson Pants, but didn’t want to spend a lot of time drafting or altering a pattern, so these are super simple.  I’d recently made both girls pairs of pants from the Oliver + S Playtime Leggings pattern, so I started with that as a base and made some easy adjustments.  I added cuffs and a waistband and then some width/ease around the top half to make them a little looser in fit.  No pockets or drawstring.  It wasn’t a perfect science, more like some fun experimenting.  They aren’t perfect, but they’ll do!

Metallic French Terry Mini Sweatpants by you & mie

 The girls are super obsessed with these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle drink bottles they have.  They did not want to let them go.

After I made these, I heard that True Bias is about to release a Mini Hudson Pant pattern for kids!!  So if you’re looking to make a pair of comfy but cute knit pants for your kid, look out for that release in a few days!

Metallic French Terry Mini Sweatpants by you & mie

 Uhh . . . can I have my drink back?

So now the three of us have some snazzy matching metallic sweatpants!  Haha, super dorky, I know!

Metallic French Terry Hudson Pants and Mini Sweatpants by you & mie

So be sure to check out all the details of MY Metallic French Terry Hudson Pants on the Miss Matatabi blog.  And don’t miss the Black Friday sale going on at the Miss Matatabi shop! And then go and have yourself a wonderful weekend!!


30 thoughts on “Sweatpants that Shine!

  1. are the cuffs and waistband a separate fabric that was attached on? how does that sort of fabric come. Any specific term to look for? I’m just learning how to sew and looking to understand more.

  2. Teehee! I love that you made pants for the girls, too! This is one of those fabrics that I bet is just gorgeous in person – sparkle is so hard to convey in photos. Cute stuff and I bet you’ll wear these tons. Thanks for the link over on the miss matatabi blog BTW. 🙂

  3. Everything looks so lovely and comfy. I have been meaning to make a pair of hudson pants for myself, but haven’t been sure what fabric to use. You have inspired me to go with French Terry. 🙂 The pants you made for the girls are very cute too. You have inspired me to make matching pairs for my family, but I have 2 boys, so I probably won’t go with sparkle fabric. I am planning to use this pattern for the boys:

  4. The three of you look adorable together! What terrific fabric you chose for this project – and with a stellar pattern, it’s a sure win! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Hi! I love your blog! I was wondering how you got that logo on all your personal photos? Im trying to do that with my photos.

    • Thanks! I do it in my photo editing program. I use the free one called GIMP, but you can do it in any basic photo editing program, I believe. Definitely in photoshop. I do it by adding a layer and you can either write on the picture with text, or you can add a picture with a transparent background. I bet you can find a tutorial online! Good luck!

  6. Nice pants, it looks so comfortable 🙂 I really need it for my lazy days !! I’m a french student and I got my own blog all about girly DIY don’t hesitate to check it out : yourgirlytips.wordpress.com. I’m beginning so let me know what you think about it thanks 🙂

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