Shibori Dye All the Things!

Hey!  So I’ve got a Miss Matatabi Maker post up over on the Miss Matatabi blog.  Sure, it may seem like the first of the new year, but it’s actually supposed to be my last post of last year.  Oops!  Totally my fault – I lagged on getting Frances my post.

Shibori Dyeing // you & miephoto by Ashley

Anyways, if you follow me on Instagram (@youandmie), you know that I recently tried out the Japanese technique of dyeing fabric called shibori.  It was such a fun experience and I love how unique all the fabric turned out!

Shibori Tote // you & mie

Well I made a couple of things with that fabric and I’m sharing them over at Miss Matatabi, plus some tips that I learned from the process, so go check it out!  I seriously can’t wait to do it again, if only it weren’t so much work, I want to shibori all the things!

Shibori Clutch // you & mie


16 thoughts on “Shibori Dye All the Things!

  1. So pretty! I declare this a homeschool project for us this year. I’ll tell the kids about the history of indigo in fashion or something.

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