Cotton + Steel Mochi Mochi Mochi!

Hey!  Happy February!  How are you all doing?  January went really well for me!  I spent a lot less time sewing and blogging and more time cooking and walking and sleeping.  Which felt great!  I’d kind of gotten into a good groove, but then all it takes is Hideko getting sick and everything feels like chaos again! But we’ve made a few small changes to our every day lives and we’re trying to declutter plus buy/accumulate less. It feels like a long process, but as long as we don’t give up right? Cotton + Steel Mochi Sewing Machine Cover by you & mie Anyways, I got to play around with some of Cotton + Steel’s new fabric for my latest Miss Matatabi Makers post and I chose Rashida’s line, MOCHI, because I love it so much. Here’s a sneak peek. Can you guess what it is?? Head over HERE to see more! Cotton + Steel Mochi Sewing Machine Cover by you & mie


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