Life is strange

Life can be strange sometimes.

I recently posted about how I wanted to spend less time blogging because it wasn’t bringing me as much joy as it used to.  I wanted to focus more on family and health and simplifying my life and spend less time on the computer and dealing with social media and all the things that come with blogging (like stress and lack of sleep).

Tree Swing by Cherie Lockwood

And then the very night that I published that post, I got an email.  A friend of Hideko’s, who is an editor at wanted to know if I’d be interested in writing for their site.  I literally laughed out loud.  What are the odds of being offered an opportunity like that right when I’m trying to duck out of blogging?  But I thought about it long and hard.  On one hand, it felt like I’d be diving back into all the things I was excited to leave behind and giving up a lot of the free time I had just opened up by stepping back from my own blog.  On the other hand, I was excited by the chance to try something new.  I’ve never considered myself a writer, but there are things that I’ve been wanting to document or comment on, but felt like this blog wasn’t the right place for that.  And it’s paid.  And I have to admit, that is huge for me.

Oatmeal Whole Wheat Bread by Cherie Lockwood

So I’ve decided to give it a try.  And I’m absolutely terrified!  I’m not used to writing like this, and certainly not this often or with deadlines and *eek* an EDITOR.  Yes, just last week I started a sentence with, “My editor asked me to . . .” and I had to stop and think, “WHO AM I?”  But the decision that I had already made to step back from this blog allowed me to consider this new opportunity, instead of feeling overwhelmed and completely closed off to more work.

Kaya's Boots by Cherie LockwoodI’ll be blogging about various topics related to parenting and maybe an occasional craft or simple sewing project.  I won’t be posting links on this blog regularly, unless it’s a sewing project or something huge that I want to share, but I will be posting links on my you & mie facebook page, so if you’re interested, please follow me there!  You can also check out my contributor bio, follow the blog and on facebook.

#realkidsrealclothes by you & mie

Oh and my first post is up!  I wrote about how much Yuki loves to pick her own funky outfits and going out in public with her has made me confront some of my own issues.  Anyone else have kids with personal style that rivals Cee-lo Green or Helena Bonham Carter?  Well I was embarrassed to drop off my kid at school because of her interesting style, but also unwilling to battle with her every morning while trying to get out the door.  I’d love it if you checked out my post!

So yeah, life is strange.  I didn’t actually think I’d be blogging MORE, but we’ll see how it goes!  Maybe I’ll love it, or maybe it’s not for me.  Oh and the first three pics in this post are from this past weekend.  I played with my kids and made bread (it was ok, but not great – I’d love your bread recipe recommendations).  I’ve been playing around more with my DSLR and trying to work on my photography skills.  It’s fun!  Except for the part where half of my pictures are either over or underexposed.  Haha.  I’m working on that.

Anyways, I hope you’re well and wish me luck on my new endeavor!




28 thoughts on “Life is strange

  1. Yeah, life is indeed a weird thing :))))) I love another saying that goes something like “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” :))))))
    Wishing you luck and strength! I am sure you will do great!
    and I must say that it may be hard to stop being embarrased by the dress choice of your child, but it’s possible to do 🙂 I’m the example 🙂 I also used to be embarrased but no longer am. I’m on my kid’s side of the world :))

  2. Really good article. I am mom of a 3 years old girl and a sewer. I think you got the point! So thank you for writing it and let me think about this issue. It is most important to let them be that having “likes” on IG and FB.

  3. Soo excited to read a different side of you over on! Playing with my DSLR I found I have to take pictures of non moving things to get good manual photos for practice, I hope one day I’ll move up to being able to work it while chasing a three year old, but it’s been fun to learn and practice.

  4. Oh, this is perfect for you! You always have interesting opinions and your writing is great!! Congrats on this new – and paid – opportunity!! Yay!

  5. Exciting!! Congratulations on the opportunity! I will definitely try to check it out. As far as bread, I don’t usually have the greatest luck either. I do tend to have luck with Irish soda bread but I lack the patience to make sandwich bread on any sort of regular basis.

  6. Yay! I love your first article and though I feel like I was able to roll with E’s style peculiarities pretty easily, O’s are starting to become a challenge (same deal with the 4 or 5 shirts and two different shoes thing…she never did that). My main issue with him is he often tries to wear things that are too SMALL for him, which is my fault for leaving them in his closet, I guess. ;P

  7. Your article was great and really reflects what goes on at our house. Ever since you came up with that hashtag I’ve learned to “let go” and let my kids dress as they want for preschool. It makes everyone happy and mornings go a lot smoother at our house. I hope you do continue posting on your blog and congrats on the new gig!

  8. I loved both your post ! 🙂 one day my son did not want to take off his pyjama top so we went out with a bright orange digger pyjama top on and a short 🙂 he sure did not look like these polish instagram kids !!!!

  9. Hahaha! I just posted TODAY about the amazing bread recipe I found a couple a weeks ago, and here you are asking for bread recipe recommendations! Life is weird, isn’t ?! Feel free to try out the recipe.. I can guarantee it will turn out well 🙂 Oh and good luck with your new opportunity!

  10. My friend made this bread for me last week and it was delicious. The steam from the pan of water makes the crust chewy in a bagely way and is amazing. She used half whole wheat flour and half white flour though the recipe calls for only white.
    I’ve also made braided bread and it was fairly quick and easy (with a stand mixer and a dough hook) It was my first bread and helped me realize that bread can be easy!

  11. congrats Cherie! That’s totally awesome and cool! And I just read your article over there….so fantastic and real. I especially loved the title.
    Good luck with everything! I’m sure you’ll make it all work. It’s cool to stretch yourself but hard to know where to stop. I’m always trying to figure that out too 🙂

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