Me Made May 2015

Well, I did it!  I wore something handmade every day in May.  This was my first time participating in Me Made May and I have to say, it was really interesting and pretty educational.

Modified Scout Tee by you & mie

Modified Scout Tee

  I wasn’t sure at first if I’d be able to keep it up the whole month, but I was surprised to see how many things I had made for myself.  Of course it helped that I was devoting almost all of my sewing time to making new things – I think I finished TEN new tops for myself last month!!  I just counted them and I almost don’t believe it myself.  Well, one of them was a refashion of a previously made top, but it feels new to me, so I’m counting it!

Wiksten Tank in Handcrafted Fabric plus new kicks!  // you & mieWiksten Tank

Overall, participating in Me Made May was a fun experience.  It was great looking through my closet to find all the things that I had made, even digging out some things I had forgotten about.  I actually wasn’t even able to wear all of it because the weather was so cold here and a few maxi skirts and a pair of shorts just stayed in the closet.  It really made me think about what I actually enjoy wearing, what I reach for time and again, and what I skip over every time.  I feel like it’s time for me to do a closet purge.

Darling Ranges Dress by you & mieDarling Ranges Dress

One of the great things about MMM was that it really encouraged me to think about my clothes and appearance a bit more than usual.  I’m not one to get all caught up in cute outfits usually, and with school just about to end, I had come down with some major senioritis or whatever you call educators’ fatigue – I was perfectly happy just throwing on a t-shirt and jeans every day and slumping my way to work.  This challenge gave me a reason to hold it together a little longer.  I do think that when you spend a little time doing something to feel good about your appearance, it can affect your mood and confidence, so that really helped me get through the month.  AND all the sewing for myself and trying on clothes and photographing myself motivated me to start exercising more regularly again, so BONUS!

Me Made May OOTD featuring a Linden Sweatshirt by you & mie

Linden Sweatshirt View B

I also loved seeing everyone’s MMM posts on Instagram (#mmmay15) and being inspired by people’s styles, photos, fabrics and patterns.  It was really motivational for me to keep sewing and sharing my makes and it was fun to “meet” new seamstresses.  Constantly photographing and posting pics was the hardest part of it, though it’s not required, so I didn’t do it every single day.  A completely unexpected effect of MMM was that I got a lot of new Instagram followers.  I really didn’t realize that would happen, but now that MMM is over, they’ll probably get bored with all my random family photos and unfollow, haha!

Maya Top by you & mie Maya Top

While the goal behind the challenge is really valuable, there is a very narcissistic aspect to the whole photographing and sharing of outfits on social media.  I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but I definitely had to acknowledge how my ego was affected every time I took a photo, posted it and checked for likes and comments and how it made me feel.  Strange for sure, but also an interesting exercise.

Me Made May 2015 // you & mie

Alright, so there they are – most of what I’ve made for myself and what I wore for Me Made May (but not everything).  And here’s what I learned about my wardrobe:

– I like making and wearing cute and easy tops. – I don’t wear skirts.  I’m not sure if I just don’t have any easy to match separates or what, but the few skirts I have, I never wear. – I live in jeans, but I’m not ready to try making them yet. – I also live in cardigans but I’m not sure how to make my own.  Do I need to start knitting some?  (that’s not going to happen) – To fill out my handmade “tops” wardrobe I need to make a few button up shirts (the Archer has been in my queue forever and it’s time!) – It’s time for a closet purge.  There are a lot of clothes, both store bought and handmade (even a few up there) that I just don’t ever wear.  This challenge made me feel like it’s ok to start letting go of things and really just keep the things that make me happy and feel good to wear.

I feel like I’ve started to refine my personal style a bit too.  I want to try and make more classic, easy to wear clothes and not get too caught up in flashy new fabrics or patterns.  That’s not to say that new patterns and prints won’t fit in my wardrobe, but that I should put some thought into what will work well with what I already have, what I need and will actually wear and whether I will want to wear it next year and the year after.

And speaking of closet purges, I’m wondering if anyone would want to jump in and do one with me?  A little encouragement from others always helps motivate me.  I’m thinking of picking a week and having no other rules but to clean out that closet and only leave behind the stuff we truly WANT to wear and WILL wear.  Anyone in?

How was Me Made May for you?  Will you do it again next year?


28 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015

  1. RE: cardigans – I have a few hacci knits that would probably make a good cardigan sweater w/o the knitting!! Also, I’m planning a closet purge soon!!

  2. Oh, and I wonder, I have this plaid knit that seems pretty stable. I wonder if I could use it to sew up one of those Archer shirts. I never buy button up shirts anymore because they never fit me right!

  3. Hello 🙂 I’m one of your new instagram followers👋 and I was so inspired by the first photo from this blog post that I straight away bought some chambray 😄😄
    I also love, love, love that photo collage. I want to beg you to list every pattern and fabric combo but I won’t as then I woiuld just be being a nusiance 😂😂
    Thank you for sharing all your lovely makes Rosie x

  4. Personally I don’t wear cardigans, but there are definitely a couple of patterns out there for sewing them up, like the Jenna Cardigan by Muse ( and the Oslo (

    I’d definitely be up for a closet clear out. I have a layer (or two) of t shirts in the bottom of the drawer that I never wear now that I can make ones that are the length I like (i.e. don’t flash my midriff to the world).

  5. I loved seeing all of your tops and tanks, they are so cool! I didn’t do MMM because I pretty much wear all hand made anyway, and the daily photos are such a drag! You should think about the Grainline Morris blazer as a cardigan alternative- it’s a super quick make and if you used ponte it would be just as comfortable as a cardi I think!

  6. Love seeing this overview! I was already following you in IG and will surely continue to do so since your family pics are adorable.
    I’m sharing your feeling about defining my personal style and creating a better wardrobe. So I’m definitely in for a wardrobe purge week… By the way, there’s a great series on this right now at Pattern Revolutions.

  7. I’m in! Since a couple of weeks I’m in a constant outsorting modes of all shelves and places I can find, but my wardrobe hast yet to be done (nest-building? pregnant with my first..)

  8. Love your Me Made May overview! You have such a variety of tops! I participated in MMM, but I neglected to take a photo everyday. I really need to do a closet purge soon. I meant to do it during MMM but kept putting it off. A closet purge week would be great and it would give me the motivation I need to clean out my closet!

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  10. Gorgeous! And great work! Can i ask what pattern is the blue blouse , 4th from the left on the first row? Love it!

  11. I loved seeing all your photos! Have you tried the Julia Women’s cardigan from Mouse House Creations? I made one last year and it’s great; you can make it with any knit fabric (although be aware the sleeves are very wide; I narrowed mine so that I could push them up).

    • Thanks!! I’ve seen it and debated it. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Most of the cardigans I wear are the button up kind (though I never actually button them up), but the Julia cardigan is really cute!

  12. I love making things for my home!! I know that I love COLOUR and lots of it so I fill my home with lots of colourful paintings, crafts and bright healthy food! Great article

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