Me Made May 2015

Well, I did it!  I wore something handmade every day in May.  This was my first time participating in Me Made May and I have to say, it was really interesting and pretty educational.

Modified Scout Tee by you & mie

Modified Scout Tee

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Life is strange: part 2 and Me Made May

So back in February, I posted about how I decided to take on a new writing opportunity to blog for  Well, after two months of that, I quit!  Shortest writing “career” ever?  Haha, maybe.  I tried it.  I liked some of the things about it.  It definitely pushed me to write about different topics and in a way that’s completely different from how I write here on this blog.  I got to connect with some new people.  I liked the paycheck 😛

But it was stressful.  For a slow writer like me, and a maaaajor procrastinator, it was too much.  The second I finished one piece, it was time to start another.  When I had submitted all the posts for one month, I had to come up with new ideas for the next month.   Continue reading