Yorokobi Summer Set

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

It’s nani IRO month!  I’ve already proclaimed my love of nani IRO fabrics before, so I won’t bore you with my gushing about how wonderfully beautiful, intricate, bold yet delicate, and one-of-a-kind each of Naomi Ito’s designs are and what great quality the fabric is and how lovely it is to sew and how it’s even lovelier to wear.  No, I don’t need to mention all of the many things I love about nani IRO fabric again, right?

Well, Frances of Miss Matatabi is hosting another nani IRO month to celebrate all the wonderful things about nani IRO and highlight the most recent collection (you can find all the nani IRO fabrics here and prints are constantly being restocked).  There are so many prints to choose from and they all have such different feels and styles.  Certainly something for everyone.

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

I picked this bright Clear Heart print in the Yorokobi colorway and originally meant to make something for myself.  But when I saw it in person, it felt more appropriate for something summery and fun for a kid, like a sundress or something.  Be prepared for a lot of yellow . . .

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

Yorokobi (from the Japanese word, yorokobu), is the name of the colorway and means to rejoice, be cheerful, delighted, to be ecstatic and happy.  Perfectly appropriate for this print, no?  When I see the fabric it literally brightens my day!  To me it channels summer, childhood and fun!

I decided to make a 2 piece “romper” since real rompers make diaper changes/trips to the potty very difficult.  I also love that the two pieces can be worn separately.

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

The top is adapted from the free Oliver + S Popover Sundress pattern.  Since it starts at a size 2 and my toddler is a very petite 20 month old, I had to size it down a bit.  Then I cut off the bottom of the dress and made an elastic casing instead.

The fabric is double gauze and is perfectly lightweight and breathable for summer.  Plus soft and so comfy to wear.  It’s definitely one of my favorite fabrics to sew with.

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

The pants were inspired by Rae’s latest kids pattern, the Moon Pants.  Her pattern doesn’t come this small so I mashed up a couple of patterns and did some freehand drafting and tried to come up with my own.  I started with Made’s Kid Shorts pattern and combined the front and back pieces by referring to the Parsley Pants pattern.  I widened the legs to mimic the Moon Pants and then added the elastic casing at the ankle.

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

When I first sewed up the top and pants, I didn’t try them on Kaya until they were completed.  They looked fine hanging, I had no idea how they would fit.  When I first tried them on her, it was a pretty laughable outfit!!  The pants were too long and too baggy and the shirt was too long too.  And it’s just SO YELLOW.  But I figure, if anyone can pull it off, it’s an incredibly cute toddler.  I shortened and narrowed both the pants and the top and redid the casings, but now they are perfect for summer adventures!

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

The sandals are Saltwater Sandals I bought from Amazon (affiliate link).

Yorokobi Summer Set // you & mie

Oh, joyful summer!!!

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AAAAAND did you hear about the amazing giveaway that Frances is hosting??  Umm, it includes 20 meters of nani IRO fabric plus tons of other goodies like signed books, bias tape and a surprise from Naomi Ito herself!

Happy summer sewing, friends!

Oh and I forgot to mention that this fabric was given to me to use for this post, but all opinions are my own and you should all know that I gladly spend my own money in the Miss Matatabi shop and on nani IRO fabric because they are awesome 🙂


21 thoughts on “Yorokobi Summer Set

  1. First, how cute is your kid?????

    Second, I INSANELY LOVE THIS. Adult sized one, please! I might have to draft myself a little pattern – I have been so intrigued by rompers, but even as a grown up it’s so annoying having to get out of something like that to go pee! Totally brilliant, you can’t even tell it’s separates, and then you can wear them individually… Seriously brilliant.

    • Haha, the 2 piece “romper” is great – and certainly not my original idea. I can’t understand how/why people wear the 1 piece rompers! 😛

  2. Oh my, the outfit is cute, but your daughter- adorable! And I’m not sure why I never thought of breaking a romper into 2 pieces. I have 3 daughters and I love the look of rompers on them, but hate diaper changes/bathroom visits when they wear them. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Super cute!!! She’s like a little ball of sunshine. I love that you shared how you drafted and modified and then had to make changes…that’s always how it rolls here too. My husband will give me the side eye as I try things on the kids that look….um….well, bad. Then later, when it’s all perfectly (moderately?) adorable, he’ll be like wow, I didn’t think that one was going to work out.

  4. DARLING daughter AND 2-piece romper set! Clever that you used 2 different patterns plus changed each a bit to fit. The bright yellows and white double gauze fabric is fabulous! Lots of Mom’s love sewn into this! Sarah in Minneapolis

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