Bench Cushion Cover

Thank you guys for all your positive feedback on the Spring Circle Top and the Color Block Wiksten Tank!  I’m feeling really excited by sewing right now and getting to share it with you is just the icing on the cake.  Since there were some people interested, I’m working on the Spring Circle Top tutorial now, so hopefully I’ll have that up for you by the end of this week.

I mentioned this bench cushion cover awhile back that I made for our best friends, but I was finally able to take a few more pictures.

They have this old church pew in their entrance/hallway and wanted to make a bench cushion for it.  They bought the foam and the fabric and asked me to make a cover for it.  I suggested piping because I thought it would look nice and when they agreed, I realized, I’d never sewed with piping before!!  But it was not too hard and it really does add a nice touch, doesn’t it?

(I’m really proud of the piping, in case you couldn’t tell :))

I used a 72″ zipper from Joann’s along the back side of the cover.  I didn’t know that Joann’s sold such long zippers!  They are made specifically for this purpose and are supposed to be stronger to withhold the pressure of weight (when sat on).

They have the most amazing house EVER so I was excited to be able to help them add a unique touch.  I’m going to make a few throw pillow covers with the leftover fabric so they can tie this fabric into their living room decor as well.

And now that the wonderful world of piping has been opened up to me, I can’t wait to use it again!  What’s your favorite use for piping?  Clothes?  Pillow cases?  Something else that’s totally creative?  I’d love to know.