How I failed KCW Summer 2013

Well hello!  Long time, no see!  I thought it was about time I check in around here – let you know that I’m still alive and well.  And how are you doing??

If you’re into sewing and blogging and kids clothes, (and chances are, if you’re reading my blog, you are), then you know that the first ever Kids Clothes Week: SUMMER is here and is, well . . . just about over!  So where are all my KCW creations!?  No where!  ‘Cause there aren’t any!  In fact, I haven’t sewn anything for my kid since this summery top back in MAY!

Truth is, I had intentions of using this week to get myself back into sewing kids clothes.  Kids Clothes Week has this brand new spiffy website and I signed up and made myself a profile and everything.  I had 1 just-for-fun project in mind and another for a guest post.  Buuuut . . . things got busy.  VERY busy.  And for good reason!  But I’ll share about that next week.  So here’s what I got done for KCW this week:

photo (1)

On Monday I went to JoAnn and got some supplies.

photo 1

On Wednesday I washed my fabric.  At some point I even managed to get it untangled and folded.

photo 2

On Friday, I drafted a pattern.  After I took this picture, I actually ended up scrapping it and making a new one.

Since I clearly wasn’t about to finish two projects this week, I decided to save my “for fun” project for a later date and I’m working on something for a guest post.  So even though I’ll finish it this weekend, I’ll have no finished projects to show you till next week.  KCW fail?  I think so!

But that’s ok, because like I said, I’ve been busy!  And taking breaks and taking it easy once in awhile is good for you!  And there’s always next time, right?

So what about you?  Did you participate in the first Summer edition of KCW?  What have you made?  Do you like the new KCW website?  I honestly haven’t had too much time to poke around yet, but it looks pretty nice!

Well, I’ll be back next week with some adult sewing, kids sewing and fun news.  I’ve missed blogging and checking in with the rest of blogland, but it’s summer and things always slow down for me around this time, which is great.  I’ve been able to relax a bit and enjoy time with my family.  I hope you’re doing well too!